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Whenever its a legit challenge play the option is never there, but for some random reason in the middle of a game ill get an automatic challenge. Madden logic for ya.

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On a positive..... those graphics tho

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That's a great tip-toed catch. Madden need to fix the challenge system

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It's absolutely messed up that 2K5 had a better challenge system then current Madden does.

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Yeah they did. They had a lot of options for challenges. I remember you can challenge the pass went forward or backward

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Yep. It was nice that you could actually pick what to challenge. I remember I had a play one time where the guy clearly caught the ball but then stepped out and they didn't call him out. They had the option to challenge the catch or that he stepped out as opposed to Madden would just have you challenge the catch.

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Yeah. You could. Challenge the line of gain Challenge where he stepped out of bounds Challenge forward/backward pass Challenge fumble/Down by contract Challenge INT Challenge completed catch or not

Those are all things unfortunately madden 2k18 doesn’t even allow us to choose.

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It was a beautiful pass over the corner and safety as well, shame it didn’t count though

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You're forgetting that his left foot may have hit some invisible barrier so it didn't touch the ground.

The outcome was predetermined

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That's what I hate, the prescripted shit. The aI basically says if you throw to any of these three receivers, it will be incomplete unless, you throw within a 30 foot radius of this particular cb, it will be a pick. Sometimes it seems the CPU just takes over and goes full FU mode and forces fumbles, gets picks, sacks, etc. For a couple of drives or quarters.

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Dude I don't even like that you have to challenge anything. There shouldn't be any bad calls in a simulation

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IIRC the devs actually did an interview on this. They explained that they code in a random chance for bad calls because bad calls happen in real life.

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Yea that's a dumb reason. Literally no one wants bad calls in real life, why would you purposefully do something that is universaly disliked

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... Because it's a simulation, a game that strives to provide players a sense of realism. Well called games in the NFL are not garunteed, neither is it in Madden. However, OP should have been able to use a challenge. If it still went the wrong way, well that's a possibility in real life.

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They could make Madden a literal 1/1 simulation without omnipresent cameras or time skips but no one actually wants that because those are things that undeniably boost the experience even though they are not realistic. The realism fans want only applies to the actual football gameplay not some referee's occasional brain fart. So wouldn't you agree that we already sacrifice a ton of realism for the sake of having a game that is actually fun to play in the first place? Aren't well called games irl objectively better for everyone involved? Setting aside actual gameplay mechanics, if Madden were to give us well officiated games at all times it wouldn't be hard to argue that it would be a simulation of football in it's purest, most enjoyable, form.

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I agree that it is dumb, but ea is focused on simulating the experience of watching an NFL game. That's why we have goofy cut scenes and bad judgements by the refs.

I hate this aspect of the game.

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If it's in the game.. it works like shit in madden.

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That is realistic though. Refs and challenging plays are shit in actual nfl games lol

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Upon further review his left pinky toe touched a single blade of white grass thus making the catch incomplete. 4th down!

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The Bills literally had the same td catch this year irl against the Pats and its was called back.

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There’s never anything to challenge. That’s been prevalent for the past idk 4-7 years?? Idk why we can’t just get the option to challenge whatever play we want

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Fumbles are a crap shoot always

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The WORST is when you throw a TD but the game registers at the 1 and you can’t challenge but on the stats it goes down as a TD just not the score

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I had so many like this, playing against the computer where they have a foot out they call it a TD, it gets review for possession and the play stands!

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I hate that’s shit. And forget about challenging the spot of the ball, often when I challenge a play the booth will look at something completely different than what I’m challenging. I’ve also never scored a TD that was ruled on the field as not being a TD and had it overturned. I’m not sure the game even knows how to do it.

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I just bought this madden for 17 bucks, first madden I’ve bought since Adrian Peterson on cover, I can honestly say this is the most garbage madden I’ve ever played. You can clearly tell the development team has no knowledge of football.

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Were you playing against the patriots

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I actually was lol, my first round corner burned Butler on this play

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I’d say it’s realistic then

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It's always the best plays that get screwed over by stuff like this.

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Classic madden

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Didn’t have control of the ball.

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That left foot ain’t down pimpin

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Madden NFL play challenges has been limited for years. NFL 2k5 allowed for multiple choices on one play to make a challenge.

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If you used instant replay you can't challenge. Been like that for years.

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Not in 18, you can use instant replay without worrying about the challenge

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I gave up on 18 pretty quick. Hell i started playing 12 again just because it's the last good one imo