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Cat helping its friends to get some treats

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My friends cat did this. He and the dog worked together. The cat would get on top of the fridge, knock the bread down and then the dog would rip it apart and they would both eat bread. Little shits.

941 points·5 days ago

That's a pretty mad cat eating bread, my cats would turn their nose up at sausages that aren't pure pork, 'ewww leek? Wtf is this shit'

My cat also LOVES bread, specially when it's fresh and warm.

Imagine not loving fresh, warm bread?

257 points·5 days ago

Celiacs cry every time.

116 points·5 days ago

Hey now, you can make bread without gluten! Shitty, tasteless bread out there for all the celiacs to enjoy.

And all the fake gluten free peeps who think it’ll help them lose weight

27 points·5 days ago

Well, there is some truth to that if you a) eat a lot of gluten-based carbs, and b) don't replace them with other carbs.

I replace all my gluten foods with rocks. I've lost tons of weight and don't even need to chew my food before swallowing anymore.

I do a similar thing but I replaced all my food with The Rock, and I used to chew before swallowing but he asked me to stop because it hurt his Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

How many stones do you weigh?

Don't the rocks stay in your stomach and make you heavier?

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If you eat less calories than you need and have a magic stone and chant the prayers to the Skinny gods and twirl around twice every hour and put it up on your wish board it'll definitely work

You can even make it warm

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11 points·5 days ago

I'd rather cry while shitting my soul out and still eat dat yeast.

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No I refuse to believe such a monster exists

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My cat loves pizza. When she was a kitten she stole a slice nearly as big as herself.

My cat didn't care about anything but beef jerky when he was younger, but now that he's an old man he wants everything. He tried to take a donut from me the other day.

Mine too! She once pulled a small pizza off the stove. She still loves cheese and tomato sauce in any form.

Oh. My cat just likes to lick oil out of the pan....

Not poultry, not fish, not dairy. Used oil.

19 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Apparently all they can taste is protein and fat, so that actually makes a lot of sense

I feel like my cat may be a mutant. His two favorite things are sweetened yogurt (won’t eat plain) and milk, but only after it has had cereal in it. We usually have Honey Nut Cheerios. I swear he tastes and loves sweetness.

Dogs actually evolved the ability to taste and digest carbs (it sets them apart from wolves). Maybe cats are starting the mutant at a time. (btw some of my cats love bread too)

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Cats need oil changes every 5000 miles

My cat loves popcorn, as soon as she hears the microwave going, she comes running.

Same. But my cat had a particular fondness for the day-old Jimmy John bread. He trained us that the only safe place for bread was in the fridge.

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cats are allergic to onions (it can kill them), so maybe that's why they dislike leek 😊

20 points·5 days ago

Yep, onions and garlic are toxic to cats!

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12 points·5 days ago

Onions are toxic to dogs too!

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My cat eats anything, but only if it came off of a human's plate. Put a tomato in his bowl? Nope. He steals a tomato off my plate? Completely devours it.

My cat loves lettuce and broccoli and other greens....she’s weird

Lettuce cat PogChamp

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The cat was feeding off of it's humans misery

probably related to in-bread cats!


I don’t know if he actually eats it but I can’t leave things like hamburger buns out cause the nerd will just chew on them through the bag.

Cats often hate onions, so I can see why leeks could be offputting.

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Do we understand how these animals from different species are communicating together to steal our food, and should we be worried about the impeding pet revolution?

I don’t think anybody gets that and they should!

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Top of the fridge is the worst place to store bread. Warms the bread up creating a vapor and condensation in the bag that allows mold within days.

Bread box on the counter, it is!

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my cat’s addicted to cheese, brocolli, face cream, porridge and corn. cheese is his crack. open the cheese door in the fridge he will be at your feet. he will hear it from outside. from the far corner of the garden. he will meow for some like a person addicted to crack. hilarious.

I've seen a lot of shit and known crackheads but I have not seen anyone meowing for crack. although I agree with you that must be pretty funny.

I had a cat that could hear when someone flipped the pull tab on a can of Starkist tuna from across the house when he was sleeping under the bed. When we made tuna fish salad, we'd pour the liquid onto his food.

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I was gonna tell this same story. Our cat used to throw the bread off the fridge to the dogs.

I upvoted because of the last sentence.

4 points·5 days ago

And they say cats and dogs don't get along.

My dog plants her ass beneath the table fat kitty’s bowl is on and waits for kibbles to drop, then barks and chases said cat. She doesn’t understand the perks of a give and take relationship.

That is so funny!!!

They are co-dependent ! RUN !!

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2.3k points·5 days ago

That's a cat feeding his army.

1.3k points·5 days ago

Step 1. Gain the dogz trust.

Step 2. ???

Step 3. World domination.

136 points·5 days ago

Step two is, collect underpants.

No no no that’s fase 1. Fase 3 is profit!


Ah yes thanks! Dutchie so force of habit!

No problem, English is weird.

English is too weird to be considered the logical of the two.

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Chaotic Good.

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Step 3. World domination. Step 3. Sell as Lake Front Property

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Catermasters supply the troops

Now you know who is the boss

Well... If you look carefully the cat has a Hitler tash

3 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

And he dyed the rest of the black fur brown as a disguise. Diabolical!

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561 points·5 days ago

Now the cat found a bargaining chip

Meomammu, I've come for biscuits.

He’s from the Dank Dimension


Bargaining biscuit.

Bargaining cookie

Barkagain chip.

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631 points·5 days ago

"good, good! Now they shall fight to the death for that one treat" - cat, probably

"Are you not entertained"

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23 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

Today I shall throw bread at the starving peasants, and they shall fight over it for my own amusement.

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So cats are like current gamedevs getting into the battle royale hype.

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I just love it when cats act as an evil overlord which they truly are.

151 points·5 days ago

"One treat for 5 dogs. I AM THEIR MASTER NOW!"

“Now, our operation is small, but there’s a lot of potential for.....aggressive expansion...”

This is 100% the shit my cat does. If the dogs ever anywhere without the cat? A perfect angel. Leave them together and I come home to everything off the counter and destroyed by doggy teeth

The one laying on the ground that misses all the action because he's fascinated by sticking his nose under the cabinets lol.

Yeah I noticed that too. I'd say a treat fell under there..

Their strategy was solid. If the treat bounced under the cabinets, guess who would be there first to eat it? #siblingstrategies

I have... power over these

White pup was boxed out and still got the treat!

He was the smart one. Look at how he got into position before the others.

I think that's the adult - probably Mom. Much more experience snapping up treats.

She’s like, “Let mommy take care of that for ya”

Gotta make sure it isn't poisonous.

Just like my mom with birthday cake

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175 points·5 days ago

What the fuck is that thing on the wall? A futuristic microwave?

iT iS a tV. dOnT yOu hAve iT iN yOuR CoUnTrY?

That's an odd angle, though, unless it's purely for watching during a quick meal at the table.

Or maybe to follow along with a cooking show.

It’s clearly aimed at the floor for the dogs...

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Your TVs have floral patterns painted (or etched) onto them?

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Lol i thought it was a vets office at first so i assumes it was an X-ray display but now I’m not so sure

Please answer this, I MUST KNOW!!!!

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What the fuck is that thing on the wall? A weird TV?

It's got a weird floral pattern on its face so I don't think it's a TV.

Plus the ratio is just square

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Could be an exhaust hood.

For what? There's no stove or oven there.

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Looks like an exhaust hood to me, too. Overall the kitchen looks like it’s probably in Asia (floor fridge, slick colorful cabinets, stark white walls and floors, those windows, and floral designs), and I’ve seen some weird exhaust hood designs there. Plus a lot of places don’t have the stove built in, they expect you to buy your own gas or electric burners.

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Looks like a storage drawer, pull handle on the top. Definitely not normal but maybe something from the 60s?

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27 points·5 days ago

That dog that got the treat knew EXACTLY where it was going to land - those two have been playing together for years. Stockton/Malone camaraderie right there


Animals doing what they love

Cat- Pushing stuff off edges Dogs- eating treat

I think the cat is just being a cat and obeying its instinct to knock things off of other things. The dogs are incidental.

It took the thing out of the bag though. Then went in for another one.

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Cat's thought was probably:

"This is much less enjoyable than when the humans are around. Those dogs don't even seem the slightest bit annoyed."

This is the correct answer. He even knocks it the opposite direction first.

Also, semi-relevant username

That's what I was thinking. The cat is just knocking shit off of the counter and the dogs are reaping the reward.

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My cat is dumb as hell and will throw food off surfaces like that and then jump down and eat it off the floor. 99% sure she ain't trying to feed those huskies. When she drops it she looks like "..oh"

Love the tease at the start

helping? more like seeing if the dogs will fight to the death over one tiny morsel and then she can reign supreme

Subjects. Helping his subjects, like a benevolent ruler.

Subjects. Helping his subjects, like a benevolent ruler.

Minions. Feeding his minions, like an evil ruler.


I love how the cat first moves the food AWAY from the edge

The dog that got the treat calmly moved when it knew the treat would fall

I was watching that too, thought that dog read the cat like a book

Cat avoids being ripped to shreds using new biscuit currency


man are cats smart and sneaky.. only thing my dog can do is "derp" and be hyper

Is this not a common thing amongst people who own dogs and cats?

Like I used to put my Jerky up on the counter but nah the cat gets up there knocks it down dog rips up the bag and I wake up to not having Jerky and smelly dog farts.

I love posts like this!

13 points·5 days ago(3 children)

It might be an RES function, but if a user bothers me, I hover over their username, and click "ignore". It makes my life happier. RES is a good browser extension, I would suggest it if he really angers you and you don't want to see his posts.

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How to give a cat a god complex

Cat the first, Ruler of wolves. First of his name.

Does anyone else wish vids like these were longer so you know if every dog got one?

It's good to have friends in high places

3 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

“I am your master now”

cat be like: "I AM A GENEROUS GOD"

You know those bridges where you can buy a handful of fish food? And then you drop one little piece in and the fish SWARM. This feels like the cat is feeding the fish.

The cat is toying with them


Certified street cat. Respect ✊

I guess Cats rule, dogs drool. Damn.

Omg I need a house full of huskies! Lol

Cat: Here, take this peasant

So many reasons to smile

Cat: “peasants”

Doggos: umm... we're not allowed up there... Car: Does it look like i give a shit?

It's Maggie Simpson distributing the forbidden pacifiers at the daycare center!

With huskies that could have ended in a bloodbath.

If that were my husky he would’ve eaten that cat... twice

I like how the big dog planned that out. All the little guys were so focused on the treat itself and on each other, meanwhile the big guy is just like: Okay, where's it gonna land. Probably about there.. and strolls over and takes it before any of them had a chance.

Nah that cat is just being a cat and pushing shit off of high surfaces

Stalin feeding the leningrad surviors with great amount of food -1943 soviet onion

Combining the cat's favourite thing (knocking stuff off the counter) with the dogs' (food).

I like that the biggest doggo gets the spoils.

that doggie was on the ball. knew exactly where it was going to land and yoinked it with such executive precision.

A cat using its powers of knocking things off counters for good!? Its not the pussy we deserve, it the pussy we need

"There's something up here that I can knock onto the floor... but doing so will benefit a bunch of dogs. Decisions, decisions..."

I am a merciful god


Catto is now God. Respected by all dogs

Wrong. Cat is feeding the predators so they leave her alone to do cat things


Cutest thing ever!!!! I'm not a cat person but they are definitely skillful!!!

Everyone doing what they love

Five huskies? Must be so much drama!

Are those all huskies or are some of them Alaskan malamutes?

I love that look right at the end before the loop: "Let's see what else is in here."

This is a perfect scenario. Cat gets to knock things down, and the dogs get food.

My dog, a cavalier king charles spaniel, did this, helping out her labrador friend. It was new years eve, turkey dinner. This wasn't the american kind where we had the whole freaking bird on the table, we had brought the meat we thought we'd eat to the table, the rest was in the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, however, we discovered that the lab had pushed a chair to the kitchen counter (we assume it was the lab, as the chair was a bit heavy for a cavalier), our cavalier had then climbed up the chair to the counter and gorged herself on turkey whilst shovelling heaps down to the lab.

Bad doggos. But smart doggos are good doggos, so evens out.

So many huskers

I can imagine them peer pressuring a cat into doing it, "Go on Rupert, don't be a pussy!" Pun intendes

“I am ur god now”

Big guy knows what he’s doing

so magnanimous. a bird will pick up a piece and drop it over the side, a cat still gingerly baps it around and nonchalantly knocks it over the side for the peasants to eat, if they so choose, who thinks on what goes on in a peasants mind.

Look at how smart the big dog is. He was in the back and right before it falls he moved to a more prime spot to catch the treat, then snuck it away from the closer dogs last second

Aww I wannabes steal all the them

2 points·5 days ago

“Yes bow down before your new master. Clean up after I knock shit off the counter.”

"Dance peasant! Dance!" -That cat probably

Strange! The cat is helping its dog friend🖖🖖

Here peasants eat this

A cat we had back when I was in middle school, Mittens, would do this. Though, it was done to keep the dog quiet while he got into food or whatever himself. The dog would bark any time he was on the counter, so the cat started bribing the dog.

That older husky has got this game all figured out.

Dance puppets, dance

Cat : "I am a generous god"

I bet that house smells like flowers and in no way like dog and cat shit.

2 points·4 days ago·edited 2 days ago

This is how he keeps the peace when outnumbered 1-5.

2 points·4 days ago

Cats enjoy power

This is great

"Do not become addicted to water, it will take hold of you and you will resent its absence."
-Immortan Joe Tom

Like a pack of sharks surrounding a fisherman with fishbait

Snacks for everyone!

The others want one now!

Cat gets to knock things off counter, dogs get to eat treats, everybody wins!

Ha the cat bats in away from them first as a tease. Cute.

I like the one just laying on the ground.

Now bow to me motherfuckers!

Friend helping friends

Cat: "heh yesss, have a treat you feeble minds"

I like how it's only a single treat so the dogs now know who's in charge.

Love how the older looking dog backs off and knows where to look gaining him the treat

Dog looking under the cabinets has no clue what is going down

My cats do this with the dogs. I have to hide everything!

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