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Andreas Antonopoulos to be on the Joe Rogan Podcast soon

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redditor for 3 months65 points·1 month ago

Andreas on JRE in 2014 is what got me into Bitcoin. It changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I can't thank those dudes enough.

Same here. First heard about Bitcoin from Andreas on JRE and been all over it ever since

redditor for 7 weeks14 points·1 month ago


Same :) that ep changed my life.

redditor for 3 months2 points·1 month ago

Same, but in 2016.

Nice. I hope Rogan has learned something in the meantime and won't bring up the same old stuff

Jamie pull that up

Wouldn't it be weird if

you gotta bring that mic up, just pull that sucker right up to your face


A Coyote Killed my Chicken 2 weeks ago.

Nope he is going backwards.

Remember Roger was begging to go on there a few months back, he claimed Andreas has had enough turns on Rogan and it's now his turn, if Roger the scammer ever goes on Rogan I'll never watch Rogan again.

I'm sure they screen their potential guests by watching YouTube clips of previous interviews they've done.

All of Roger's interviews/debates on YouTube demonstrate that he's an unpleasant person to interview or debate because he goes on long, angry rants where he repeats the same points over and over again, and he always interjects when others are talking ... to repeat those same points over and over again.

He's very one sided, seeing no scope for debate, and confrontational, and has no concept of what normal people would call a "civil discussion". His whole personality is repressed rage.

Putting up with 2+ hours of that would be horrible to listen/watch, and Joe's team would know it.

"I said it's Bitcoin cash not bcash!"

Hey man I was just asking if you've ever tried elk meat before.

That would be rough.... I really like Joe Rogan, but he is the kind of guy too who is very open minded, not at all technically inclined, and maybe a bit gullible. He'd be the perfect target for Roger Ver's disinformation campaign.

Joe likes having other voices on. It'd be okay, he usually checks people and can dig into what the person is really about.

Joe, while ignorant about a lot of tech stuff actually has a geeky background. He built he own PCs, played Quake religiously and actually had a ridiculously expensive T1 line installed to his house back in the day just so he could play Quake with minimal latency.

I understand that but, that doesn't make him a technical person. In fact that puts him into the kinda sorta a little bit technical camp... similar to Roger Ver... Which might be the whole problem in the first place.

Joe would pick up on Rogers desperation and be turned off I'd guess. chances are he's been approached by Roger already and said no.

Shit, they would both already wearing headphones. Joe could have fact checkers in his cans helping him to point out the silliness of vers arguments.

I enjoy Rogan's podcast occasionally. But sometimes he goes from being open to being an apologist.

An example is when his fucking idiot of a friend Eddie Bravo came on and Rogan decides to have a try at getting Bravo to stop being a flat earther. He can't make a good point and it was frustrating to watch.

In this particular instance, Rogan is trying to appeal to Bravo's emotions because he has nothing else in his arsenal, which is not how you discuss technical or science based topics. Bravo's talking about the north star being magnetic north and how that somehow means the earth has to be flat. Of course, anyone with a goddamn high school diploma could have told him that the poles are magnetic because of molten iron from the rotating body of a globe.

Instead of actually preparing for a subject he doesn't understand by doing some basic reading, Rogan instead fails to convince his crazy ass friend that pictures of the planet taken by satellites are real and just gives up and probably says some shit like "Whatever, I still love you, Eddie."

I think his stance on Alex Jones is pretty much the exact same. Jones is not some insane person because they're friends, and all of Rogan's friends are "free thinkers."

You're right, he should make his friends looks stupid live online to 2 Million People instead. That would really help him out. They are his friends, he doesn't have to agree with everything they say, nor try to tear them to shreds when they differ. I think the listeners "Should" be smart enough to read between the lines. He's been friends with Eddie for years, his goal isn't to humiliate him or his other friends.

I didn't say he should make Eddie look stupid. I said he shouldn't be talking about a subject he himself doesn't understand, which in turn made them both look stupid. He could have kept that entire podcast to talking about jujitsu and it would have been fine.

redditor for 0 hours2 points·1 month ago

Regarding Alex Jones, Rogan has said stuff along the lines of “He’s a really nice guy. Totally nuts, but a nice guy.” He’s not exactly letting him off the hook.

Remember Roger was begging to go on there a few months back, he claimed Andreas has had enough turns on Rogan and it's now his turn, if Roger the scammer ever goes on Rogan I'll never watch Rogan again.

I think it could be epicly good. If Rogan prepared himself witht he facts about the stuff ver literally always uses for arguments for bcash, he could mop the floor with ver.

One of the biggest pluses about Rogan is that he is not afraid to contradict people sometimes.

I would however, be concerned that Rogan might be threatened into going along with vers bullshit. There is enough evidence that Rogan has altered his stance and/or what he is willing to discuss based on what would logically be things he might get threatened over. It could happen, and make no mistake, we are in the middle of a war right now with a multi trillion dollar industry. They have and will stop at nothing to preserve the status quo.

Learning to recognize their tactics is a powerful tool for us.

How about if he had them both on the same show. That'd be fun.

Andreas would eat Roger alive, someone would call both the police and an ambulance, them two debating would be beyond manslaughter.

I disagree, as far as I can tell AA is very hands off with the Bcash/Bitcoin debate...I’m pretty sure he’s blocked me on twitter for calling it Bcash on one of his tweets. I’m not sure his stance but I think he’s trying to remain neutral, I don’t think he’d do it.

Can we hear something intelligent? And Interesting

Hay Jamie... Pull That up

Yea. More Bitcoin and psylocybin plz.

Joe "things I say get put in quote marks" Rogan

redditor for 3 months12 points·1 month ago

Thank you Satoshi, this will be the most viewed podcast yet.


Like "thank god" I use "praise satoshi" and "thank satoshi" his done more for me than any fictional god.

There are already people using his words for their own gain just like in a Religion.

There are those smart enough to ignore it.

Comment deleted1 month ago


redditor for 3 months3 points·1 month ago

There's the Satoshi we don't know, which I'm pretty sure is actually Szabo and then there's the Satoshi we know. For a lot of people, that's Andreas.

Well, he's the main reason we're all here, I guess :)

redditor for 2 weeks4 points·1 month ago

Looking forward to this. Casual fan of the JRE - Hopefully it can be an interesting convo.

All the previous ones were. I expect this to be no different. Especially with recent events.

I'm pretty hyped for Marques too.

Wondering what he could possibly talk about... tech products? I get he’s a big YouTuber but I don’t really see the connection with JRE here lol

hope he explains the whole Bcash social engineering attack

redditor for 3 months9 points·1 month ago

I'd rather he not even mention trash

Joe: Ohhh I see. So Roger Ver is kinda like the Carlos Mencia of Bitcoin, stealing other people's hard work and lying out of his asshole. Do you think we could get him to try mushrooms?

Have you ever heard AA talk bad about Bcash? Serious question.

he does tend to avoid the topic iirc

redditor for 6 weeks3 points·1 month ago

This is awesome. Joe has a great podcast with a wide audience. Just really good for overall publicity.

Lil b! I'm excited for the based god .

Yay. Hope its soon


The JRE podcast is the #1 reason I found/learned/invested in crypto a couple years ago.

Any link?

To the Joe Rogan Podcast? It's like everywhere, usually at the top. Try Powerful JRE on Youtube if you want to watch, which can be better because he often plays clips. Andreas has been on multiple times, they are all on Youtube. Oh yeah, link :-)

Egyptian Science Dude, to MMA Fighter (Mostly), to a Wrapper, to Astrophysicist to Real Bitcoin Jesus, to a Brownie or whatever. But yeah, this is why his Podcast is the best. It has something for everyone. Yet he somehow finds a way to sneak in the same stories into every podcast regardless of the context or guest. That takes talent.

Please dispell the myth about Ver and BCH. What a pathetic boil on the face of Bitcoin. Can't wait for BCH to die.

redditor for 3 months2 points·1 month ago

Lil B based God and Andreas Antonopoulos on the same show. My life is now complete...

If they form a band ‘Lil BTC’... I’ll eat my own dick

redditor for 2 weeks2 points·1 month ago

Thanks to Satoshi, think it will be most viewed podcast for crypto.

Fuck yes, two of my favourite people too listen to!

redditor for 3 months1 point·1 month ago

Atleast he isn't after Lil B the based god- hard act to follow.

Looking forward for some ETH shilling.

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