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Well, hello there!

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General Kenobi!

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Another happy landing

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Not to worry, we’re still flying half a ship.

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Why is he staring into my soul

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"soul" pfffff

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You're right, what soul?

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It's gotta be that club in your hand....

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I would never

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Don't look him in the eyes!

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How is that seal floating on the surface of the water?

EDIT: I just noticed that is clear ice.

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Hello little love❤❤please be safe.

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Hey there, Snow Pupper!

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This is creepy. Looks like an adorable alien 👽

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I came for the clubbing comments... Am disappointed.

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I came for the mittens, but they're still on the seal.

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Join the club

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That's because the arctic club scene is weak. No miniskirts, too cold.

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Obi Wan had the high ground, but he ignored the advice

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You underestimate his flipper.

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Now imagine it as 3 times larger than the Titanic.
Not so r/aww now, is it?

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We are going to need a bigger Club!

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It's a F***n ALIEN!

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This picture was taken a secong before THE THING opened its mouth in like 14 directions and shot tentacles at the photographer.

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Same thing I though. We're doomed!

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What a beautiful fur coat!!

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He’s bracing for the club coming

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Selfie before going to the club!

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My dark side came out as the only words I heard in my head were "please don't."

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before GETTING the club more like it amirite guyz?

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With a Lead filled snow shoe

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Takin a pic before gettin the hakapik

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Fly you fools!

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“Um hello? I would like to science as well. May I has does?”

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Vsauce, Micheal here.

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Ice pupper shows how his jokes go over the penguins heads

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Hai 😍

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First audible AWW in a while!

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100% MDMA

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What kind of cocktail does an Alaskan baby seal drink?...

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When I first saw this I thought it was going to be /r/creepy, was very surprised to see it was /r/aww

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It's Asbo Zapruder! Flip flap!

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We want Porgs!

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Hello, arctic pupper!

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A Fledgling Jamie Hyneman emerges from the frozen wastes

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Please don't club me

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"Wanna go clubbing with me?"

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"Thanks for killin' all those Polar bears... could you do something about the Canadians?

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Good news, everyone!