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That little guy is straight evil genius. Played scared all the way up until the biggun' turned away. Then BOOM! Pounces like a tiger!

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That's how cats work.

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We had two brothers and as kittens when they were facing each other down, one would look at the others tail, wait until the other was checking was he was looking at and then BOOM!

Worked every time (the 'other' was a little dim).

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Straight for the neck

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His bro was fully prepared for it too.

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This is some top quality visual story telling.

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It looks like the cats are just filming the intro to their 90's sitcom.

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I love the "We're just playing" look at the end. They need Dave Coulier saying "Cut It Out" in the next shot.

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It’s just called two brothers

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Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running In A Van From An Asteroid And All Sorts Of Things The Movie

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Two crazy guys on a quest for the perfect surf break find lbs of weed get in a war with a cartel steal a yacht escape to Catalina get shipwrecked befriend dolphins discover themselves hilarity ensues the movie. I like this game.

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Two metrosexual men use the power of breathing to defeat three vampiric Aztec demigods in Italy to stop them from getting a red stone that would make them even stronger the anime.

This is fun!

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Awww. So wish I wasn’t allergic.

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One word...Siberians. We have three and my husband is deathly allergic. Dog-like personalities, cloud-like fur, and beautiful to look at. You won't regret it. http://imgur.com/CjK4AXm

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Thanks for posting.

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I have similar allergy issues and I'm aware of Siberians. But aren't they also really expensive?

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Yep. Only downside. But I will tell you, my husband balked hard at the thought of buying one and now we have three. He says it's the best money we've ever spent. And he was a dog person before them. They are amazing. All three fight to sleep in my arms at night (and my husband...he can actually cuddle them all night without symptoms), they have amazing personalities, and they seek us out all day for cuddles and to play in our vicinity. Well worth it.

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Lovely floofs.

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Thank you... I adore them!

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Allergy shots. What you get back from them is waaaay more than the momentary discomfort of the shot.

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A friend of mine looked into these, and they are apparently only effective about 50% of the time. With his extreme allergies, the doctor recommended against them.

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Well, it's case by case. If it's something you really want, talk to you doctor and see what they say.

During the allergy test, the nurse looked at my brothers reactions and asked if he was allergic to latex (what her gloves were made of). He was not. Now that he's finished with his shots, he can actually be in the same room as a cat and cut the lawn without having an asthma attack (he hasn't had one in years).

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And you usually have to take them weekly for a year or two. My husband opted out understandably.

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These are Bengals... Our friends who are allergic have no adverse reaction to ours. They're known to be pretty friendly to people who are allergic.

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My ex had one. He is really sweet, very cuddly and loves to play. However, he is extremely vocal. It’s like he wanted to have a conversation with you ALL THE TIME, especially at 3 in the morning.

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FYI - lighter colored cats have less of the allergen than dark colored cats. A number of years back some friends of mine had a mainly black cat that they had to get rid of due to allergies; they subsequently have had multiple light colored cats with no problems. However, one of their grand-children has to take serious antihistamines when visiting.

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I don’t think it’s the colour, our cats are the exact opposite. We have a cat allergic friend who is fine with our two black cats but struggles to breath around our newest ginger kitty.

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I used to be ridiculously allergic to our kitten when I was a child, to the point my parents considered putting her up for adoption but I really really didn't want to give her up. Doctors gave me some very very strong stuff and the allergy never returned. Also I feel letting your body get used to it can help.

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Getting used to it doesn't help for my allergies. Interestingly (?), we had cats and kittens all through my childhood and I was fine, but I developed an obvious allergy in my late teens and sneezed uncontrollably if I ever held and petted a cat. If a cat (or some dogs) lick me, I get itchy welts on the spot. I might look into the the non-allergenic (?) kitties.

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Beat me by....... OK 5 hours but I was thinking the same thing.

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11 hours for me..

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They just re enacted the last scene in Jurassic Park with the raptor and T-Rex.

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that's an expensive couple of cats

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well, once you get 2 expensive ones, you can get a whole lot more for 'free'

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So....how do 2 brothers mate?

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i just said 2 expensive ones, but the male and female was inferred. i should know better. haha

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"Do you know why you're weak Sasuke?...because you lack Hatred..."

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This is pretty accurate for brother's of most species. I used to try to beat my older brothers and usually, they'd let me win... It was nice.

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Slap slap slapitty slap

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Had to use “find comment“, but Im glad there was at least one!

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I was gonna comment then I did a Ctrl+F.

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Get your white ass away from me. Look how short you are (puts paw on face).

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My cat did the same with his younger brother, but he hit full force.

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Are they from different litters?

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So my usual is "Bengal!" But I think these ones are Savannahs

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Nah definitely Bengals. Savannahs have very different faces.

Edit: probably bengals

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I had two brother cats when I was younger. They were like 6 months a part (never found their mother, father lived down the street as someone's pet. Dude got arrested for unrelated stuff). One day my brother is doing our neighbor's yard. Then he comes home with like a 2 month old cat he found. We keep it. 5-6 months later we are at home. Idr why but we left the front screen door open. Now we have three cats. Our 8~ year old cat, our 7~ month old cat, and now a new kitten that's like a 2 months old again. Like wtf. He looked exactly like the other 7 month old. Same color, same fur patterns. So we kept 'em. best cats we had tbh. RIP them.

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Your Cat is a time traveler

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Top 10 anime betrayls

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Serious question. What breed of cat are they?

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Savannah cats

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Looks like bengals.

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They are Savanah cats, my mom has one.

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Down for the count!

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Reeeeally? I have seen lots of videos of them but have never met one. God, they are beautiful

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Awww. This is so sweet

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I can't tell cat body language. When they're being submissive and when they're threatening to attack. Maybe they're never submissive.

Dogs tho - easy for me to tell.

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I can't decide if that's a tabby or a cheetah!

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Brothers? Really?

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Awww.. Hehe

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Yep, have asshole big brother. Can confirm.

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My feminine side says "Aww" with the sub, but my masculine side is saying, "Beat his ass!"

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This is bound to be on OzzyMan Reviews!

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Absolutely adorable! I just love how the little one was all "I jump on you!"

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c a t c h

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Went for the kill, claws not sharp enough. Will try again later.

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Can a cat expert please explain to me how they are brothers but seemingly a year apart in age? Introductory knowledge of basic feline-time-travel-breeding much appreciated as well. Thanks!

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Nice try little guy:D

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    That’s just easy and fun to watch