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Wait, does Dave Chappelle have botoxed balls?

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Nah, it was from his stand-up special in 2004. Comedy gold.

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Please, someone answer the important question!

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Where is Jah?!

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It's a joke

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I hear they are smooth as eggs...

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I guess you could say that trick is garbage

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You could also say it was a rubbish stunt. Its bin done.

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He was trashed when he attempted this.

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I can do it.

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Those balls are as smooth as eggs!

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How would you like to suck......these balls?

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Yes I’ll suck them

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In honestly so impressed that this didn't end as just another video of a stupid kid doing a faceplant.


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What's with the guy holding a price scanner on the right.

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It's a Speed gun I believe

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That would make more sense then my original conclusion.

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It's just a flash that's being held off camera and remote fired.

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I would like to see the end of this clip. How he stopped.

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Unsuccessfully, if I had to guess.

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What a brute!

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Does it look to anybody else like he has the bottom cut out? I sweat I see his feet as he hits the top of the ramp.

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Totally see it his foot out the bottom. Also i wish this clippe last 5 seconds more. It looks like hes about to fall at the end of the clip

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Yeah, he does a kickflip between ramps. Has to be cut out.

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Smooth as a what now?

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Is the security recording also?

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I've never felt like I've been part of an exclusive group until I read the comments and found out how few people get the Dave Chappelle joke.

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Smooth as Eggs

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Well put.

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What a brute

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Smooth as eggs.

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Pretty dope. Pretty dope.

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Gifs that start too late

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You get an upvote for the title