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Final chapter that is also a prologue? Interesting way to tell a story.

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That’s Kingdom Hearts for ya

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You can also read it as the Prologue to the Final Chapter, which KH2.8 is. It's the last game released before KH 3 which is the final chapter of the current KH story.

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You and I both know that KH2.99 Prequel to the Prelude of the Prologue 4k Ultra HD for the PS5 will come out before KH3 will drop.

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It's like the ending to Hobbit, as in its the final chapter of the prologue. Or the last mission in BL:TPS

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Is this what hell looks like?

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No, in Hell we only have one console and one game.

Edit - since you are asking, the console is an N64, and the game is ET for the Atari.

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Saw n64 and thought the game was going to be Superman 64. At least if it's ET we can't be forced to play it, since our only console is a 64.

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ET for the Atari

Is this the one were apparently the loads of unsold copies got buried in the dessert?

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Mmmm, dessert.

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God damnit I'll always maake that mistake.

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Mmmm, maake.

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Ok that one is my broken keyboard. Sometimes one a press triggers two quick presses.

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Mmmm, a press.

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Always think about it this way: Dessert has an extra s because you want more of it :3

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Yes. Turned out is was actually true all along. They actually dug it up recently. There's a documentary about it: Atari: Game Over.

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There's a documentary about it on Netflix called game over I believe

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Right you are, Ken.

It's also credited for the collapse of the video game industry in 1983

We need another E.T...

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the awkward part is Activision and EA were also part of that crash too. and then Nintendo came out of nowhere to save it... Which kind of is repeating itself if you think about it :D.

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I'll take ur hell. You take mine...superman for N64...

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But I liked my N64

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You mean superman 64

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And it's a Polystation with 9999 games which are actually the same

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And you can only get the 'true' ending of that game if you got it pre-ordered.

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I dunno, an entire Skyrim narrated by a cheeky, philosophical British dude, that had an added bonus of it playing "Walking Down the Road Feeling Bad," every time you slid down a mountain?

I'd play it.

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And this is exactly why Bethesda keeps making new Skyrim versions.

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if by "hell" you mean the Bethesda offices then, yes.

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More like EA offices.

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Zenimax Media has turned both of their companies into money above all else and pretty much the worst customer service in the industry. Somewhere a manager there has an entire staff trying to monetize the monetization. They never learned the lesson of skinning vs sheering.

They'd look at this picture and say "Hmmmm...interesting.".

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Zenimax is probably the most predatory, underhanded company in the gaming industry. Not just right now, in the industry's entire history. It's one thing to buy up a company and ruin it EA-style. It's another thing to partner with a company, put them in debt by refusing to accept their work and dragging out development with the express goal of putting them in debt, and then forcing the owner to sell the company to you or take them to court.

Thanks to them the brilliant minds at Arkane who gave us Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah are now reduced to shitting out tripe like Dishonored and nuPrey.

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Whoa, hey. Dishonored (the first one) was good; or, at least, it was a better Thief game than the reboot of Thief.

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Whoa, hey. Dishonored (the first one) was good;

It had good atmosphere but I can't overlook the fact that it had utterly gutted stealth gameplay. For a sequel to Dark Messiah which actually had functional stealth with light/dark detection and the ability to be spotted when leaning out of cover, that's not an acceptable lapse.

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I think the real problem is that the developers were too anxious about stealth. Gaming has been divided into two categories by developers now: the games that are deliberately unfairly difficult and the kind that hold your hand and never punish you for fucking up. That fell into the latter category, seeing as how if you screwed up stealth, they still wanted you to have all these cool weapons to fall back on. (Which detracted from the story.) Despite that, I enjoyed it immensely.

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While it's true the whole "who cares if you're caught, you can kill everyone anyways" thing did kill off all tension, equally unfortunate was that they made your visibility not matter - shadows don't conceal you at all, and you can do all sorts of weird leaning out of cover remaining invisible. It made the game feel very arcadey and constantly immersion-breaking because of how counter-intuitive the mechanics were. Hide in a dark corner at the end of a corridor? Guard who's got bright light shining at him can somehow spot you immediately. Lean your whole body out of cover right ten paces away from a guard facing you in broad daylight? He can't see you.

Can't enjoy a "stealth" game that has that kind of silliness going on.

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Woah cynical much?

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Cynical would be expecting the worst. This is history. Zenimax has already shown their colours.

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Well someone is going to mod this...

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It must be. I feel humiliated for just having looking at it.

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Hell is the mobile release

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I've already preordered it so yes!

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The Dragonborn is a character in the next Super Smash Bros.

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Nintendo pls

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I'm just waiting for doomguy.

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Damn. I forgot "A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME"

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I had something else in mind.


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Add "Tom Clancy's" in there too just for good measure

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You forgot to add ultra before skyrim

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No Turbo? I'll wait for the full version...

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The Bennett foddy is a really good add

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There is a cold place in hell waiting for Foddy

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Should've added "VR" on there

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You mean KONAMI ahideokojimagame

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"With Bennet Foddy"

Imagine him narrating your Skyrim experience.

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Oof! Your game froze. You just lost a lot of progress there. That's tough.

"This thing we call "failure" is not the crashing, but the staying closed."

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I have a deep hatred for that man.

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I'd play it.

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I NEED a switch smash... But we're probably years away. 😔

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As soon as I saw the Doritos logo, I started looking for a Mtn Dew logo; wasn't dissappointed.

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Lmao, shrek

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Every day we stray further from God's light

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I for one believe that Funky Kong can only bring us closer to God.

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The Bible app is free.

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Do you think God stays in heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he's created?

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You had me at "Funky New Mode".

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I would legitimately enjoy a Bennett Foddy commentary over my Skyrim climbing attempts.

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I want a Bennett Foddy narration of my life

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Needs: "At the Olympic Games" "Turbo" & "HD Remix"

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HYPER The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim TURBO HD Remix II World Tour GOTY Championship Edition & Knuckles: Frozen Tundra Boogie

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Do you kno da wae of da thu’um?

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The chaurus clicking noises just became more horrifying.

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My body is reggie.

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Still looks better than Arkham City GOTY.

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Inb4 all dragons replaced with Uganda knuckles

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What is the "HDII 8 Final Chapter Prologue" part from?

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Sounds like OP is poking fun at the Kingdom Hearts series with that part.

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That ain't poking fun, that's literally a subtitle for the bundle with Dream Drop Distance in it.

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Which is why they are poking fun.

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who the hell is bennett foddy?

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The guy who made Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. He has a great voice.

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"It can be modded, we have the technology !"

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"Greatest Hits"

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Brudda, I see we in another game. Do day kno de wae?

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'& knuckles' had me rolling

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It also needs "+ Bowser's Minions"

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Me too, especially having just recently played through Sonic Mania and unlocking &Knuckles mode.

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See that kids? That shit's the fucking future.

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Oh yeah, when that shit goes on sale I'm definetly picking it up

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I definitely need a Funky Kong mod now for Skyrim.

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If it were a Sid Meier game too, I would play the shit out of it.

Actually, who are we kidding, as is in the image, this game would be a goddamn international treasure.

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You guys wish the Switch could run that

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  • bowser’s minions

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I'm absolutely shocked that there's no Lego Skyrim yet.

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AND KNUCKLES really should have been after with Bennet Foddy

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Can anyone please explain the origin of the knuckles meme?

I have seen the video of them in the VR environment, but i cannot understand the why of it exactly. Did they just make it up?

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This is separate from “de wey”

It’s basically just making fun of the awkward-sounding title of “Sonic 3 & Knuckles” by putting “& Knuckles” on the end of other titles.

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No "Sid Meier's"?

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Bennett Foddy: oof you forget to save, you lost a lot of progress

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r/funkymode for more Funky remasters.

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Pff it's not even the Super or Alpha edition of the game.

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Is that the game of the year banner off of GameCube games?

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GOTY 2018.

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What about Thomas the tank engine?

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2.8 was at least a port and a new game

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should've said remaster of the year edition instead of game of the year

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TESV: Skyrim: Final v7.0

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I’m just waiting on someone to actually put out a game with a ridiculously long name like this. If light novel authors can do it then so can have developers!

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Don't forget Destiny 2, a remaster of Destiny 2

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Is it meme about Ugandan Knuckles or i'm missing something?

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It's missing something related to Assassin's Creed

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and his pal mugman

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I'd buy it.

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I always thought "Special Edition" had a nice ring to it. "Remastered" sounds like it's pretending to be a movie, and "Game of the Year Edition" is just stupid.

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“Featuring Dante from DMC..” is this a Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne reference?

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Hey can the switches get like a good game on it please?

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So confused. What is going on here?

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You're missing FEZ

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I don't see Lee Carvello on the cover, I ain't buying.

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You forgot to add Online multiplayer...

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Oh gawd I saw the first one they made...what have they done

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for Matching Service

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Knuckles or Ugandan Knuckles?

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I can't decide whether Skyrim with Bennett Foddy as narrator would be awful or hilarious. Probably both. "Ooh, you really got wrecked by the bear now. Are you sure you're the world's savior? No one would fault you if you just gave up and never came back."

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Final chapter prolouge? What does that even mean?

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Ah but this isn’t the Turbo edition! That comes later

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Directed by M Knight Shyamalan.

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Now available on the app store. Skyrim Phone edition!

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and thats not even the VR version...

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If I want to buy Skyrim, which edition should I buy?

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Number of people being little bitches about Skyrim editions = number of stealth archers. And the probably are the exact same demographic.

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I tried the Beta and it was OK.

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It's missing a couple of "Turbo Hyper"s.

Also, WTF is "Bennett Foddy"?

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You know what? I'd love Skyrim with Bennett Foddy's commentary.

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I think I'll wait for the, "Turbo: the New Challengers" edition to come out.

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You forgot Rekindled.

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Skyrim: The Skyrimmening

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Dude, fuck Bennet Foddy

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wheres my remastered fallout 4 sanic edition with playable todd howard and guest star fox mccloud

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I kind of want to see modders actually make the game into that now.

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I thought this was from r/me_irl for a minute

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The 2.8 is a collection of 1 new short game, 1 game ported to PS4 from DS and a new 3 hour movie.

I don't get why it is included.

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Because of the length it creates

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This isn't even bad compared to the Batman AC GOTY cover