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Drop-activated phone protector

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This guy is about to be a billionaire

60 points · 9 hours ago

Until someone drops it on their face and loses an eye.

Or jumps with this in their pocket and gets stabbed in the leg.

-6 points · 9 hours ago(0 children)


I have reserves. While cool because I break every phone I ever own, what if I'm just throwing it to my bed or couch. That's gonna be annoying to close every time

Is there a link or is it a prototype?

What if it lands sideways

The legs extend beyond the side of the phone a bit

2 points · 1 hour ago

Barely. Maybe they’ll look into that tho.

When flying cars are a thing, they could use something like this.

-5 points · 6 hours ago(1 child)

Some people don't like the extreme bulkiness of an otterbox

-4 points · 5 hours ago 🎥 Spiderman save Dr.Strange. Avengers infinity war - YouTube

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