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I hate this fucking facebook caption trend that's taking over gifs

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I know, right!?

This one is really mild and tolerable given it at least provides some context. The worst are the ones that explain stuff you are already watching or go on about who is who and such. God, can't even put to words what they say, but it's infuriating.

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If only you had some kind of caption that could help you put it into words.

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Oh hell I didn’t even know

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You should give me cake for letting you know ? (Please)

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Pretty solid prank given some of the real nonsense that comes out of CES

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I wonder how many guys asked how much it cost, and whether it had a working vagina.

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Why is it disgusting?

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I can't believe you have to ask.

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Why can't you believe it? Are current sex toys, like silicone dildo and vaginas disgusting? Of course not. They might not be for everyone, but it's okay that some people prefer them.

I think people say "hur dur disgusting" because they approach the matter from the premise that the man wanting to have sex with a robot is a total perverted loser, and the whole thing has no benefit for society.

Let's invert the genders and say that a lonely woman can't even get a Tinder date (yes, that ugly or awkward.) So, instead of hitting on random men out of frustration, or even raping one, she rents a sex robot (with a dildo strapped on it) and relieves her urges.

Now she won't be "that crazy lady hitting on everyone." Same with men.

Or did I miss the mark and it's disgusting for some other reason?

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The premise is that this guy is at a completely sfw tech conference debuting a robot he made. People walking up and asking if they could fuck her would not only be wildly inappropriate, it would be down right creepy. Normal people don't go around asking to fuck things in nonsexual contexts.

Also, regarding the benefit for society, I don't want to be manufacturing rapebots for incels to take their frustrations out on. I think men are a little bit better than being creeps because they can't get laid; it's the assholes who don't understand boundaries or value the humanity of the people around them who act like creeps and make people uncomfortable or violate them. Giving them fake women to dehumanise I think would make it worse, especially as the psychological effect of fucking a disembodied silicone flashlight is probably a lot different than a moving, talking realdoll. I say this as someone who has been obese and who doesn't have a very attractive face, who has seen how people treat ugly people.

Normal, non-rapey people who want sex robots I guess are free to innovate in that way and I don't think it's morally wrong, but there is inherent value to genuine human connections that we should still search out.

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There's a big difference in asking if it has a working vagina and straight up going to the guy asking to fuck it. There's nothing creepy in asking questions other's don't feel comfortable with and not only that but a lot of people would probably have that question on their mind but won't ask because otherwise they'll be called creeps by people who think the way you do. I don't think you can dehumanize a sex robot as it doesn't care what you think, say or do to it being robots and all, don't sex robots come with arms and legs also as opposed to let's say a fleshlight? In today's world you can be called a rapist for practically looking at a woman so I can see why men would turn to a sex robot instead of a "realdoll". Besides being free from all the crap some females give, they have the ability to get sex at any given day and time as opposed to not getting that much sex with a real person. Looks aren't that important when it comes to love, if ugly people get treated shitty is most likely because that ugly person is not only ugly but a shitty person also. It doesn't matter how you look like on the outside if you're a shitty person on the inside.

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See a therapist.

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For what exactly

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She passed the reverse turring test.

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Yeah what the hell. This gif shows nothing other than a lady doing a slow robot dance. Where is the interaction with people?

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Good link. A decent showing of confused faces and an okay surprise reveal at the end.

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A terrible day for the Gaijin

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I kinda can’t believe people would fall for it, but... people really just don’t question things a lot of them time do they

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To be fair, it's at the biggest tech expo in the world, where a lot of weird shit gets shown off.

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I'm pretty sure there wasn't anything "fake" about that keypad, and I'm SURE that wasn't a fake wire. Fake news.