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Puss Caterpillar....

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This guy isn't trying to make a joke.

This caterpillar is a Puss Caterpillar which turns into a southern flannel moth.

Its the most venomous caterpillar in the US.


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I can't believe I read that whole thing on a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for that interesting read.

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Does the poison kill humans? How would u get poisoned?

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Venomous, not poisonous.

If it touches you, you'll be stung by the spines in the fur.

And while not lethal in normal dosages, it hurts like a motherfucker. Reports are that the sting is about as bad as a bee sting. While that may be true on a sting per sting basis, you'll be stung dozens if not hundreds of times by the little fuckers.

I had one fall off of an oak tree and crawl around on me for a few seconds. The stings were bad enough that they left a scar that was visible for a few years.

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I had one land on my backpack last fall. Felt so lucky when I found it before it got to my skin

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Why do these things seem to like to fall off of trees onto people? They seem like real A-holes lol

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They would normally drop onto other mammals, for transportation.

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Surely they don't travel far if they're immediately stinging the animals they land on.

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Most animals have a layer of fur that protects their bare skin.

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The stingers aren't like that of a bee or wasp. They're very hair like so it would take a while for a furry mammal to notice it.

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Like an Australian drop bear.

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Drop pillars...

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I was suddenly reminded of this https://youtu.be/of0H5tX-gHw

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There is a similarly venomous species in florida that likes to hide underneath the leaves of certain bushes.

I once had the unfortunate experience of reaching into one of said bushes to turn on a hose and ended up brushing against several dozen all the way from my fingers to my elbow.

Needless to say I thiught my arm was going to catch fire and explode for several hours.

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Great to know they are as fucking terrifying as they look. Thanks for the new phobia.

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I had a very painful encounter with the puss caterpillar in Florida a few years ago. I was clearing out some brush and trimming some trees for my mom, and the next thing I know, my knee is is pain. Like a LOT of pain! I thought I twisted my knee or pulled a ligament or something. The pain was deep and penetrating. I eventually saw this furry little "thing" on the ground. I never had seen anything like it, but i put two and two together and used pliers to put it in cup, added some alcohol to try and kill in case I needed it. Meanwhile I could barely walk on my leg. My knee hurt bad. Only a few years later did I figure out what the brown little furry thing was. I figured it was a caterpillar, but wow!

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Would urine be an effective treatment?

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Sorry, Bear Grylls would probably have troubles dealing with those guys.

The recommended first aid is actually scotch tape. The stingers can break off in your skin and keep it irritated. The tape will help pull out the stingers.

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Damn. That things just begging to be picked up too!

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Do the moths also sting?

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I kinda want to pet it. Thanks for your warning :(

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By having a violent reaction from eating it.

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You cant get poisoned by just touching it then?

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In english, there is a difference between poison and venom.

Poison is applied by digestion. Venom is typically applied by blood stream injection (via sting, fangs etc.).

Therefore, if you ask if something is poisonous, you imply you only might get sick from eating it.

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So you’re saying I can drink venom and be okay?

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Yes you can ingest venom... There is actually a rattlesnake venom shot mixed with vodka. You just have to make sure you have no ulcers or anything that could let the venom into your blood stream.

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But if you have a cut in your mouth, then you dead?

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Very likely, yes (unless the amount of venom in the drink was incredibly small).

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Probably not from rattlesnake venom at least. It's mostly hemotoxic and it's not being injected into the bloodstream, just exposed to an open wound. I'd think you'd likely get ulceration and pain at the cut site.

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Correct. Unless said Anti-venom is on hand...

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Only one way to find out

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This is a bit of a parlor trick, I've seen YouTube videos of guys (probably in India) drinking Cobra venom as a form of spectacle.

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Generally, venom will be broken down by your digestive system.

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Is Poison Oak poisonous?

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Not just eating it. Poisonous plants will absorb through your skin of you get their poison (urushiol in poison ivy) on your skin and do not get it off quickly. It's generally several times worse if you eat it. Inhaling burning poison ivy can be a death sentence as that same rash and swelling is happening in your lungs and throat.

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Was stung by one recently and did not die!

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Sweeet cheers to living

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I was expecting him to either grab it, or put it on his leg or something.

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I read that initially a the most Vermont-ous caterpillar and after the flannel moth bit that seemed perfectly logical to me

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I’m pretty sure it evolves into charizard

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I'm allergic to normal caterpillars, this thing might just kill me

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Burn the place down!!!

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I was stung by one of these killerpillars like 18 months ago and I still have the scar.

These things are cute and cuddly but will fuck your shit up and you will hurt more than you ever have.

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Be careful!

He may look like he belongs on Trump’s head, but if you touch him, you will feel the Fire and Fury!

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Looks like it would catch fire pretty easily. So that’s good

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Yep, though it's pronounced like you're calling it a pussy cat, not puss from a wound, thanks to its fur.

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It looks alot like that Knuckles drawing we keep seeing everywhere. Can someone edit this?? loll

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One of these stung or bit me, whatever these things do, when I was about 10. It was on the top of a fence post and I rested my arm on it, unknowingly. It didn't really hurt too much when it happened, but my whole arm burned the rest of the day. It was worse then a bee sting because it was constant pain all day. My parents called the nurse line and they said it wasn't too big a deal, and to ice it and take Benadryl. The pain went away by the next day. I've never seen another one of these since, but always wondered what they were. TIL a puss caterpillar was the evil critter from my childhood.

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Exactly. In 1955 I was 12, and one of those things brushed against my arm as I clipped a hedge. That night was as painful as I have endured during a long (so far) life. The pain was concentrated in my arm pit, I suppose because of the lymph gland there. Stay away from these critters.

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puss caterpillar maybe?

If so, it's incredibly venomous.

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It’s that little guy in the Labyrinth that told Sara not to go that way.

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"If she had kept going down that way, she would've gone straight to the castle!"

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Come inside meet the missus

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Did you just say hello?

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The kind you don't fuckin touch.

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This gif needs a banana! Seriously, is this like “normal” caterpillar size? Because it looks gigantic and it’s making me uncomfortable.

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Yeah wtf, I googled puss caterpillar and they all look tiny like normal caterpillars but this motherfucker looks like the size of a small dog.

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I think your dog has autism

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No, this is clearly a red panda in its larval stage

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Ugh I rewatched the gif looking for a dog in the background lol

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You need to look harder

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Looks fine to me

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Definitely not from the Hoen region

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It's a pussy caterpillar

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goddamn autocorrect..

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Dirty Dirty boy

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/u/suprstar1072 is a cat groomer

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How can you tell

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I believe it's a puss caterpillar, whose hairs are venomous and extremely painful. It eventually becomes a flannel moth.

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Calling Coyote Peterson...

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That my friend is a Pokémon

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Oh... y'all got real serious here - I was going to say it's a caterpillar with a great fucking stylist but wtf - it's poison.

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It's called a NOPE

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That's a caterpillar.. that you burn with fire. Alien looking thing.

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It's a yeerk

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Looks like a lion fish

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I watched about one minute of it. No fun was spoiled.

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I stopped watching up the point where he implied that Birkenstocks and socks isn’t a good combo. Totally unreliable

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It's dart from stranger things

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A bee sting is mild compared to these things! Pain can last for days, and yes they will leave a scar on you

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Poisonous probably hahabab

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Kill it with fire

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OP do me a favour please and kill that fucking thing

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Looks like Jim Henson created this.

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I Believe It's A Tribble

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It's a Spice Emperor from Dune.

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[Hagrid:] "You're a Hairy .. Caterpillar!"

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He is the Lorax and he speaks for the trees, and he'd like to say a few words if you please.

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First thought “it’s so cute I want to pet it “ Reads comments “k no “

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Presidentus Hairpiecus

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Not sure if from hell or from the deepest depths of the ocean

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Pokemon GO gen4 is already here.

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Don’t know... looks poisonous as fuck

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It's a puss caterpillar and they're venomous.

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Oh yeah, yup. That’s a demodog.

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Who else wants to stomp the shit out of it?

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Skip to 46 seconds.

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Sorry too much work, next time post a link with timestamp. /s

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I don't know how to do that on a phone.

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I'll forgive you, and I clicked it and watched the whole thing cause Rick and Morty...

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tbh I thought it was a flat fox...?

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idk but it looks super cute and I want to pet it

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If you pet it it will burn your hand off

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Its a wookiepillar

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Lick it

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Where the fuck do you live?

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A huge asp. Poisonous but so cuddly. Worth it.

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Kind u don’t mess with.

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That looks massive for some reason

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Baby Demogorgon

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Idk pls napalm it

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I put my leg on one of these while I was under my car. They hurt, but no worse than a bee or a wasp. I didn't even realize what it was that was stinging me - I figured I had a sharp rock under my leg. It got me twice and left marks the looked like someone branded me with a 3x2 Lego piece.

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A guild navigator

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Baby demagorgan

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I never felt so fascinated yet disgusted at the same time. That is one bad pillar.

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No touchy!!!!

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First time seeing something like that. It looks like bear mated with a caterpillar and that thing was created

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What level of Sayan is that?

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Looks like a Pokemon

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That's the cousin IT.

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Looks like fcking Mufasa

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If you don't have one, once you catch it your pokédex will show you some information on it.

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It’s a Yeerk from Animorphs

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I would touch it, poisonous or not!

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This is vegata and napa combined into caterpillar form.

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Did you put it out of it’s misery to prevent yours?

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It's a tortoise in a shell.

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You can’t convince me that’s not a Pokémon.

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I think that’s a sea bear

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That's a Thundercat, my friend.

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Growing up I was always told “the more beautiful it is the more you need to stay away from it.” I have no clue what that is but something tells me, don’t touch it!

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Um that's a seabear.

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Who looks at that and thinks Caterpillar? This thing has a dogs face. And like 50 feet. I'm scared.

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My buddy is a combat vet who was shot 3 times and he said the pain from this stinging his back was far worse

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A horrifying one.

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Looks like a sandwiched lion.

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Ed Sheeranapillar

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This is a tortoise.

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Touch it and find out.

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A fucking big one.

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That's a land koi.

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Trump's hairdo has escaped, it seems.

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The best kind

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Ewok caterpillar.

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I think you just discovered a pokemon

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This is Trumps hair running away from his ass

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Trumpus donaldus extremely toxic and racist.

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It's a baby dragon

[–]Max_Ram_CPU -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

Looks like Donald Trumps hair is leaving him too

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It’s not a caterpillar it’s Donald trumps hair escaping

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That’s a flying bison

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Looks like a chewbacca..

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Caterpillars can be so fucking weird.

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one you don't touch

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Wiley caterpillar

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In Texas we call them Asps, which is not correct. It’s more like calling Cola and Coke I guess. More of a generic thing. Like everyone has said they have quite the sting. They turn into the southern flannel moth.

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idk y but i have this urge to crush it with a medium sized rock and see it struugle and die in pain

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Ginger mohawkapillar

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Corgie pillar.