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"Haha fooled you, I'm the real kitty!"

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Side note: when a cat does long slow blinks its a sign of affection

TIL. that is damn adorable

It means that they can put their guard down around you

Comment deleted3 months ago

It's the best you're gonna get with cats.

Depends. The best I get with my cat is he hops up on the bed in the evening, walks up to me, plops his chin on my chest and starts purring, then falls asleep.

Sometimes, you get really lucky and get one like that.

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Maybe cats just don't like you personally. Mine are very affectionate. They're always rubbing up against me, coming to find me so they can cuddle or just hang out, seeking me out when they aren't feeling well and want some comfort, sleeping with me pretty often, etc.

Cats are very affectionate. Just because they don't spaz out all crazy like dogs doesn't mean they don't love you.

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You can even return the gesture and they might respond positively! It is so sweet. I have also been able to gain the trust of a cat who was on the fence about me by being the first to give them a slow blink.

I blinked at a cat I saw through a window once (have a habit of trying to befriend all the cats), and I'm assuming I'm the first human it saw doing that, judging by the way it started yelling through the window at me.

I think it may just not have liked your face

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That’s so sweet! My family calls it “love you” eyes.

11 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

I did this with my new kitten the other day. She took my lowered defenses as a chance to pounce my face, right into my glasses. She's still figuring things out.

bahahaha! Kittens are so good.

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I started slow blinking at my cat once I learned this, and now we have blinking contests.

You can also blink slow for cats. Sometimes they blink back

Also sleeping with their backs turned to you, since they trust you not to hurt them.

Only applies to cats and not to my ex. :(

Hello darkness my old friend

My one cat only comes near me when I’m in bed and only lays with with her ass facing me.

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I'm happy to know that. I'll admit I stared my cat down just now to see if I could get a cat eye hug. No such luck. But I know he's done it before ;)

Sometimes it helps if you do it first, like get eye contact with them and then blink really deliberately. I'm not sure if this is 100% foolproof but sometimes they'll do it back!

This usually helps mine calm down after they get scared by something

I'll admit I stared my cat down just now

Just so you know, in cat language slow blink means affection, long fixed stare means : "what the fuck are you doing on my territory? get ouf of here!"Don't give your cat the wrong idea. ;)

The kitty is long blinking at his human but remained suspicious of his doppelganger, as if saying, "Mom, I love you, I am still number one in your life, right? You don't actually love this fluff, do you? Look at how much cuter I am!"

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Show blinking at them is also a way to show affection for them and build up a bond.

I learned of this by watching My Cat From Hell. People are always confused when I explain this to them lol. (Typically dog owners, who believe cats are evil since they don't show affection the way dogs do... Remember folks, I said typically)

Slow blinking at fearful cats I worked with at the shelter is how I made friends with all of them.

I always do this with my cat! Although you can really teach them stuff if you have them from a kitten. My cat talks to me because I always talk to him, but unfortunately I also accidentally taught him that me picking him up or grabbing him is a playful thing, not a gentle petting thing. Also I taught him to scream when he wants me to come, as that is what I do to him (he always comes when called)

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My cat did love me?

It fascinates me that we know this

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6.9k points·3 months agoGilded1·edited 3 months ago

Today the human placed me next to the dead one. His stare is cold and distant. The human is amused. Is this an attempt to remind me of my own mortality? Or just some kind of sick joke? What does it mean to be feline? I may never truly know.

Edit: Wow, my first comment to make it big! And it even led to some gold for a fellow cat narrator. Today is a good day.

The human is smart. The human provides. Surely there is good to come from this. But in what form? I may never understand the machinations of the human mind. My faith remains strong.

Surely there is good to come from this. But in what form?

Internet Karma

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305 points·3 months ago

These humans are foolish. I hop onto this window sill dreaming of how one day I will escape. But they feed me when I hunger. As a matter of fact...I can hear it now...she's shaking food in a bag. Oh how perfectly she understands my desires.

Brother! Your fear is misguided! Do not view The Ouside as a paradise, for the paradise ends at The Window!

I have visited Ouside with and without the presence of the human! In the first moments it truly feels like the paradise we see. Foods of all colors, creatures of all sizes. It truly is a magical land.

However The Outside is full of runaways and deserters and the bastards of ancestor cats long since past. They fight, they kill, they poop on the stone. Food is not plentiful. Shelter is unwelcoming. The human knows this. The human bathes us in luxury. To escape from our guilded cages is to give up the very elements that make us who we are!

Oh to be young again. To dream of an Outside of comfort. To question the human. The humans understand The Outside better than we ever shall. They conquer it with ease in ways few cats can. Stay hopeful, young kitten. Stay faithful to the human. For the human truly is good, and the human truly is love.

I'm stealing this and pretending that my cat actually thinks like this. So beautiful!

My cat is more like:

Hey it's warm and comfy in here. And there are birds outside. I should go outside.

Damn it, why is it so cold now? I want to go back inside.

Oh it is warm here, it'd be nice to be this comfy while being closer to the birds.

Damn it, why is it so cold? Human, keep the door open, enough of this bullshit. Stupid human, why are you pushing me outside, I'm comfy in the door's way. Ok I've been outside 2 minutes now and it's cold, now I want back in.

Hmmmm food. I shall sleep now.

I stopped letting my cat out. She never went far but she was getting to used to it and would be super annoying if I didn’t let her out. I have a lot of strays by me too so I really don’t want her getting cat aids or beat up in a fight.

Once I stopped she kinda just forgot about it after a while. I contemplated letting her out in the snow to show her the harsh realities of the outside world but I fear that will just bring her memories back and start all over with her annoying me to go out. It isn’t going to teach her the lesson I think it is.

Stray cats are very rare here, and I only let her out for like half an hour at a time, on a leash, in the fenced in backyard, unless we accompany her outside. She taught herself to play with the leash that's hanging on the door when she wants to go out.

It seems to make her so happy, it's hard to resist :)

The cold and the snow teaches her nothing, she still wants to go out and stay out a couple of minutes even when it's -20 Celsius, although she'll stay in the door's path slowly making her mind until I nudge her out. I was afraid it was too cold but she still didn't want to come in right away.

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Stay hopeful, young kitten. Stay faithful to the human. For the human truly is good, and the human truly is love.

Mind if I steal this line for a writing prompt?

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Best post EVER. Hands down.

Live free or die a slave

An ancient question, a question as old as the story of Siddhartha when he left the Palace, that is; which is better- A life Of Constant Comfort with no growth, or a life of adventure yet filled with the unknown/danger?

Growth and comfort do not contradict each other. For there is much growth and satisfaction to be found under the protection of the all knowing human

This is so great :)

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Had the biggest grin while reading this.

Kitten has been reading too many Warriors books.

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This post suddenly became part of r/writingprompts.

These sound like entries from the cat’s prison diary.

"The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma"


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Meow mento mori

22 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

Memento meowri

Edit: spelling error.

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Reminds me of the Sad Cat Diary

"On closer inspection it turned out to be a thumb tack. There is no logic in this place."

I love Sad Cat Diaries.

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This is now canon.

37 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

Norman is scared by his doppelganger

Norman was standing halfway up his staircase at home. Norman knew it was halfway, because he had already counted six steps as he walked up. Norman hadn't moved for almost a minute because on the same step, staring back at him, was himself. Norman was worried, because he was Norman, so who was this? And why were they on his stairs?

Norman looked at Norman and realised that the toy cat was causing distress. Norman picked it up and put it back in the bag, "It was silly to buy a toy for a cat." he thought. Norman sat down to watch an episode of CSI, while Norman went to sleep on the stairs.

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I read that in the Morgan Freeman voice.

“Reddit is a weird place” - my girlfriend.

I read this immediately in Nibbler’s voice (from Futurama).

so this is catception

Momma, what have they done to you? Why are you not responding?

Aww come on, dude...

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Here you are laying this shit down on me while I’m taking a shit. Too deep man, too deep.

I read this in the horses voice from bravest warriors

why am i here just to suffer?

You can tell the cat is feline confused.

I was watching tv reading this and there was dramatic sad music on, perfect

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The slow blink shows a lot of love for the person recording.

It's a really forceful one too, she(?) even put her neck muscles and everything into it. That's one affectionate cat

"You made another one of me!! You must love me very much!"

Now there’s twice the love to go around!

"This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them !"

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This is a smart kitty. It's one thing for cats to blink based one affection, but using it to communicate actively to you.... That's another thing altogether.

I own a cat that blinks purposefully and communicatively like this as well. It knows how to let you understand whatever it wants as well, through body language. My other cat.... Not so much.

That’s what I thought too! I love kitty slow blinks, especially when they do they head bobble. :3

I blink to my cat and he blinks back.

Soon your cat will blink first and you after.

We blink at our cats all the time so they're really receptive to it lol. Not that long ago we caught my dad slow blinking at one of our cats trying to lure him over


Same. We just sit there blinking at each other for ages. So much love

Slow blinks and those closed eye squinting looks are my fave cat affection looks

I call them love blinks!

Cat kisses <3

In my family we call them "eye scritchies", which... doesn't make much sense now that I think of it.

I love you, but seriously, stop it with this shit!

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531 points·3 months ago

It's a duplicat.

A copycat if you will

A reasonable catsimile.

A catsmile catsimile!

Shut up and take my fucking money, all of you.

I accept venmo, paypal, and cashier's check.

And most major cryptocurrencies. It's 2018, dude.

I'll accept dogecoin, the others are garbage.

The one on the right is fur real.

The pun was right there

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I was waiting to be terrified by the stuffed one coming alive.

Me too! Had way more anxiety than is reasonable watching that gif. Glad I'm not alone.

Bamboozled again!

It's a sign of dominance for a cat to win a staring contest with other cats outside of their normal social circle.

Cats are notoriously huge jerks to cats that are strangers. First they make devil noises at each other, then they do fisticuffs and if dominance isn't established, it comes down to the staring contest.

Super rare to see in nature, cats will sit for literal days or weeks on end, never breaking eye contact. Anyone or anything interfering in the contest will become the victim of unrivaled fury from cats on both sides of the staring contest.

It should be noted that in recorded cat history, less than a dozen conflicts have escalated to a real cat stare down. It's a last resort for cats due to the stamina required to win.

Evidence is starting to show that most of the staring contests throughout history have ended in disaster due to the cats being interrupted mid stare down.

Once thought to be natural disasters, it's becoming apparent that Pompeii's volcano, the Black Plague, Mt St Helens, and The Great Chicago Fire at the very least were results of a person interrupting a cat stare down and NOT natural events.

It should also be noted that most cat encounters do result in some staring, growling and posturing, those are not the official staring contests that cats hold so sacred, and can be safely interrupted.

Just be sure first, for everyone's sake.

These are some top quality facts

Someone subscribed to CatFacts Premium (tm)

Well the guy has real facts, what can we say?

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God, I believed you for so long until the natural volcanos part.

He would have had me if he stopped there! I would have TOLD people!

11 points·3 months ago

I was waiting for Mankind to throw the undertaker off hell in a cell tbh

Half way through this post I began expecting something about a certain wrestling match.

And his name was...

John Cena, but don't let that distract you from the fact that back in nineteen ninety eight the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

Shit my male and female still state each other down and they’ve been together 7 years (well were together)


I love how it becomes more ridiculous with each paragraph.

This is all you needed to say-“Cats are notoriously huge jerks.”

Hey I saw you in r/gifs

In the middle of this post I already thought it will be about Undertaker.

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This must be the work of an enemy stand!

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"My god, you're gorgeous, who is this sexy bastard?"

"Will you meow-y me?"

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The likeness is uncanny. Did you have the plush cat specially made to look like your cat?

Probably. There's a website where they make a stuffed animal replica if you send in a bunch of photos but I remember it being really expensive.

Yeah cuddle clone. We made it one for our deceased cat! Cost around 250$

Did you make it before or after your cat was deceased? (Sorry for your loss)

Just before. She was really sick.

My cat

That's cute! The reason I asked was because I didn't know if it would be considered a nice tribute or a sad reminder to have the stuffed toy around after a pet passes on.

Thanks! We did some things after her death. Like portrait, bracelet and necklace.

Memorial for my diceased cat

Also. The price was 250$us + 40$ of shipping. I live in Canada. So it's more like 350$ in Cad $.

I'm so sorry for your loss. She was beautiful.

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I am not sure how to say this without sounding rude, but it looks really bad for something that cost $250.

Well. It's ok. I don't think it could be better. Long hair plush seem to be difficult to do.

Yeah, 250$ is pricey, but we put more than 6000$ in care for her. So this price is "kinda" nothing..

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That’s pretty cool. About $200 too much but still kind of cool. And creepy.

65 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

I love my cat so much I was debating getting him freeze dried so I could have him with me always...was gunna cost over 1000$...I decided on cremation because I wanted to be respectful of my cat and do what he would want

Wow that's.. metal... but I'm glad you chose to let him go. It's for the best.

Username checks out

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Be honest, does this seem like something that people of deceased pets would want?

I'm serious because I don't know if it's something someone would love to help them remember their lost family member or if it would be in extremely bad taste.

What does everyone think?

I wouldn't want one. Its kind of weird and I would just get sad looking at it.

14 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

When we lost our dog without warning, I had one of these made. Just suddenly not having her there was very shocking and upsetting to me. This will probably sound really weird and crazy, but the plushie sort of helped me wean off her presence, and I'll admit I even talked to it a little bit to say goodbye. It helped me grieve. When all of my other pets have passed on, they have all been older and their health was failing. So I made peace with it and gave them the best final weeks, months, and in some cases years, that I could. But having a middle aged dog go from being apparently perfectly healthy to dead 3 days later from multi-system organ failure was just more than I could cope with at the time. I used cuddle clones, and it was expensive ($250), but the company was great to work with, and they did an excellent job. For me the price was worth it. Edit: Adding a link to the pictures of my dog and her clone. They got all the little details right, even her spotted tongue and the texture of her fur.

For some, it's a really thoughtful gift. For others it's not. Definitely a person by person case.

I would live having a plush to remember a deceased pet, but know others that would feel awful everytime they saw it.

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They had the plush first and searched many years for a matching kitty

That's what I came to find out.

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That look. Too cute

What type of cat is this??


It's a Munchkin. I'll be one to admit that I do follow this particular cat's page on Instagram. It's called 'omame_munchkin'.

Looks like a scottish fold but with no folded ears

British shorthair?

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Also has short legs like a munchkin

It looks like a British Blue mix.

I was wondering this, too. He's a beautiful cat, and I'm not normally a cat person.

I like how stocky he appears to be. And looks so cuddly-soft.

I also am not a cat person but I looked at this one and wouldn’t mind having a chubby softy kitty like this.

I know! I'm also allergic, so I probably can't ever have one, but he's so cute!

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Are those markings like a breed standard or something, or did you just get a specialty stuffed animal to look just like your cat?

It's likely a Cuddle Clone or something similar.

If I had a little bit more available cash I would spend 250 bucks on a cuddle clone of our cat. I think that's adorable.

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That's such a ridiculous idea and I absolutely want one of my cat.

For Christmas we got a "Joy for All" pet, found on amazon. They blink and purr and lick their paws. It's adorable! We found one that looks similar to our own cat, but not exact as they don't make customs. It's like a Fur-real pet at Toys-r-us but costs a bit less and marketed toward elderly people who want a furry companion without the responsibility. It's really sweet and our cat seems to like it but we leave it on mute because it wakes up and meows when the lights turn on, might have a motion sensor too. Joy For All Silver Cat With White Mitts

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I can just imagine the hilarity if the stuffed cat's head moved a bit and scared the living hell out of the real cat

I was half expecting. I wouldn't blame the cat either cause it'll scare the hell out of me too

As I watched this gif I was thinking "if the one on the left moves I'm gonna Throw this phone!"

Yes you did sir....yes you did

Is that a munchkin?

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"I bud. It's okay now, we fooled them... I think he's dead.

Cutest cat ive ever seen and ive seen alot of cute cats. Cute

I love the blink and the upwards head nod the cat gives the person filming. It's a sign of affection!

I would start petting the plush one to tease the real one and it would amuse me a great deal.

I usually hate cats. I want that cat. I want him right meow.

Ain't that the cat who turns into a potted flower and starts shooting people with invisible air bullets?

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anyone know the breed? the one on the right of course

I'm in Australia. That's a stuffed toy.




Chuck Testa!

He has a goatee! Perhaps a... catee?

Is this the new bladerunner?

look at happy kitty blink! she likes this game!

3 points·3 months ago

Anyone one the exact model of cat that is?

I'm just waiting until the second cat starts to move?

Imagine just going about your day, and suddenly having a lifesize, lifelike plush human who looks just like you placed next to you

What kind of cat is that?

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Can someone tell me what kind of cat is this? It's so adorable.

Those stuffed animals are made by a Japanese company called PECO. they are called PECO Hugs

What breed of cat is this? Can anyone please tell me?

Was this a reference to the busdriver joke?

How would you like it if I made you sit next to the stuffed corpse of your twin brother? Hmmm?.

was disappointed when left cat didnt move

"I didn't know I had a twin. He's kinda weird."

OP what kind of cat is that!

what breed of cat is this?

What kind of cat is this? It's so cute

What kinda cat is this

What breed of cat is this? It’s adorable.

What brand of cat is that?

top 10 best anime plot twists

Man the fake cat on the right side of the real one is a good imitator!

Bamboozle floof!

this is too adorable

Haha i thought the cat on the left was real.

I was definitely waiting for that second kitteh to move.

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