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Is this the guy from the ad?

“$400 reward if you bring me something I cannot chop”

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Too slow for meta

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Your senses are not that attuned.

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Give him Ishii or Shabata and see what happens.

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Try not to break any bricks on your way to the parking lot.

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37 bricks!?!

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Ha fucking gold

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14 bricks? Light work.

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Are the 3rd and 4th bricks already broken? If you watch carefully they break right where the faint line is.

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Pretty sure most of them are

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They might just be scored: a line was made the whole way around with a Mason's chisel. Once you do that they break pretty easily.

Edit: if you look at the cleanliness of the line you can tell which ones were scored and which ones weren't. Down near the bottom there are a few in a row which were clearly scored because the line at which they break is very clean and straight. Compare that to the bricks at the very top where the break is pretty jagged.

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I think this is based on the same principle as hand crushing a stone or a coconut on something flat.
You need to lift it up a mm or two from the ground.

Look at how the top two bricks are lifted up slightly. Nonetheless it is impressive. but there is a technique to it.

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Of all the gifs that need slow mo at the point of action, this is it. Any one want to help a technical illiterate out?

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Well I’ll make sure to use this one my opponent is leaning precariously on a ledge with 13 other opponents laying beneath him.

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You make it sound like getting into fights is a common occurrence to begin with.

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Yeah man, martial arts sparing and the like.

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"Very good. But brick not hit back."

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Came to post this but was beaten to it.

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weird how they miraculously split down the already existing line in all the bricks :O

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Ya no, they're normal bricks. See how he tilted the stack? He only needs to break the top one and it hitting the next will break that one and so on like dominos.

But hey, nothing ever happens right?

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They’ve already been scored so they break with a little tap, kind of like a tile cutter scores the tile and then it snaps where it was scored.

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If you look at the third and fourth bricks from the bottom you can clearly see there's already a crack down the middle and this is exactly where they break.... Open your eyes

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lol they’re already broken, though.

Look at the bottom of the stack, there are clear splits in two of the bricks more noticeable than the others.

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I think they break from bottom to top. Because where is the room to sever the brick above in half if there is a flat brick below?

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made in china

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“We also have a karate chop. Ours is much bigger”

EDT: #Merica

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In america we have pork chops instead

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Can we get the slo-mo guys to record this?

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I always thought I'd have to try and break bricks some day. Pretty sure it was because of that Chuck Norris movie with the kid with athsma or something. Sidekicks??

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Chuck Norris? Chuck Norris? He doesn't compete anymore because of me! I would kick...his...ass. Kick his ass!


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Ahhh nice!! The full movie is right there as next video. Bout to watch it. Lol

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Time to take a trip to memory lane

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Lol totally forgot Winnie Cooper is in this

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...no, bottom one.

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his reaction at the end is so casual


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Where he snaps to attention for like half a second

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What a smile. Cute and dangerous as fuck

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Wish we could get that in super slow-mo.

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Can't do that.

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Dudes got sick boilology.

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Measure twice. Chop once.

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Love how happy he looks before and after said chopping

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he must've went to www.whatichopped.com

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Is that you Mr.Satan (Hercule for those who watch English dubs)

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It's like the phone book trick. Notice how there's some space between the bricks, especially at the top.

It's still pretty impressive considering he's breaking bricks with his bare hands.

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I can see several cracked bricks from the side. Probably all cracked

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Kumate, kumate!

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HALT! Bottom one

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This is why we can’t go to war with them

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This guy sucks at Jenga.

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Wonder if he tried with 15 first?

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Man the CCP is getting lazy with their propaganda

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3rd and 4th from the bottom have a very visible line right where they split. I call BS.

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Pretty sure that is made in china

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Contagious smiles

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Leverage and impact. Notice how hes holding the top few.

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the lil peace sign at the end is so cute

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r/civilengineering easy way to make half bat bricks

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Chinese military

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Not buying it buddy.

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The technique is to have space between them. They probably put pennies

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Dude, you single? lol

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The 4th birck has a a crack which can be seen !!! Haa caught ya asshole !!!

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Can anyone explain this science to me?

How does force move like that?

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Scored bricks + leverage on the edge + fanning the bricks out. You break the top one and the rest easily break along the score line

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its fake. the bricks are scored.

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There must he a trick or something...

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The first smartass who replies ''practice'' has to pat that man some working gloves

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I do this every morning. Good to see it's catching up. ._.

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The first 2 look like there’s space to break them more easily. I wonder if that then allowed for enough momentum to break the rest? Like it’s maybe more of a magic trick than a feat of strength

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Doesn't count. These are chinese bricks. Shittty quality.

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There is no way this isn’t at least somewhat staged. This might be the shittiest form for breaking bricks I have ever seen.

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Bricks made in China