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My mom had this service when she was still living on her own. A person would call once a day to make sure she hadn't fallen and couldn't get up. Whenever I was there during the call she would ignore it..."I don't know what the hell that is all about.". Love you mom!

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Haha I love it

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Wouldn’t they send someone to check if she has fallen then because she didn’t answer?

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She was only bothered by the way he was running, being a former gym teacher herself. Which is why she used the magical device to correct his bad running habit.

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Guy smokes a cigarette and thinks to himself... "I know... I'll get my old band Loverboy back together!". Gramma has other plans. "Not so fast, '80s man!"

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Those darn runner people with their darn headbands, in this neighbourhood?

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We are darnbot brothers

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How exactly is the "personal protection alarm," protecting you? Are thugs with bandanas scared off by annoying noises?

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It plays a record about how olden days were better. Fuck that shit, I'm out.

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He looks like the guy who's still trying to keep the alternative rock band from college together, but he's selling oxy that he steals from his grandpa to get by.

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That mean old lady!

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is that the street where he did it to em

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Oh my god, that amateur 90s movie thug is so great.

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"If I'm going down , you're going down with me." -buy new Mini-bomb today!

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Thought it was a taser.