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Yeah that’s strange, colors of a Aussie.

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The coat pattern is called merle and it crops up in many different breeds. It's kind of like stripes in cats, different breeds can have it but it's more common in some than others.

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Looks like cookies and cream icecream.

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blue bulldog!

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Right? Has to be an Aussie Bulldog mix.

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Loads of different dog breeds can have that coat pattern, which is called merle, including corgis and dachshunds (weiner dogs)

Edit: here's the link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merle_(dog_coat)#Breeds ( sorry for long link, the formatting doesn't work because of the parentheses in the URL, unfortunately)

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I seem to have melted into a puddle of joy

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Who's snugglier...puppy or throw blanket

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Is that a Bulldog and an Aussie? Never seen a “Bossie” before. That’s pretty neat.

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Or cattle dog? They look like cattle dog ears.

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....a “Battle Dog” is 10x better. Let’s go with your idea

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What beautiful coloring.

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Looks expensive

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Probably $5-7000 assuming its an akc bully

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Damn so many colors on that pup.

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Please tell me her name is Boots...

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He looks like a Bull Heeler!

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The Merle colouring!

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That's one vocal potato!

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People make the mistake of guessing a dog's breed by its coat. Dogs have the genetic potential to express many coat colors, including blue merle, like this little guy. It's more accurate to use the dog's build/shape of head to figure out the breed. They say DNA typing works too. My neighbor has what he called a bully Dalmatian. I was like, nah. You have a pit bull street mutt with spots.

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Would have to be merle x merle to express that color though, correct?

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My dog had one merle parent and one brown parent. He was Rescued from a backyard breeder who was trying to breed teacup dappled chihuahuas. Problem with that is that dappled chi's can be "big" because the coat comes from the dappled dachshund. Dappled chi's rapidly outgrow their mothers. My dog's littermates in adulthood ranged from 2.5lbs to 18lbs. My guy is 16lbs. He looks like a giant chihuahua. Fortunately, he has no health problems at aged 11. Sadly, his littermates had limb, ear and eye deformities.

Edit: He's the cutest dog in the world. https://imgur.com/gallery/0Uu89

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He is pretty adorable, but yeah that's what I was wondering.

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Merle is dominant, a double Merle would make for a primarily white dog with potential eye and ear problems.

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I think that would result in a double merle which would be whiter with sometimes albino looking eyes

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Puppers coat is like velvet. What are the parents?

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Well, next time don't put your bottle of bleach on the same shelf as the dog shampoo's?

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Looks like Dustin from Stranger Things

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I just want to point out to anyone that came for the awes that dog won't be able to breathe properly it's entire life.

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Yeah, unfortunately bulldogs and pugs have been bred to the point of health issues. Them being bred with breeds like corgis really help out their offspring for the chance of longer snouts. Regardless, all dogs are/should be loved dogs. If this cute baby bully has health concerns it’ll be taken care of by a vet.

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My sister has asthma and told me that the idea of anyone breeding dogs with breathing issues is unfathomable to her, and just being around them makes her anxious. That was twenty years ago and it's been hard for me to find these flat-faced dogs cute since.

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That’s one cute pupper!

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I need pics of mom and dad!

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What is that!!??? ;)

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Look at it's little nose! What kinda dog is this???

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*fur yourself.


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That has the same pattern as my Australian Shepard

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I was thinking 8-10k$

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I is king of da wrinkles!!!

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Its like a ball sack came to life.