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Definitely a very useful skill to have in a combat situation, but what if the enemy is wearing armor that is 15 bricks thick?

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Then we are doomed.

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What kind of nonsense is that? 15 bricks? Impossibruh

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There are already cracks in it

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Switch to a lower difficulty

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Almost definitely fake, but that smile.

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I thought his smile was very cute

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Almost definitely fake smile also.

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It's fake. You can clearly see the break in many of the bricks before he begins.

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Surely not?

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Pre cut weakened bricks for sure

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That stool is very talented.

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science side of reddit please explain

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It's the edge of the table that allows this to happen.

It's the fact that the bricks are hanging over the edge of the table that allows this to happen.

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thanks science side of reddit

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Fakers will say it’s hate

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Just got to dab on them

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The two bricks above the bottom two have a suspicious line on them and they break right on it 🤔🤔🤔

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Frank Dux would have just broken the bottom one.

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Lol, thanks for this comment it really made me laugh. Now it’s time to watch blood sport

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Not dim mak

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Very good, but brick don’t hit back!!

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It's the edge of the table that allows this to happen.

Notice how the bricks are half off the table.

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Plus pressing down on the other side creating a gap between the bricks

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So.......why do we use bricks for construction?

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Cars don't know karate

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Bricks take compression (things stacked on top) very well. They do not handle tension/shear forces (a guy chopping an unsupported section). You would build walls and columns from brick, but not the floor and ceiling beams.

People are like "this is fake", but it's just disingenuous - subjecting bricks to forces they are weak against. There's probably a pokemans analogy.

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The key is in slightly lifting one side of the brick - you can see how he holds them from the beginning. He hits the bricks right as they fall. You use the same trick whether it's one brick or fourteen.