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Posted bySK Gaming Fan1 month ago
Fluff | Esports

When i finally meet the godfather

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Natus Vincere Fan61 points·1 month ago

Papa WalleN <3

G2 Esports Fan162 points·1 month ago

Flycomes going to SK confirmed ?

SK Gaming Fan65 points·1 month ago
SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster13 points·1 month ago

Ahah forgot about that for a moment

Virtus.Pro Fan8 points·1 month ago
SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster21 points·1 month ago

Done deal already !


Brigadier General14 points·1 month ago

Expected from Flycomes "TwoFaced" Toledo.

Cloud9 Fan84 points·1 month ago

fallen borrowed some of autimatic's stylish jeans.

Renegades Fan11 points·1 month ago

The sneakers do it for me.

i hope you realize those are nmds

G2 Esports Fan12 points·1 month ago

Seems like every CS player has a pair of nmds.

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster7 points·1 month ago

The myth says that if you buy some you become good at the game

People looking at fallens sneakers and all i see is Givenchy! Sick fit man! Also, do you have a manbun?

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

Ahahah Thanks dude appreciate !! Yes i do

Damn bro manbuns are fire

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago
G2 Esports Fan8 points·1 month ago

I got the Japan boost R1. See ya in pro league mate.

Team Liquid Fan2 points·1 month ago

Triple Black Japans are where it's at

Name checks in

G2 Esports Fan1 point·1 month ago

lol i have the same oreos

-6 points·1 month ago(3 children)
8 points·1 month ago

but theyre not u can clearly see the bricks on the sole

I stand corrected.

nmd_r1 glitch camo/oreo (by1911)

Cloud9 Fan4 points·1 month ago

He looks like an undercover dad in a high school

Welcome to the Clutch3 points·1 month ago

i've always thought tim has one of the best taste in clothes lmao

Astralis Fan30 points·1 month ago

Fallen seems like such a stand up guy

AVANGAR Fan20 points·1 month ago

That is just one of the faces of Gabriel "TwoFaced" Toledo

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster10 points·1 month ago

He really is !

-7 points·1 month ago(0 children)
SK Gaming Fan43 points·1 month ago

Bae Fallen with that smile♥

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster13 points·1 month ago

You gotta love the guy !!

Gambit Esports Fan10 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

damn, so good looking!!!

(the "girl" looks fine as well, I guess)

Gambit Esports Fan2 points·1 month ago

damn, had me fooled there. still, papa fallen being hot af.

Not sure if feminine man or manly girl 🤔🤔🤔

Penta Fan103 points·1 month ago

A-are you a boy or a girl?

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster11 points·1 month ago

I'am a guy ahahah, i just got long hair

Titan Fan5 points·1 month ago

What is your rival name?

Pls get that reference

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster3 points·1 month ago

Dude i'am trying my best, but i don't got it ..

Titan Fan8 points·1 month ago

He ask if you are a boy or a girl like professor Oak so I did the next question haha. At least I hope it goes something like this cos I was lazy to double check it

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster4 points·1 month ago

Oh okok, thanks for the explanation

It's a guy

Unless it's a flat chested woman with massive feet

(I really hope it's not the latter now)

It's clearly a girl... Just zoom in mate.

mousesports Fan6 points·1 month ago

i zoomed in and it looks like a guy

Feet the same size as fallens

What looks like an Adams apple (on my phone though so low res)

Square jaw

No boobs

If it is a girl I apologise for being so harsh on them, but that looks like a dude to me

How about the hair and the trimmed eyebrows ? what is life ?

Team Liquid Fan3 points·1 month ago

Well based on what he's wearing, he seems like hes into fashion, so I don't see why it's out of the realm of possibility for a guy to trim his eyebrows

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster5 points·1 month ago

Thanks dude, you said it all !!

Cloud9 Fan4 points·1 month ago

confirmed he's a guy

omg i fuckin hate that stupid ad

Comment deleted1 month ago(0 children)

Attractive either way but holy shit I cannot tell

Natus Vincere Fan6 points·1 month ago

Hi, Mom.

Team EnVyUs Fan6 points·1 month ago

are you a boy or a girl?

Sprout Fan1 point·1 month ago

bro you cant ask that in 2018

Train Veteran8 points·1 month ago

That T shirt costs more than my rent

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan9 points·1 month ago

is fallen a guy or a girl?

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster2 points·1 month ago

He's a god

Hydra3 points·1 month ago

first time here i can't assume gender damn

I dont follow comp CS that much and for a sec I thought that was Voyboy and then I was like why is Voyboy in the CS subreddit lol

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster6 points·1 month ago

Damn Voyboy back in the days

Virtus.Pro Fan18 points·1 month ago

male or female?

Baggage Veteran16 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Budget August Ames Edit: Im sorry. For both of you. Not as insult but my bad taste and inappropriate humor.

Phoenix3 points·1 month ago

Y'all need jesus

Comment deleted1 month ago(1 child)
Baggage Veteran1 point·1 month ago


mousesports Fan3 points·1 month ago

i zoomed in and its clearly a dude

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan3 points·1 month ago

I see your sneaky givenchy tee

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

You got nice vision dude !! Nice

SK Gaming Fan3 points·1 month ago

Y'all gotta love his(FalleN's) smile<3

Expected from Gabriel "TwoLegged" Toledo

Professor Oak: Are you a boy or a girl?

I'm not trying to be mean But like are you a girl or a guy xd? plz dont take it in a wrong way I just cant really tell

Misfits Fan2 points·1 month ago

Any sneaker heads know what shoes fallen has on?

Oreo NMDs

u rite



nmd_r1 glitch camo/oreo (by1911)

I genuinely can't tell if you're male or female lmao

Comment deleted1 month ago(0 children)

Fallenbis bushy for sure

Virtus.Pro Fan1 point·1 month ago

you listen to rock/metal?

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

No not at all, i'am more into US rap


SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Askip! La toxiquerie n'est jamais fini

Cloud9 Fan1 point·1 month ago

I want to say that's a girl ....

SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

You are wrong, try again

Comment deleted1 month ago(1 child)
SK Gaming FanOriginal Poster2 points·1 month ago

Your father


.. and neither of you have a full pair of jeans.

Cloud9 Fan-3 points·1 month ago


-5 points·1 month ago(0 children)
Comment deleted1 month ago(0 children)

SK went from the best jerseys to the most bland. Same with Renegades. They've all gone emo or something.

repping some fire fake givenchy too lmao

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan4 points·1 month ago

How in the world do you even tell if it's fake from a picture like this?

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