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I then added croutons to really set the dish off.

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The logical next topping. Came here to say “where’s the croutons”. Glad you incorporated them

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Croutons are basically drunk salt.

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That's a thing of beauty my friend.

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Thank you sir, I'm gonna go pass out at 5:17 In the afternoon now. Good day.

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Good night sir, I say GOOD NIGHT.

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I hate when people eat chicken with eggs...it’s like saying hey bitch not only am I eating, I’m eating your offspring too

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It's weird how they're rarely paired together. Ham, sausage, bacon, steak, pork chops and hamburger patties are all common. Chicken, not so much.

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True indeed...I feel hypocritical because I love fried chicken and most fried chicken recipes that I'm aware of call for eggs in the batter...so it's like fuck you bitch...Im going to fry you in your kids and then eat you

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I did put a layer of ham in between so as to not rub it in the chickens face.

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Is this in a 5 star detox?

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"deconstructed" is the word you're looking for. Looks righteous.