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Posted byu/[deleted]3 months ago

This weekend, women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to attend soccer matches for the first time ever.

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Saudi is slowly moving forward. Sure, they still behead, stone and throw people off of roofs for shit, but this is a step forward. Women are still considered property, but eventually they might be seen as people.

Isn't that just the most fucked up thing to really realize?

There are still places on this planet, in 2018, that still look at a group of human beings and go "Mm. Nah, they don't count as real people."

And only now is it seeing some change in the right direction.

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This is why we need to realize 'in 2018' doesn't matter. There is no promise of progression, there's no promise that equality will remain, there is no promise that out our values will be the values in 100 years -it's almost guaranteed they won't be. We will always have to fight for our ideals, for how we want the world to be, and realize out our little circle isn't how things are everywhere.

Kind of. It is worth remembering though that every now and then humanity does forego changes that are as permanent as they could be. Agriculture, industry, technology, seem to be the three main factors that have changed humanity forever. Maybe connecting people and a stride towards more equality in general will be part of the permanent changes brought in part thanks to technology.

I guess we won't ever find out though. We'll probably die long before historians are discussing it like that.

One of those places is the Whitehouse.

Another part is South Africa.

Hurting feelings with words (trump) vs middle East regions with years of beating, enslaving, murder in public... hell. videos with better video editing than most films today by Isis of them beheading, running people over with tanks, blowing a person up with a direct hit with a RPG while they are glued to a post or stabbing a person in the face in slow-mo with a 4k camera while they use our military vehicles and weapons that were left behind during the Obama admin.

Yeah. That totally compares to Trump being "not human"

Liberalism is a mental illness.

Don't cut yourself on that edge


Just know this is more of an Arabic culture thing and not how all Muslims treat their women. Plenty of Islamic country have women who work and go to school. Source; American Muslim

Isn't it more of a Saudi thing? Pretty sure women are treated far better in surrounding countries (with exception to maybe Oman and Yemen) Source: just spitballing here, no clue actually

Yes it’s more of a Saudi thing, they take things way too far. They use faith to oppress women

It’s not like they don’t count as real people. They just follow the Koran which has different roles for men and women.

Saudi Arabia didn’t even illegalize slavery until the 1960’s. I’ve heard of people seeing Facebook ads recently with people selling off black eunuch slaves. There most likely is still some slavery going on unfortunately.... and Arabs would castrate male slaves a lot of the time.

The thing is, the Koran doesn’t dehumanize women go ANY extent that the Saudi government is interpreting. So that whole “follow the Koran” argument is kinda bullshit.

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This comment is an example of that effect I think.

Humanity is weak


True. Humanity is strong. The society that I percieve is weak. Not only weak but petty, ignorant, and blind to other views.

Eh that just means you're not friends with the right people and i dunno

Not talking about friends talking about mostly the internet and entertainment/news industry. By weak I mean everyone is tempermental and to easy to trigger. They are too involved in their own opinion to see what the other person has to say. My hometown is not very much like this and everyone is open to each other and ideas. There are the ones that fight for each side but if you see them in day to day encounters its usually very pleasant. Unlike the internet or news where half of the interactions or stories are negative. Don't get me wrong people should be informed of things that have happened but I see alot of news about crime that is just not needed to be covered.

Do they actually throw people off buildings and stone them as official modes of punishment? If Wikipedia is to trust, their method seems to be public beheading and occasionally firing squads.

The method for "curing gays" is to throw them off of a roof. Stoning is a punishment typically used on women who step out of line or are garnering too much attention from men(IE: gets raped, so must now be put down). Sometimes the stoning is to death, sometimes it's not and is used as discipline. So yes, but with more detail.

The method for "curing gays" is to throw them off of a roof.


thank you, and sorry i was going to ask about saudi arabia not "Homosexuality and islam" because for the 19 years i lived in saudi arabia i never seen or heard of someone getting stoned or thrown of a building, i know it's part of the islamic law here ( the stoning ) but as my father said it's never enforced and it's only a law to please the conservatives with, and the throwing gays off buildings i think that's just a thing with ISIS?

It's a thing with everyone that follows Sharia.

The US gives them billions of dollars in weapons so they can do things like attack and set up a blockade around Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world under the excuse that they are supported by Iran. On top of that, Saudi Arabia was elected to sit on the UN’s human rights board. What a sick joke that is, I hope all of the “royalty” in that country get the slow painful deaths that they deserve.

I'm crystal clear on what the US does with Saudi. I promise you, you won't be telling me something about what the US helps Saudi with that I'm not already 100% aware of. I laughed my ass off at Saudi getting on the Human Rights Board about as much as when I learned that Mugabe was given a position with WHO as goodwill ambassador.

I wonder if ever these reforms will have a backlash from the conservative and religious factions of the Saudi Elite.

Is.. Is that Moss on the bottom left?!

Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

The thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in...

*/Slowww golf clap

Now stop stoning adulterers and throwing gay people off buildings already...

Saudi Arabia doesn't throw people of roofs, that is an IS meme. I don't even think the Saudis stone people, that is more of an Iranian thing.

Saudia Arabia is probably closer to being than actual shithole than any of the countries Trump mentioned, but that doesn't mean that we should spread lies about if there is PLENTY of real stuff to critisize.

Throw people of buildings... hang them behind closed doors... whip people in the streets... arrest people having sex outside of marriage/holding hands... persecute gay people... blah blah blah... these are the same human rights violations to me. I never intended to be technically correct... I was clearly over simplifying.

But if u wanna be really technical... I’m absolutely certain Saudi Arabia has, at one stage in their existence, thrown people who didn’t agree with them, off a roof. And I’m positive they’ve also stoned people to death in the modern age, probably still do to.

I get where your coming from though.

I’m just voicing my disgust the whole world feels they need to pat Saudi Arabia on the back for letting girls watch soccer...


Aw, welcome to the 1800's, guys! 🤗

Now that's a shithole

Such a shithole. No respect for that country.

Drumpf doesnt agree lol

Weird how he compartamentalizes his racism

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fuck off

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What's wrong with Reuters?

2 points·3 months ago

Wow your ignorance is impressive.

-7 points·3 months ago(2 children)

Are you that ignorant?

Well, it's mostly because they're disgusting people.

299,724? What’s the story behind your username?

Can have iPhones but not go to a soccer match. So backwards.

Lightning speed into the future!

There's no women's toilets in those stadiums. I wonder what they did to solve that problem.

Redditors will still continue to fetishize Islam

Their foreheads are making me so hot right now.

How's that.

What's up with the girl without hijab in the top photo?

I thought covering up was mandatory for all.

I think she is just a visitor to the country

I thought you only had to wear the outfit post childhood.

If someone knows different please educate.

Technically it isn't compulsory until you've had your first period, but I've seen some fundies make their kids wear it.

Source: Am Muslim, although my sister doesn't wear it.

Comment deleted3 months ago(1 child)

Fucking hell.

This picture isn't from Saudi.

Comment deleted3 months ago(3 children)

Relevant username. Durk-durka?

Comment deleted3 months ago(0 children)
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If Saudi Arabia wants to modernize and upgrade their PR they ought to stop arresting tourists for bullshit.

Number of tourists in Saudi = zero. They don't even have a tourist visa.

So progressive

Did god cry?

It’s stuff like this that make me laugh when people in America bitch about trivial shit.

And pretended to find it exciting.

Next week, they'll be stoned to death for having fun

not only is trump making america great again. but he also is getting the saudi women more rights!

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