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Haha every time. Oh shit did I smoke all that sheeeet

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hell yeah i must have blinked

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Why didnt you finish em?

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Damn doesn't it get crunchy when it sits so long?

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Don’t worry he’s not eating them.

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Not in a vacuum container

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Christmas 2012?

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No hate but i don't like thoses kind of paper the ocb hemp paper are sooo smooth

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are they flavorless or whatsup lol

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i don't like because they're flavored like "shitstrawberry shitpeach shitmint" and the ocb hemp hahve no flavor they're just made with hemp no flavor added and i don't shill loool

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Did someone gift you 100 pre rolls for Christmas ?

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probably the other copious amounts of weed and wax im in the works of killing lol