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I love how the games and controllers are just randomly thrown in there.

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The painstakingly strategic placement to give the appearance of being randomly placed was a success!

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Should have had an odd number of games in the top layer for extra random effect

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"We focus-tested this design and it has the ideal consumer level of messiness"

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You joke about it, but it's probably the truth.

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I know you're right, but it's not as fun to read as the sarcastic comment.

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It's a lootbox!

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When she opens it she only has a1.7% chance of finding the ps4 she needs.

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Kill it with fire!

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Same size as an XBOX360 init?

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Its painful to see.

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Yo dawg!

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I heard you like PS4

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Now I want to see a box that contains an Xbox One X Box which contains an Xbox One X.

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With an Xbox one inside that One X

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Gotta love those yard sales

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I heard you like lootboxes....

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great way to overheat your console.

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I can't imagine anyone would actually play the system while leaving it in a box like that. But there was a giant hole on the back for plugs...

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With some slight mods it would work. You can get a few 120mm fans and mount them on the back. Just use a MOLEX to USB adapter and plug it into the system. Then every time you start it up the fans will kick on and give plenty of airflow.

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I did this. Put my PS4 inside a closed cabinet with 2 100mm fans. Worked like a charm. Cost about $15 tops and took about an hour to install.

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Yeah I did it for my in-laws' entertainment center. Everything in it kept overheating so they had to keep the door open. I just installed a few 120mm fans on the back and it fixed it.

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I'm gonna assume they're in pull configuration but I gotta ask anyway. Is it to pull hot air out, or push cold air in?

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I set mine up to have a neutral internal pressure (one pull, one push), only having to cool a single PS4.

It seemed to work well, but a negative pressure would have worked just as well in my situation.

If there is decent passive ventilation in a other part of the cabinet, setting both to pull hot air out will be perfect. Of course this depends on how much heat is actually being produced

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Got it, thanks! I'll try it for my setup, with the PS4 in an open shelf, maybe I'll give the double pull on it. The PS4 pro dumps a lot of heat lol

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It does! I upgraded to the Pro myself but the fans are still great! Good luck!

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Waiting for the PS4 Pro version of this.....

At least the console noise will be drowned out more.

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About the same size as my original PS3.

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Jesus! Is anyone else mildly infuriated by the fact he has this awesome game box, yet his games and controllers are thrown in it haphazardly?

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I think they're placed intentionally to display the games.

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I'm mildly infuriated that the PS logo on top is orientated the wrong way.

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A PS4 loot box, don't show this to EA it might give them ideas.

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You may or may not get a PS4!

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Isn't that what the Taco Bell boxes become during console launches? Most people get common items like the food and a very small percentage get the video game consoles.

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I won the destiny box but the real win was the quesarito shits I got from the $5 box.

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It's called cleansing.

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Congrats you just got 10 copies of FIFA 15 for $250

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Happy cake day!! Have a good one

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tacky af

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It sure is. Why not also have a fridge that looks like a giant bottle of milk, and make a pantry that looks like a giant box of frosty flakes.

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Do you see people driving cars that look like miniature versions of their houses?

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Well, it'd be more like people driving their car into a garage that looked like a giant version of their car.

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Not pop tarts in a toaster?

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To be fair I think this started because of the sneakerhead community, where a guy was making a giant box of Air Jordans which you could then store all of your Air Jordans in. For someone who collects grails or the like, that's a huge hit and also a neat way to store AND display your sneaks, but it doesn't really translate with the PS4, unless you just had stacks of limited edition consoles laid out in it for display.

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That fridge actually sounds pretty cool though if we're talking classic milk bottle.

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I feel like anyone with a good sense of humor would appreciate all those items.

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Finally, someone says it, as much as I like PS and as neat as it is, I would not want this thing in my house lol.

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It's how I feel about most gaming related decor. Usually looks cool but in reality I'd never want anything like this in my living space.

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exactly remember the giant NES controller Kevin Rose made on Attack of the show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaBbRQa9q4s fucking wicked but no I wouldn't want this to be my coffee table lol

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I didn't see that one. I saw someone make one that was a coffee table but it did not actually function. It was just for looks but its interesting that they actually made it function.

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No game room? You're right about the living room but I'd have loved this in my lair when I was still with my wife.

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I bet she's gone because you un-ironically call it your "lair"

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Everything was perfect except for that. Thank you. Now I know how to adapt for my next wife.

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Ill be your wife bby

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That boy ain't right.

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I might do some framed MGS or Witcher posters in a game room should I have a dedicated room one day.

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What about one of these?

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Some people define themselves far too much by geek stuff, like "I'm a gamer!" or "i'm a star wars nerd!" and then they have to have everything that tells the world what they are. It's why there's so much tacky stuff with star wars shit slapped on it.

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Tell someone at a job interview that your a gamer and you'd be laughed out the building. Despite gaming becoming mainstream its still not an acceptable form of entertainment and labelling yourself a "gamer" just makes you look like a loser.

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Tell me about it. I applied for an extra at UPS and they asked me about gaming. Guy said "my son plays all them games, he's 14". I'm a lot older than that.

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I know, its just another addiction as far as addictions come...

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this is the only thing I might consider making for myself lol and only if I had a giant rm... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaBbRQa9q4s

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Tell me about it! This stuff almost killed Rick and Morty to me. Maybe I just like utilitarian design but in most cases I think a thing should just be a thing. A box should be a box, a table a table etc...

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Yeah like you I enjoyed Rick and Morty season 1 and 2, before it exploded into geek pop culture. All the pickle rick bullshit kinda knocked it out of me.

I also think a thing should be a thing. All the characters in these shows people love wouldn't be caught dead having such gaudy bullshit in their homes.

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It's almost as big as the original X Box.

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The og ps3 was the monster. All three first iterations of the xboxes were all similarly sized actually. The 360 looked smaller because of the concaveness.

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No the PS3 was not bigger than the original Xbox, it was a little smaller.

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Waste of space

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So disappointed that there isn’t a tv on the bottom of the lid.

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It’d have to be a tiny tv though

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Yeah, all the great setup for CoD. MLG much?

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Looks cool and I appreciate the work that went into making it but it does look tacky. It would be better if it looked more like a normal ottoman.

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Such a shooterBro...

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Yeah, I mean I like shooters too but get some variety in there.

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Why? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my PS4, but this thing is tacky as hell and what are you going to do with it when the next gen comes out in a few years? Stick it in the garage/attic with your giant PS1-3 boxes?

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Too bad there isn't a tv in the top. That would be true beauty.

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Hey i got that PlayStation.

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This is a PS4 as Microsoft would build it.

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Box is cool... games inside not so much except GTA V

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We put ps4 in ps4, now you can play on ps4 while you play on ps4.

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That is one ugly box

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Honestly thought one of those things from Dark Souls was gonna get up and eat the man.

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It’s deformed

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Looks like shit with everything scattered in there. Could have been great if it had some better proportions on those logos as well. I don't like it but I give props for the work it would have taken.

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So he made that box to keep The Division and Black Ops 3? Wow

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God dammit. If I ran the world a giant man would then close this little man into a ps4 and turn it on and sit down at his couch to play games

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Beyond the fact that there are randomly thrown in pieces to the bottom drawer...this is just really freaking cool

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call of duty ps4, and alkaline's gun. Wtf.

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Are you going to trade that in for a pro?

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i'd put my masturbation tools in there

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Won't the PS4 overheat?

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I want a PS4 Pro box.

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Get given ps4 gift box....ps5 announced...:(

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Nice.... I was thinking of getting one to store my ps4 in.

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There isn't enough ventilation on the right side of the PS4. Guaranteed over-heating issues.

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This needs an Xbox inside. /r/firstworldanarchists

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No! No! No! This guy is an instagrammer who posts about games in the UAE. He buys literally every game that comes out but he never finish the games! Never ! Also he bout 6 copies of uncharted for some reason which are all the editions including the PS4 themed uncharted Instagram: @fssalda

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One thing missing, a screen.

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That's awesome. We have to see some follow up of other storages that look like consoles.

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Looks big, but holds so little. I wouldn't even be able to fit just my games in there.

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I want one

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Won’t the PS4 overheat?

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But does it beep uncontrollably?

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This must cost what the PS4 costs, lol.

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I have to say they did a nice job on it with the shocks and everything to hold the lid open. It could have been far worse and ended up on one of those sites that make fun of it because its so poorly done. At least it looks polished like they took their time making it.

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That is so neat.

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that's the new PS4 ultra slim

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Looks shit.

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needed to be the ps4 pro box

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I means its pretty. Not a lot of space for its size it seems

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That's what she said

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Looks like shit with everything scattered in there. Could have been great if it had some better proportions on those logos as well. I don't like it but I give props for the work it would have taken.

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Honestly, I was expecting a cat inside. Disappointed that there was no cat.

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This is the most Arabic thing I have ever seen.

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Yooooo. I wish

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All it needs is a TV mounted to the lid and some ventilation fans and you have one of the most interesting PS4 setups!

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Dark Souls Edition.

The box eats you.....

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Hah thats pretty cool :)

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How very kitsch

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OMG I want this!!! 😍

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Man that's so cool. I want one

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I want one

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Is there a charger for the controllers as well? Looks neat.

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I'm torn halfway between this is amaze-balls, and whoa it's fugly...

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That's fine and all, but I'd rather have it plugged into my TV than in a retarded box.

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EA gonna get on that...

Fuck EA !Dont forget !

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Does it Jam every other time you try to open it?

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Fake. No one would display the division in such a way.

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I want this in my life

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I want!

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What a pointless box