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What's worse, gifs that end too soon, or gifs that infinitely loop?

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End too soon by far

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End too soon by

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This one didn't really end to soon though...

I'm unconvinced that a single person actually believed this lol.

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He was asking what’s worse in general not about the gif.

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Oh yea, I was just tangentially commenting on the OP. I also agree in general too short is worse.

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Are there gifs that don't infinitely loop?

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Wait so does that mean that most people, when creating their gifs, actually choose for them to loop eternally? I was pretty certain that it would at least be a feature of the medium in which you reproduced it or something, and not something inherent to the gif file. That's interesting as fuck.

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Depending on how you're creating the gif, it may be a default setting.

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it usually is default, otherwise most gifs would not loop because... people are lazy

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Looped gifs can be hilarious... Ones that and too soon are never good.

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Probably the fact that half the gif is covered by cancerous white-backed text from Facebook.

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This dog did the craziest thing...

Drinking its milk with a straw

And you won't believe what happened next...

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Don't forget at least 10 of that laugh/crying emoji.

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It ended soon because no one believes the gif lie. Bro if you were there would you think thats a robot

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The lady at the end cracking up

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She has a very infectious laugh.

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Doing the Lord’s work, bless

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This is why dogs smell asses.

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Maybe dogs once had a scientific renaissance era of their own and created AI and robots for themselves... and ultimately watched it utterly destroy their society from within. In order to preserve their race, the last survivors of the SniffNet apocalypse genetically engineered a new species of bi-pedal hominids to act as permanent companion caretakers to watch over their children. Their last loving act was to destroy all traces of their technology to prevent their children from ever discovering the truth and repeating the same mistakes again.

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I'll do it, purely for scientific purposes

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I'd still remain skeptical.

Nobody would build a robot that looks that good and still make it wired controls.

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BETA mode. Wireless comes later.

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I would stand there saying how no one would make such an ugly robot and pick out every little blemish on her face including a few made up.

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You're mean

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Pretty good on the motions, but too much over-travel. She wouldn't be that bouncy.

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Over-travel is a cool term!

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Oh, thank goodness! I'd have had no idea it was a fake keypad if it weren't for the red arrow and text telling me it was a fake keypad.

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It wasn't the keypad...i figured that was real. It was the fake wire that threw me for the loop.

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Good point, I almost missed that arrow and text since it was only there for 2 frames.

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I wonder why and where one would get a fake wire. Are they cheaper than a real one? Were they afraid to use a real one in case she accidentally got controlled?

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I have a couple I could sell. I stocked up when I saw them on-sale over black Friday. PM me with your CC info and I'll get one together for you.

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It looked like a real wire to me, I was totally fooled.

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I get that the keypad is fake, but isn't that a real wire even though the arrow points out it's fake? I couldn't tell.

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I couldn't tell either. Let's go to the replay, Ken!

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The idea of making computers that behave like humans seems attractive, but the real achievement of the tech industry has been to make humans that behave like robots.

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It's a toss-up between /r/showerthoughts and /r/im14andthisisdeep.

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:) showerthoughts

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All fun until someone grabs the robot's ass.

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There is a robot at CES from Hansen robotics. The robot is a true feat of AI and tech but the AI sometimes gives some hilarious and unsettling responses.



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what if it was a robot pretending to be a human pretending to be a robot?

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Her friend is very controlling ..

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Is she a... pleasure model?

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As long as you don’t mind the guy being in the same room working the controls.

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He looks like he can be quiet.

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And telling him what to do.

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I hope not, for her sake.

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She “absolutely” is “a toy.” “He” should stop “freaking out.” Or next time just leave the sex robot in family mode.

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Where did he plug in the keypad?

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Literally no one was fooled by this

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Plot twist; her 'friend' was the real robot.

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Nice fake wire

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Plot twist: the friend who pretended controlling her is actually a robot pretending to be a human

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i know a robot pretending to be a human pretending to be a robot when i see one. shame on you op.

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Good god, how could they resist not jump scaring hundreds of people at a time?

"I've lost control, she's become sentient!!"

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Who upvotes this?!

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Mrs Roboto

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Was waiting for something to go down.

Nothing went down.

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She has a cute smile

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Tell me awesome-o, are you by chance , a pleasure model?

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My dirty mind tells me that the “wired keypad” could very well be a vibrator remote for some little kink.

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I was thinking someone might grab some ass or boob to test out the authenticity. That would definitely be awkward. But hey, don't pretend to be a robot if you don't want to get groped.