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Ichiran in Shinjuku

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28 points14 days ago

Dat noodle fold 馃槑

52 points14 days ago

Where鈥檚 the hot sauce thoooooo

23 points14 days ago

He done fucked up

13 points14 days ago

fucked up REAL bad

This is mildly infuriating material.

1 point14 days ago

really? I didn't like the spice, but then again im a pussy vs spice

11 points14 days ago

And the egg?? I just kept ordering eggs. Had like seven eggs. I had the booth walls drawn around me, just ordering extra eggs for a solid forty minutes, and no one could judge me or my eggs

2 points14 days ago

20x spice or bust

Does anyone know what that pattern, the one that looks like a blocky red-gold letter "S", is called? Or if there's even a name for it?

Looks like it's called raimon (闆风磱), or thunder crest.

my fav but yeah wheres sauce :D

But that personal water dispenser tho...

Ah yes, the 25th post of the same photo. Cool!

Ichiran: The Burger King of Ramen

2 points14 days ago

Dying for the day when I visit there....

Ichiran is chain ramen. Its yummy. But god theres so much better out there.

7 points14 days ago

I really liked it due to the experience overall, the ramen booth is pretty sick especially having the water sprout right there.

Definitely love the booth!

3 points14 days ago

Same! love how you can customize it all as well. I get it's not the best ramen out there, but it was such an easy place to get a solid bowl of ramen from, and I love the ramen isolation booths, I was traveling by myself so I really enjoyed that part

2 points14 days ago

Ichiran is the shake shack of ramen, Ippodu is the 5 guys.

Probably explains why I liked Ippudo better.

4 points14 days ago

It鈥檚 still worth experiencing at least once!

Agreed. I lived there for 3 years so I was lucky enough to experience a lot of ramen.

Meh. It's okay, but really overrated

No red sauce?? This is madness!!

1 point13 days ago

Madness?! THIS. IS. SPAARTA!!

Love the booth. Not the ramen.

2 points14 days ago

So glad I鈥檓 not the only one...

1 point14 days ago

What don't you like about ichiran ramen? I loved it. I even asked Japanese locals where their favourite ramen was and tried about 4 different other restaurants but nothing came close to ichiran for me. Maybe its just a matter of taste

We don't hate it, but it's just funny in this sub and real life tourists always think it's the nicest thing ever and the locals think "meh it's just regular ramen".

-1 points14 days ago

I can understand if they love it. Some people love In & Out or 5 Guys. It's all about taste. But, it's like the tourists that go to Cheesecake Factory or Applebee's when they go to the big city on vacation. Maybe you love it, but... man, what a waste of a trip.

Every component felt like it came from a freeze dried packages. The noodles were undercooked and insipid, the meat plain, and the broth unexciting. Compared to something like AFURI (multiple locations), Muteki (Ikebukuro) or god Ramen Jiro, it has nothing to offer. Most Ramrn places in SoCal beat it out. Not a good sign.

3 points14 days ago

Interesting. I like my noodles extra hard so always undercooked, can agree with the plain meat but I thought the broth was amazing, lovely thick consistency and full of flavour with the right amount of spice. Though, I will definitely try your suggestions when I get back to Japan!

2 points13 days ago

undercooked is the correct way to eat Ichiran though, just like pastas are supposed to be eaten al dente

3 points13 days ago

As much as I like to bash on Ichiran, your comment about their ramen noodle doesn't sound right. Sure, "plain" and "unexciting" are both your personal preference so whatever, but you can actually choose the way you want your noodles cooked, and in general for Hakata Style Tonkotsu ramen, which is what Ichiran is, noodles are SUPPOSED to be undercooked aka "barikata" style.

I was at that exact location last week during my honeymoon, the ramen is awesome!!

Hmm something is missing...

I just watched the Strictly Dumpling YouTube episode where Mike goes to one of the locations in Japan. His looked much better. It seemed like richer soup base and a good amount of spice added. This one looks ok, but not to the same level of what I saw in the video.

He has videos for two other places as well. One in Brooklyn(?).

Noodle fold game on point!

Ramen Subreddit. I finally found my favorite Place :P

-3 points14 days ago

but but but it's the most pictured ramen in Japan, it's not real ramen it's the worst. /s

where the a1 steak sauce tho?

The Applebees of ramen.

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