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Trust me. Right button.

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Did they throw down a sticky bomb?

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Sometimes people use grenades as signals to start a race. They normally throw them ahead or off to the side, though lol

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That makes it even funnier. Ready, set, 3/4 of you blow up.

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I really like the guy on the green bike who just causally walks back to his bike, gets on and thinks "that just improved my odds"

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Why would you need to do this? Can't you just set up your own checkpoints and have a proper race?

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That was the most Russian thing I've seen since every dash cam video... ever.

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This is how I won the Isle of Man TT.

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That insurance claim is going to be expensive

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Game: GTA V

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Is this a mod or online

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You can tell it’s online by the way everyone gets blown up. Very common online.

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The start of every multuplayer mission ever in GTA.

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It's cool how the guy in the orange clothes just brushes it off and goes back to his motorcycle

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Don't worry he gets blown up as well https://youtu.be/zJxcsod5W5g?t=1m53s

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That character looks like someone from The Witcher 3.

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Yes, couldn't remember the name. I thought this was a mod when I saw it.

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Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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I love how OP slowly backs up from the shitstorm brewing in front

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I like how instead of nope'ing out of there, Ciri just backpedaled a little bit.

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That was unfortunate lol

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Can't lose to the competition if their is none.

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Bounty: **---

Steps into army base Bounty: ************************* YA DUN FUCKED UP NOW

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Ciri on a motorcycle? This is ridiculous. Come on master chief we are getting outta here.

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SOooo does this mean I won the race?

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Fucking terrorists.

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I can only imagine the swear session that occurred on that TeamSpeak....

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BOOM! Here comes the BOOM, ready or not, here comes the boys from the south

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Psycho mantis?

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I love how OP backs up like, “Ohhhhhkay then lemme just sit this one out”

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Looks like something you would see in a John Wick style action movie.

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Were they going to race or have some casual group ride together? Well they didn't ride together but did die together. Half full...