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HMF I'm climbing this tree.

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Someone needs to source the video, the sound makes it hilarious.


He totally knew that dead branch was gonna break; it doesn’t make it less funny though.

My recommendations for that video had some psycho family goes hunting and some other psycho family videos, they had millions of views, 3.5 mil subs, were terrible actors holy shit, who watches that?

I got a recommended video of a guy making a spear and catching catfish... I'm intrigued about the psycho family now

The poor unsuspecting tree ...

No kidding... a chainsaw would have been a whole lot cleaner.

But why the fuck is there a rifle in the tree in the first place?

because there's a piggly wiggly up there

Who has the longer version? Its way better

He must not live in the Pacific northwest

Tree: Oh No you aren't!

Some say he’s still not exercising to this day.

10/10 choice of footwear

Jorts and Crocs.
Jorts and Crocs.
Comfy, tree climb, belly flops.

This works well with “Cups and Cakes” by Spinal Tap

Amateur. We professionals know that almost ANY branch can hold you, you just have to grab right near the base

That might be true, but it would also help if you weren’t overweight and trying to hold onto a weak branch

I could climb almost any tree, even when I was 170 lbs.

That’s good. I’m sure your climbing skills is a better than his guy haha

2 points·3 months ago

If one could condense the story of my life into one single gif, this would be it.

Literally this whole sub in a nutshell

Paul Walter! I was close with his older sister in high school! Dude worshipped at the feet of Chris Farley. He recently had a very positively received role in I, Tonya. Loved that kid, glad he's doing well!

I love how cartoonish this is, I swear you can see him levitate in the air for a split second like Wile E. Fucking Coyote.

Haha, it’s Piggly Wiggly. Funny every time.

The tree represents life and the branch, opportunity. The child, however, is the embodiment of every unless skill I have.

Salute Your Shorts nostalgia

Well, at least now he has a stick to put that rag on so he can wash himself.

Looks like he's had a lot of fries tho

Again. Large folks never quite comprehend the Physics of their particular situation. I'll never understand ...

Is that Chris Farley?

Funny you say that, I knew him (well, his sister more). He was the biggest Farley stan I've met to this day.

I've been there buddy.

When the zombie uprising finally happend, Johnny wished he had paid more attention in P.E.

Older than the internet itself.

lets look on the bright side guys. he's a kid...outside...trying to climb a tree. that's a success these days when other kids are neck deep in their phones.

Comment deleted3 months ago(2 children)

This sub is all big fat ppl doing stupid shit... I love it

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