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Instead of Bibles, a hotel in Philadelphia has The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence in its rooms. I am fully in favor of implementing this nationwide.

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Start spending the cash, printing them out, and giving them to hotels. Hotels don't put bibles in because they feel morally obligated; they put them in because the Gideons give them to the hotels for free.

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And if they aren't there, people will ask for them.

Edit: I get it you have a hard time grasping that some people would ask for a Bible. It happens. No, I dont know why they didnt just bring their own. It happens, and that literally all I was trying to say.

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And if there's none in the hotel, they won't get one. That said, hotels are in the comfort and hospitality business, not the denying people's religious beliefs business, so it's in their financial best interest to at least keep a few on hand for those who ask for one.

Well yeah.

I was trying to say that I can't imagine ssomeone asking for the declaration of independence.

Right, normally they just steal it.

Hey they at least ask first

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and makes a movie about it

I like to edit them.

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Well, I can't imagine someone asking for the Bible either. But I am not American. You guys are strange in some things. Hehe

Yeah, the people who want one, already have one.

Do the religious people in the US not carry their own bible around? Or do they not carry their own bible around BECAUSE there are copies all over the place?🤔

I have a physical copy for church and an app on my phone if I need to pull up a reference when having a theological conversation with a friend.

Never that I've seen, but the thought of specialized bible bags is quite a funny image.

Canadian here. I have a Bible bag from whenI was younger. It's graffiti-style John 3:16 with spots for highlighters, reading lists, pens, and the bible. I have at least 5 personal Bibles.

I'm not religious any more but they are sentimental. Bible bags are definitely a thing.

I had no idea. Is it... Bible shaped? Is there a standard size or is it just a messenger bag, basically? Because I have the Torah and Talmud and have never thought to carry them around or have multiple copies.

I've been in church all of my life and had a few when I was younger. They are essentially like the zip up notebooks people carry in school and are roughly the size of a Bible. The idea is that it not only protects your Bible, but gives you a convenient way of carrying things you might need with it. The last one I had came with a few pens, a highlighter, a spot to store a legal pad for notes, and some extra bookmarks.

My dad uses one because he preaches often, and likes to carry his Bible home to make notes and highlight sections for his sermons. I no longer carry one because I leave my Bible at home and use my phone app to read elsewhere.

Here is one that is similar with just a different cover art. It's a bit more edgy than the art on mine, but mine is buried in boxes so Google was faster.

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We do have bible carrying cases though honestly

dixie here

Ahhh, so that's why it's called the bible belt. Bible carriers for your belt loop.

If you're into it enough that you'd want one at a hotel, wouldn't you have one on your phone?

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It's actually a really well written document.

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The Gideons provide them to the hotel for free, it's a fascinating story about them, they would like you to leave them, but if you feel you need a bible, they understand if you take it. They want to make sure you have one if you need it.

Wait, so we can take the Bibles left in hotel rooms?

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The Gideon one they prefer you leave them,but if your life is at a point where you need a bible badly they aren't going to say no,they would want you to have one. The Gideons are volenteer s who leave them for others ,it's not mainly hotels but they provide a lot for students , inmates, hospitals etc. They want you to have a bible if you need one.

You would think that anyone so devout that they would ask for a Bible on their trip would bring one in the first place.

Yeah, I carry my first edition around, generally. Paul signed it so it's neat.

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Also if people expect them to be there it's in their best interest to do so also.

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They wouldn't be denying anyone their religious beliefs by not having a bible. That's like saying they don't carry torahs or talmuds so they're going out of their way to prevent jews from practicing their religion or they don't provide a free continental breakfast so now i'm not allowed to bring breakfast. Anyone who loves the bible enough to study and read it on a frequent basis is going to pack one to bring with them when they travel.

Comment deleted2 months ago(3 children)

Even the worst hotels I've stayed in have packaged toothbrushes. You can just call the front desk. One time I went to the front desk and asked if they had any pepto bismol and the lady was like "Yup" and came back with a travel size one. It made me wonder what else they keep.

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I think he's just over thinking this.

I would be for the removal of all bible if it mean continental breakfasts became standard.

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you realize that these bibles are provided at no cost to the hotel and that removing them wouldn't allow for the addition of any services at all right? there are so many people in this thread who are so irrationally opposed to hotels putting a book they get for free into a room that no one has to read if they don't want to.

they seem to be a lot of hatred for the bible, when it's really just a story (my opinion). can't see a point as to why i would care. but on reddit, they seem to be a lot of hatred and opposition for religion with no specified cause, "except a few people have done stuff, using it as a scapegoat".

Lots of young teens living out their edgy years. I’ve been there. Glad I’m not there any longer.

Comment deleted2 months ago(More than 2 children)
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I am an Atheist and from Denmark. But religion is generally looked upon as people's own private business. But occasionally the bashing, just goes irrational in the sense, that its more 'i am smarter than you' on reddit, it also happens on the other side. but when stuff hurts nobody, they isn't really a point to go crazy with the exterminatus button.

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But......not having a Bible to loan isn’t denying someone’s religious beliefs.

If you don’t have a Koran, the Talmud, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads and the writings of Osho in a hotel are you denying all those religious beliefs?

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No, but if there’s no Kitáb-i-Aqdas, the gentle Baha’i ain’t going to be so gentle.

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I feel like getting rid of hotel bibles will cause an uproar in the Christian community and be seen as a "war on Jesus."

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i mean as much as i hate that term, it would almost be appropriate here. what valid reason is there for the removal of these bibles? doing so would in no way lower the cost of operation for the hotels and thus save no one money.

they given for free, by gideon to hotels. here so, it's really just a free service for the customer and hotel.

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And if there's none in the hotel, they won't get one. That said, hotels are in the comfort and hospitality business, not the denying people's religious beliefs business, so it's in their financial best interest to at least keep a few on hand for those who ask for one.

Do they though?? All of my Christian friends have their own personal one that they carry everywhere with them. Some are intense ones. Some are just your regular ones.

I knew a guy who owns a motel. People would come down and ask for one all the time if the one in their room got stolen.

How is that hard to believe?

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What kind of person needs a Bible every night but don't carry one with them?

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They should be BYOBible

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The Cato institute would do it.

They don't though. I have heard of a few groups who were dead set on putting non-christian books in Hotels, but when they realize exactly how incredibly expensive it is they always back down. According to the Gideons they spend about $100 million dollars a year putting bibles in hotels. That kind of cash is hard to come by.

The last I heard of someone trying this was the Church of Bacon. They were supposed to put copies of 50 Shades or something similar in a ton of hotels; IIRC they didn't even supply one hotel with enough copies to fill their rooms before the cash ran dry.

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mmm yes i love reading the fucking Declaration of Independence before bed!


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I want Common Sense. Now that's a good read.

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This is such a fucking stupid post.

I am fully in favour

Nobody gives a shit about what some fuckin reddit jagaloon is or isn't in favour of.

implementing this nationwide

What the fuck does that mean? Who is going to implement this? And why? Who the fuck would be staying in a hotel and wishing to flick through any of such literature, which can be easily obtained online if they had the tiniest desire to do so. Who is going to pay for the 'implementation'? Who do you think 'implements' the bibles?

Instead of Bibles

Yeah man. Boooo fuck The Big Church. It's a fucking old bible left by the fucking Gideons. If you don't like it then pretend it's not there.

Honestly man. Holy fuck.

31 points · 2 months ago

You're not very silent....

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Nobody gives a shit what some fuckin reddit jagaloon is or isn't in favor of

Well, you cared enough to click on the thread and then type out a long rant, so that's something.

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Then do it yourself. The bibles in hotels are donated. It's not like "big hotel" is in cahoots with the church.

Also, if you could arrange for a pay-per-view for me to order a porn flick, that would be great.

Now we’re thinking. This is what happens when we come together. We get great ideas.

Or just have wifi

wifi, the new bible

Kickstarter time.

Lol in cahoots

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The hotel bibles never bothered me, it's not meant for indoctrination, it's there for those who find comfort in it, just like the TV or the chair. The hotels don't even pay for them, they're given to the hotels by the Gideons, a private group with just as much of a constitutional right to do this as anybody else has to donate their own books to hotels.

20 points · 2 months ago

Precisely! Words cannot convey how much I agree!!

"Precisely" seems like a good word to express that. You should use that one.

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Aren't the bibles left by other people? I feel like if you wanted hotels to have those books you should set it up rather than complain someone else set it up with the book they wanted.

Don't know why you're getting downvoted. I've been a front desk manager at 2 hotels and restaurant manager at a 3rd. This is exactly how it works. If someone showed with a box of pocket Constitutions we would definitely put them in the rooms.

What if I show up with a box of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban?

Definitely going in the rooms!

Without the first two books? You monster!

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They are, but the facts here aren't as entertaining as the idea that hotel chains are trying to indoctrinate their guests.

They're called the Gideons

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Survey 2016
2 points · 2 months ago

They're left by the Gideons in the hopes people will find comfort. Another fact, it's totally ok to take them as they want you to have them. I was given a Gideon Bible as a gift in school, I'm not particularly religious nowadays but I still think it was a nice gesture.

32 points · 2 months ago


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seriously, I'm so tired of this bullshit karmawhoring. I'm cool with reposting to spread interesting or funny whatevers, but less than a day later? Downvote this crumb bum

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This is not even a 48 hour repost. Shame on you.

Wow you didnt wait long to repost this.

Is anyone complaining about Bibles though? Just leave them alone if you don’t like them.

like cauliflower or Brussel sprouts

Or pineapple on pizza.

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You are in favor of forcing what private companies provide for their guests? What kind of fucking fascist are you?

“I am in full favor” is the secular version of “thoughts and prayers.”

'Thoughts' is the secular version of 'prayers'.

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The reason Bible's are in hotels is because a religious foundation donates them. If you want to start a foundation that does the same with the Constitution and declaration of Independence, there is nothing stopping you but money.

Who gives a shit what's in the drawer? The only people that find those bibles are the people that go looking for them.

So, mostly atheists looking to get upset?

I mean, without being too indelicate, yes. Its not the biggest problem.

20 points · 2 months ago

From what I was told by a few Christians ages ago was that the Bibles are placed in hotel rooms strategically for a reason. Hotels used to be a favourite spot for suicides by salarymen and the like. Easy to keep from the family, not your mess to clean up, private place, etc.

So a Bible in the room was used as hopes of deterring them, or at least "saving their soul" before they go.

Perhaps there's legitimacy behind it, perhaps it's all a bunch of religious hogwash. Not my place to say. However, on the topic of placing the Constitution and declaration in hotel rooms....what purpose does it serve? I'm all for educating people, but it seems like a poor choice of investment in the wrong place. Do that to every Hilton hotel in the US and that's thousands of copies that could have easily been placed in schools or libraries, hell hand them out on the street and they'll see more use.

The Constitution and declaration of independence are ment to be read and known for the betterment of the people, not put in a stuffy hotel room drawer until someone stumbles across it.

It's a really nice idea, but fighting over Bible's and quarans to serve less a purpose seems like a petty investment. Just my two cents.

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Nah, the Bibles are fine.

"But, muh Articles of Confederation! REEEEEEEEEEEE!"

-sovereign citizens

Im not christian therefore all hotels should replace bibles with something i wouldnt read myself. /s

I think they should be freely available in any government office for any member of the public to obtain.

They're freely available on the internet, no reason for your goverment to waste any more paper.

So, you're going to pay for it? I don't want my tax money spent on something like this. The damn hotels can pay for it themselves. Bibles in hotel rooms were donations from The Gideon Society.

10 points · 2 months ago

in any government office for any member of the public to obtain.

I dunno, man. I'd be willing to put up with a few more pennies out of my paycheck for for every single government office to have a copy of the Constitution readily available at every governmental location. Doesn't have to have that nice binding--a booklet will work just fine.

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You don't think the government should distribute the documents governing it's creation and existence, as well as outlining the fundamental rights of its citizens?

3 points · 2 months ago

Check a library

Those who needs to read it, won't read it.

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I don't think the government should be spending billions in taxpayer dollars to print out and distribute a document which is already readily available online for free. If you want a paper copy, you pay for it yourself.

Canada already does this, you can request for them to print out major legal documents like the charter of rights and they will send it to your door.

Frankly you Americans should have this because the majority of you don't even know how your constitution works, would be a good use of taxpayer dollars rather then the shit you currently spend it on.

You think an idiot will find their congressman's office for a Constitution, rather than just google it?

You think an idiot will google it at all?

No, but that's my point

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48 points · 2 months ago

No. thats creepily nationalistic, as your basically equating religion with your country.

The Soviets just replaced religion with governmental/patriotic idealism or secular religion. Atheists should not try to replace god with country.

Heads up, patriotism is already deeply embedded in any aspect of life in the US, from schools to sport events. And it's not a great thing, either.

And it's not a great thing

Why is that not a good thing?

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Why not both?

6 points · 2 months ago

Yeah, and let's throw in the fucking Magna Carta while we're at it...

The day I read about some poor sap who reads the Declaration of Independence and decides that tonight isn’t the night he jumps off a bridge is the day I’ll be “fully in favor” of you founding your own goddamn charity and mailing crates of documents to hotels.

Comment deleted2 months ago(22 children)

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Every 42nd room put a copy of Hitchhikers Guide

As a Christian, I'd love to see just random books: it'd be a nice surprise in each room and also insight into what the hotel staff like.

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Comment deleted2 months ago(21 children)

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Replace religious zeal with nationalistic zeal.

Sure man, w/e.

I wouldn't call educating people on their rights "nationalistic zeal". It's not like they're propaganda books worshiping our forefathers. We already have things like fox news telling people the rest of the world is evil and out to get us for that stuff.

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How on earth do you make a book of the Declaration of Independence? It’s literally only a page long.

Large print my dude

I honestly think there should be all three, super old school.

I think you are missing the point. This may be a crazy thing to us now but people used to do bible readings pretty often and if they forgot their own bible it was nice to have one in the hotel. Its not an attack on you or anything. Its just tradition now and is not worth getting upset over.

Edit: i left an unfinnished sentence

3 points · 2 months ago

Those are basically interchangeable with the Bible: The people who crow the most about any of those texts are the least likely to have read and/or understand them.

You Americans idolise your flag and arbitrary constitution on a North Korean scale!

nothing arbitrary about the constitution sir

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What's arbitrary about the constitution???

Apparently the American constitution is arbitrary because It doesn't protect the rights of British people.

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The 2nd amendment in those books should be make out of stain resistant paper

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4 points · 2 months ago

Then you can pay for it yourself

2 points · 2 months ago

Maybe add the charter of human rights for good measure...

ah the only books that should only be allowed to be used to swear someone in, in the court of law!

2 points · 2 months ago

Because Muricans weren't already thinking their govts word is holy law?


3 points · 2 months ago

Both cringe

non fiction is a welcome change to the hotel rooms.

So edgy bro

well phillie makes a little sense, but if everywhere, i bet they get used as much as the bibles and thats only because a lot of people forget rolling papers. (if your religious, you going to have a bible)

What difference does it make? No one reads those anyway when they stay at a hotel/motel.

I'm still going to watch porn...

You can’t give people the constitution, they might see through your bullshit

Stolen from a hotel room Drury,Auckland, NZ.. 366 days of wisdom By Venerable Master Hsing Yun.. I am very grateful and enjoy reading it.

The last hotel I stayed in had a Book of Mormon in the nightstand.

It was a Marriott wasn’t it? They are or used to be owned by Mormons.

Am I the only one that doesn't care about hotel room books? If they want to put a bible in there, cool. I'm not gonna read it anyway.

as long as we can rip out pages and use them as rolling papers still.

I've never actyally held a written copy of either. Only time I've even seen one was when my Gov prof would bust out his pocket constitution.

Why not all three to give people options?

inb4 a million copies of the declaration of independence are stolen for a snapchat story

Still, no one will read them.

This was posted to the same subreddit yesterday. Good job.

I really don’t care what I snort my coke off of, as long as they provide me with something

Shut up and take my money.

1 point · 2 months ago

Or, you know, just really good books?

what about songs if ice and fire ?

Just the Constitution. It's much more important.

And now I need to plan a staycation. Who was it. Love this city so much.

jingoism is pretty much the same as religious extremism

1 point · 2 months ago

I’d actually read that.

And we won the Super Bowl

There are tourist industry reasons why a Philadelphia hotel would have a copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Both documents were written in Philadelphia.

Not a bad idea! Remind people

1 point · 2 months ago

Nah I still like the Bible. Even if you're no religious, it's awesome to have a powerful book like that at your disposal. I have learned a lot of human mortality and sacrifice, plus, you can use it against bigoted Christians when they think they are justified by Jesus.

They aren't.

He would never let them do that.

The Marriotts are cool because some have the Book of Mormon. I've got an illustrated copy!

I totally approve of this too. Books that actually teach you some importance rather than books that teach you how to cherry pick and come off as a falsified prophet.

So they eschew the text of one religion, for the text of another religion?

I'm french and I got to say that this kind of thing like putting a bible everywhere is very awkward for us, cause in France, religion is a very isolated thing in our society

Wow something actually useful. And something people might actually want to read.

That’s too bad. I always like to do my drugs off the hotel room Bible and then slap a hooker’s ass with it.

They are very important pieces of history that belong in museums.

Now you can read about your rights to the African race while you struggle through your divorce! Just as Jefferson intended.

The bible and the constitution will never be read. It will sit in the drawer of the nightstand between two damp mattresses in hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms across the country as a reminder to humanity's ignorance, selfeshness and over blown self impprtance. The amount of trees and energy used to print and ship these books no one will ever read is staggering. Chain a fucking kindle or tablet to the nightstand, and preload it with the daily newspaper and recent magazines.

This would be so much better than a cryptic fairy tail about a hypocritical creator.

Hotel I went to in Malaysia had a copy of the Quran.

I remember being told a long time ago that hotels have bibles in drawers for those who were contemplating suicide

I've only been in Philadelphia for the past few days and I keep seeing things on reddit about Philadelphia

The Declaration of Independence isn’t going to make someone think twice about taking their life. A Bible has and will. Why the hell would anyone this is a good idea?


Nobody would read them.

Those ones have never been opened.

Where is The Book of Sacred Amendments?

Three books that Trump has never read.

See you aloud to take those books? I really want those.

So you're here for Comic Con I'm guessing?

Fun fact, John Quincy Adams took his Presidential oath on a book of the constitution instead of a bible.

Finally a fucking book I can steal...

Never name the place: a Reddit tradition.

Amerrrrriiicaaaa, Amerrrrriiicaaaa....

Por que no los dos?

Kinda sounds like neither should be there tbh

Why not?

Just feels like a fetishization of a relatively reactionary part of americana. Like if a british B&B had framed portraits of thatcher or something.

This is pretty cool

I think the idea though is that one is traveling, no longer at home, and therefore may be in some spiritual crisis, ergo you should read the Bible for solace.

So, maybe something of Ben Franklin or The Federalist Papers would be spiritually empowering?

Barely one day and you’re already reposting, nice.

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