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One of the best ramen I've had in a while (Ichiran Ramen in Shibuya)

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dat fatty broth

That looks super tasty!

Agreed! It looks amazing!

Tip: go to any other location if you want to avoid a line, or which they often have there. There’s an Ichiran almost everywhere, but this one almost always has a line out due to lots of tourists.

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Also avoid the Shinjuku one for the same reason.

Not walking past that one often, so I can’t say. But probably true.

Same for the Ueno one. It's right next to the park, so it's slammed always.

Or just go to one at 4am after clubbing in Shibuya which is the only time locals actually go to eat Ichiran

Or just go to one at 4am after clubbing in Shibuya which is the only time locals actually go to eat Ichiran any kind of ramen


I, too, love me some shime no ramen

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Uh I think you are missing my point. Locals ONLY eat at Ichiran when they are shitfaced with alcohol. They go to plenty of other joints when they want to actually have good ramen without being swarmed by tourists

I would not make such a general blanket statement. I am sure there are enough Japanese who go there, even not-shitfaced and not at 4am. Maybe just not the one in Shibuya or Shinjuku.

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This one time I got amazing ramen and I couldn’t eat it because some dumbass decided that while people are slurping noodles all ugly they should put five people cooking in front of them. Now that sounds cool at first but these cooks don’t do anything because they’re just letting noodles boil and veggies/meat cook so that means they’re behind the bar staring at you trying to talk to you while you’re eating. Like there was literally one foot of distance between me and this one cook. And he stood directly in front of me the whole time. Just staring. I don’t even think I saw him do any cooking! I was also on a date and I felt so bad for the guy because I wasted his money but he completely agreed it was cringe and he originally sat at the bar because he didn’t want to face me while he slurped noodles. It was so fucking disappointing and awkward and these Noodles in the picture look exactly like what I missed out on ): I’m still sad about it!

Wtf that sounds so bizarre. Eating ramen is like sex, its messy and you dont want to be holding a conversation when you do it!

What was this place called?

Ken’s Ramen in Providence. Super amazing ramen, horrible dining set up.


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Ichiran is a bit boring though. So much more in Tokyo than Ichiran lol! But I guess does the job for a craving.

The Applebees of ramen.

Oh man, if you think Ichiran is some of the best ramen, you're in for a big surprise. Ichiran is some of the most 'eh' ramen there! :)

Enjoy Japan!

Can you recommend a better place? I'm headed to Japan soon!

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If you are going to Tokyo, just download the app Ramen Beast and it's got you covered

Well hey that looks like a nifty app! I even like their website. Thanks internet stranger for being so helpful :)

Ooh yeah! Thanks man you awesome.

If you love (extremely) spicy ramen, try Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto (get the Hokkyoku Ramen), and Kikanbou karashibi

I love spicy food! I always have these Neoguri Spicy Seafood noodle packs lying around. Yessss, thank you!

Just a warning those places don't fuck around. When they say spicy they mean spicy

Ahhh! I'll keep that in mind. I like to taste my food but I love a good burn too!

Sure! What parts will you be visiting?

Honestly, I don't even know yet! Once the plane lands in Tokyo I've got 5 days to cram it all in. I've been browsing the travel subs to figure out what to do but there's a lot. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. I'm pretty intrepid so I'm determined to find some delicious ramen!

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/r/japantravel is the sub you wanna visit

So I haven't had a chance to give you my list yet, but will. Been swamped. It's coming!

If you can get there early for a ticket, Tsuta in Sugamo is incredible. One of the few ramen places with a Michelin star, but the cheapest bowl is $11!

How early is early? I'll make note of this! A bowl of ramen here in Canada is about $10 USD or more (!) anyway so it wouldn't be that much of a shock!

I got there around 7AM, but there was no line and I was able to choose any time I wanted for the meal. You pay a 1000 円 deposit when you get your first meal ticket, but its given back when you come back for your meal. There’s still a small wait when you come back for your meal, but it’s worth it. That broth is sublime.

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Yup, a kikurage mushroom in particular I believe and super delicious (according to google we call it a wood ear in English)

That looks so good

Hey I was there not too long ago. There's a restaurant just called RAMEN not too far from you that in my opinion was just as good!

Ughhh seeing this makes me homesick for Japan, despite having been there only once.

Ichiran & Afuri had the best ramen imo

Sure, the chains are the best. Just like McDonald's and Burger King had the best burgers.

Ichiran is consistently one of the best tonk ramens I ever have. Nothing is as satisfying when I'm craving it like damn. They need to open up some shops overseas.

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They already did

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How do you eat the sheet of algae

  1. Put sheet of algae inside mouth. Preferably using utensils.

  2. Chew.

  3. Swallow.

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thanks !

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