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Mom taking her first steps on US soil, with me in tow. 1985

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454 points · 24 days ago

Vietnam refugee?

Original Poster565 points · 24 days ago

Precisely. She went from Vietnam to a refugee camp in Thailand, and finally to America.

I’m glad you’re here today!

I second that!

23 points · 24 days ago

I’m not as sure, but I could be convinced.

To be fair, the precedent for an immigrant with the name Nguyen that's Alt-Right, completely nuts and seethingly racist exists in Tile Tequila.

So, you can't be sure.

Original Poster15 points · 24 days ago

Yeah, she really dinged up the Nguyen name.

Dat is the best Nguyen

Myyyyy Nguyen!

former cowboys player? hell yeah

Also to be fair, an influx of porn stars is ultimately good for the American people. So predicated on OP being porn star, a Tila Tequila type situation isn't all that bad.

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OP, please tell your mom that /u/bighootay, some random Redditor from the internet, is happy that she made it and a belated welcome. (You too of course.)

14 points · 24 days ago

Guy I work with escaped the communists on a big row boat, he said they were being shot at while paddeling into a storm headed into the ocean. Paddeled 5 days to Malaysia. He escaped in '82, lived in Thailand for awhile until he made it to the USA.

He's pretty cool.

My cousins have a similar story! My grandma was lucky enough to marry an American airman, but her sister and her family escaped via boat and then were brought to North Carolina by a church.

Original Poster23 points · 24 days ago

My grandmother and youngest aunt didn’t make it. Their original boat capsized and they both drowned. We never forget the sacrifice it took to get here and are always humbled by their memory.

I’ve read some good books that document people’s journeys from Vietnam to wherever, fleeing the communists after the fall of Saigon.

The whole situation and shit that you guys had to go through just to get out of there at that time was crazy. Glad you made it out safe and sorry bout your grandma and aunt.

This is a heart wrenching account of a conflict which I never considered. I’m glad they can live on through your family, if nothing else.

What a time to be alive! Nowadays they'd separate you at the border.

Why are people downvoting you? It's a fact.

Facts aren't very popular nowadays.

And a certain faction of people say fuck you to the Reddit rules against vote brigading but Reddit enforces fuck all rules against these weakminded dickless crybabies that like to worship the biggest baby of them all.

The brigading is quite obvious at times, but I suspect it is mainly organized off site on discords and cesspools like stormfront.

It is very common to see and make comments in /r/worldnews and /r/news that get immediately and massively downvoted in threads targeted by the alt-right. So anything that deals with crime involving non-whites, the EU refugee crisis, the US border crisis, etc.

And then the comments will normalize and see sustained upvoting at a much slower pace. Indicating that normal users (which outnumber the brigaders) are seeing and upvoting comments at -8 which are rational but merely disagree with the alt-right narrative.

It's also extremely common in local city subs. r/chicago has a notorious problem with it, likely due to Trump targeting the city with his inane political bullshit. Every single thread about crime or gun laws sees a massive influx of non-residents with very interesting posting histories popping in. Of course, they are never there to discuss local micro-brews or summer festivals, but always to shit post about how Chicago is apparently hell on Earth.

Maybe in your fantasy world where you redefined the word fact.

Legal immigrant families(like OP) have never been separated at the border because they have permission to live in the U.S.

You are the definition of dull. Good luck with that.

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Please show me an example of legal immigrants being separated..

Anyone the comes and applies for asylum is following the law.

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No it’s not a fact for people who are legally immigrating.

You can’t just pull stuff out of your ass and call them facts.

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if you come in properly they won't

Even if you come in properly you can still get separated. My wife is a permanent citizen and we've still been separated, although not for days.

The separation still bothers me. I can concede to the legal argument but send the kids with there parents then, or have the best of both worlds where you send illegal immigrants to be processed once they are caught and have them complete the steps to become legal. If they can't or won't, then send them back

But the issue is that we can’t always verify that those are actually the parents, and also the fact that legally they can’t be detained for more than 20 days.

We remove children from the custody of unfit parents all the time, I don't see the problem.

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Do you have any idea about all the proceedings, time and money it takes to come in 'properly'? Most people who can afford those 'proper' regulations are not the ones in need.

You realize that's the way it works in nearly every first world country? Free movement between nations is not a human right and if you're a refugee in actual need there are systems in place for that.

the ones in need

We aren't the battered women's shelter of the world, we have tens of millions of people struggling right here, we have absolutely no business and no ability accepting waves of people with no skills, who don't speak the language and trying to save them here when we can't even educate our own youth or provide clean water.

I disagree we easily have the economic and landcapacity to take pretty much every migrant. We have land and money coming out of our ears. What we lack is the political will.

The reason we have millions of people struggling is societal not due to a lack of resources. The world is changing faster than our institutions and culture are adapting. My city has a homeless problem and year old luxury apartments sitting at 10% capacity while more are being built all over the city. Structurally something is out of whack, and we need to address the underlying issues.

I'm going to ignore my desire to debate you on actual statistics and pointing out far more complicated problems than "political will" because from your response you sound like a basic income supporter/socialist/tech will free us all or something similar and these conversations never go anywhere, so the point I would make assuming your utopia could exist is that you need to get your house in order before working on someone else's so once you solve that homeless problem in your area we can explore the issue of migrants, refugees, etc, but how about a little proof of concept rather than just "fuck it, let's take everyone, we'll figure it out!"

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So what are you trying to say? It’s ok to break the law if you’re impatient?

When my family immigrated to the U.S., it took us years even though we had a sponsor. We arrived with three suitcases and in debt.

So it’s definitely doable, and not as costly as you make it seem.

Doesn't matter, you don't have a right to be here. Wife is about to take citizenship test, cost us about $2000 over the course of 4 years. Got a job immediately, has seen three raises in 3 years time, the woman is an asset to the country not a burden. I don't care if there are exceptions, the rules are in place to prevent undesirable people from entering the country. Maybe that hurts yours and their feelings, but that's life, you can't always get what you want. My wife now pays taxes that support some of these leeching people who never even cared about going through the process, it's a slap to her face all because some idea of humanitarianism.

Wave your feelings around all you like, if you truly cared you'd be advocating for fixing their countries so they don't have to leave them. For every person that crosses illegally there are hundreds of thousands that cannot even consider the journey. Keep droning on about the needy though, I'm sure you shelter homeless all the time, so much passion, so little effort as usual. You'd rather place the burden on other people through welfare tax and labor inflation.

As an immigrant to the U.S. who went through the naturalization process, became a citizen, and later served in the military I completely agree. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Not all laws are just. Don’t forget it wasn’t that long ago black people couldnt sit at the front of the bus. That was the law but you wouldn’t say that Rosa parks deserved to be incarcerated

Which immigration laws are unjust?

Are you saying people have a right to enter the U.S.?

Yes. Just like the people of this who this land belongs to believes when white immigrants came here.

You realize that’s not sustainable, right?

There’s a reason we limit immigration and there’s a purpose for the immigration process which includes background checks.

We can’t just let hordes of people in without any process, that’s a very idealist way of thinking . Our system wouldn’t be able to handle it.

How is it not sustainable, immigrants have been coming in forever and America has sustained pretty well

Are you seriously saying we open borders and let an unlimited amount of people in? That hasn’t happened in a very long time.

Imagine the strain it would put on our infrastructure, healthcare system, welfare system, unemployment, and so on..

Where do you propose they live? What jobs will they have (especially since most wouldn’t speak English), if they don’t have jobs, then the taxpayers would have to pay for their unemployment and welfare.

Do you even realize how crazy this sounds?

What does that have anything to do with people coming into this country illegally?

It is an analogy to the fact that not all laws are just. To elaborate more, not all laws are just therefore one does not need to follow unjust laws.

Do you not understand the importance of citizenship? Without it anyone from anywhere can come to where you live, people who do not understand the problems you face and cast a vote for how to govern you. Can you imagine me coming to your home and telling you how to live your daily life? A person who doesn't know you or the people/situations you have to deal with daily? All because you think the concept of a citizen is unjust? That's what you're advocating, because if it's not illegal to just come here and live, then there is no citizenship, it becomes pointless.

How up your own ass are you with an idea like that? Millions of people have lived and died for thousands of years, with the idea of citizenship being a core value of every nation that has existed, because a world without citizenship had already been known, but here you are Madoff_Hitler420, born into a world that is the most peaceful it's ever been since humanity began, a product of CIVILIZATION, and he has figured it out my dudes! Shut it down!

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Well now they simply won't do it at all since Trump realized yesterday that you can't take people hostage to score political points like its the 15th century.

Wait, didn’t this occur under Obama and probably under W Bush and maybe Clinton too and so on? I know it happened under Obama and I’m guessing long before that. I’m not defending the practice, I’m just saying I think it’s a practice that predates the last presidential election. Or maybe you were talking about something else was ‘it’. So, if I misunderstood just disregard my comment lol. PS is your s/n a Dogma reference?

-6 points · 24 days ago(3 children)

There’s literal photos of kids sitting in cages taken during his presidency

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Only if you try to cross it illegally. See the picture up there? There're entering through a door, not over a fence.

Yup, that the joke.


Comment deleted24 days ago

Thanks Captain Obvious!

This should be posted to r/merica

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3 points · 24 days ago



did the name 'miss nguyen' give you a hint?

I didn’t even see her username. I just saw her mother was Vietnamese and noticed the year it was taken.

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It seems comical in movies and shows set in the 80s but this is proof that colorful plaid and stripes in the 80s wasn't a choice.

70 points · 24 days ago

80s fashion was a disaster. 80s food was a disaster. 80s economics was a disaster. 80s music and cinema was godlike.

17 points · 24 days ago

Compared to 90’s fashion I think the 80's wasn't good awful.

Also 90's cars are ugly as fuck

9 points · 24 days ago

I dunno, early 2000s is up there too.

In 20 years everyone’s gonna think what we’re wearing now is a disaster.

5 points · 24 days ago

Early 2000's is 90's light.

looks at a picture of man wearing a plain white t-shirt


80's cars are actually worse. They average around 100HP too. Late 90's we had an explosion of horsepower. Safety started to become a thing too. Fox body mustangs are still the cheapest way to get a sub 10 second quarter mile though since its before safety features.

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I was there for the 80's and I remember fashion being a lot more fun than anything that has come since.

I love how they had original ideas for movies: not remakes and sequels— which I won’t pay money to see in theaters, you shouldn’t either

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The joy on her face! Beautiful

246 points · 24 days ago

This is what coming to America should look like.

Legal immigration is awesome

-58 points · 24 days ago(More than 42 children)
90 points · 24 days ago

She was a refugee who was granted asylum. Vietnamese were granted special status to enter the US and an easing of requirements under a 1975 and 1980 law. The US admitted something like 60,000 Vietnamese refugees a year between 1978 and 1982. All told something like 500,000 would be given asylum.

Nowadays we're looking at something like 20K a year, if that, even though the refugee crisis is greater than at any point since WW2.

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11 points · 24 days ago

So did my family, back when immigration law was essentially, "We have guns and you don't, so get out of the way, or else." Which is not much to be proud of. We then spent the next century or so working out who had more guns and could use them more effectively, to decide who would really prevail. An awful lot of people died over it, and countless children's lives were ruined. Later on, the winners of that long conflict (Northern European immigrants and their children, mostly) turned around and refused entry to anyone they didn't like, for all kinds of reasons. Not being from similar background was the biggest one, and that extended to things like being Catholic. During WW2, we turned away Jewish refugees, and a lot of them died as a result. I'm not very proud of that legal restriction, either.

So please forgive me if I don't consider the issue of strict legality a very important one, especially as a moral or ethical issue.

You don't deserve to be here any more than they do.

Being squeezed out on US soil is the only thing you have to be proud of.

You peaked at your birth. How sad is that?

There's lots of legal immigrant children being held in detention right now...

6 points · 24 days ago

What's your source?

Source? Not saying you're lying, but it's good to verify.

-14 points · 24 days ago(0 children)

If it makes it easier to sleep at night, then please keep believing the US isn't abusing children.

11 points · 24 days ago

Lots of news organizations are reporting that this is true. Where’s your source that this is BS?

13 points · 24 days ago

Fox news probably

3 points · 24 days ago · edited 24 days ago

Yet you fail to cite a single source for your claim.

6 points · 24 days ago

The white house administration has directly admitted to separating children of asylum seekers.

That's the worst source ever, no reasonable person believes them.

1 point · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

the literal white house said that they were doing it, pull your fingers out of your ass and look up the news on several new outlets, not just one, and news outlets from different areas of the political spectrum e.g. a republican news site (fox, drudge report), a libertarian (zero hedge), more centrist (wall street journal), liberal (new york times). People talk about fake news and how news companies are screwing people and yet they only listen to 1 news network, it's insane, sample loads and make your mind up, its part of being an American.

Also, note all of the sources cited in this discussion.

Also note, that the president specifically acknowledged that the children of legal asylum seekers were being separated from their parents - he just argued that they didn’t really need asylum and had been coached by “professional lawyers.”

There is no such thing as “legal asylum seekers” just as there aren’t any illegal asylum seekers. They’re just asylum seekers. And just because you seek asylum doesn’t mean you qualify.

Being granted asylum is a privilege, and until that happens you are not legally permitted to live in the U.S.

If a Canadian citizen came in to the country and overstayed their visa then applied for asylum, they would most likely not get it and be considered an illegal immigrant. It’s no different for anyone else.

Also just because the conditions in your country are slightly worse than in the U.S. doesn’t mean you’re can claim asylum in the U.S.

To qualify you must have have suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution due to:

Race Religion Nationality Membership in a particular social group Political opinion

If you just want a better life in America then you must apply to immigrate just like everyone else.

There is, however, a legal process for the treatment of asylum seekers (like OP's mom was subject to back in the post Vietnam/American War). The systematic separation of asylum-seeking parents and children is not consistent with that legal process.

Which is to say nothing of the fundamental inhumanity and cruelty.

OP and mom came to the U.S. on refugee status and were already legally permitted to reside in the U.S., they were not seeking asylum because they were already granted asylum.

It’s much different than crossing the border illegally or coming on a temporary visa and then applying for asylum.

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There's no refugee program for current American boondoggles like there was for Vietnam. I'm sure there are many Syrians and Iraqis that would have this same look on there face were they given the opportunity.

The US let in a lot of Iraqis. I don’t know why we drew a line at Syrians. I mean we were at war with pro-communist in Vietnam, Iraq we just straight up invaded, and now we are involved in the Syrian conflict as well...mostly proxy but Syrians have died because of the US involvement, no doubt. I happen to live in one of the states who has received the most Iraqi and Syrian refugees and I see the way they, as well as a large Lebanese,Yemeni ( Middle Eastern population in general) community has positively affected the area I live in. They open businesses, they work hard, the newcomers who haven’t established themselves yet occupy once blighted neighborhoods that now have new life in them. Once established their kids tend to go the higher education route and become doctors, pharmacist, lawyers, etc. Ahh and their food. They a open restaurants and produce stores and I get to eat the good authentic stuff. No not every story is a success story but it seems to work for us, in my experience, where I live.

Anyway just wanted to point out that I think we had a similar system with Iraqis as with the Vietnamese and I went on a bit of a pro immigration ( refugee/asylum seekers included) tangent there.

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-43 points · 24 days ago(45 children)
45 points · 24 days ago

Of course not. I mean, we did it for the first 125 years, and look how THAT turned out. Melting pot, freedom for all, give me your tired, your poor, your hungry. What were we thinking?

10 points · 24 days ago

The world is about 10 times more populated now than it was back then

Nope. Ellis Island had even stricter vetting than Customs today.

22 points · 24 days ago · edited 24 days ago

America was born in 1776.

Naturalization Act of 1790 established the first rules for acquiring citizenship in the United States of America. The law required immigrants to live in the United States for two years and their respective state of residence for one year prior to applying for citizenship. But no restrictions on immigrants.

In 1864, Congress first centralized control over immigration under the Secretary of State with a Commissioner. The importation of contract laborers was legalized in this legislation. Still no restrictions on immigration.

In 1882, The Chinese Exclusion Law became the first federal restriction on immigration. It curbed Chinese immigration. Also excluded were persons convicted of political offenses, lunatics, idiots, and persons likely to become public charges. The law placed a head tax on each immigrant. So it was 106 years before the federal government restricted immigration.

Ellis Island opened in 1892, 116 years after the birth of our nation.

In 1921, a 145 years after the birth of our nation, the first quantitative immigration law was adopted. It set the first annual quotas according to nationality. Although there were numerous exclusions between 1776 and 1921.

So while it is true that Ellis Island has had stricter immigration policies in the past, it is also true that Ellis Island did not exist for 116 years and that there was no federal restrictions on immigration for 106 years. You know, right about the time the hyphenated American propaganda campaign rose to prominence. Turned out well for the Germans, the Irish, the Italians, and the Japanese, hey? Fun times. Make America great again, right?

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4 points · 24 days ago

Ellis Island did not open until 1892

Well that was like a century ago. A lot of things have changed. You can't just have a 1:1 solution like that. Things need to change with the times.

Well that was like a century ago. A lot of things have changed.

If only the NRA felt this way about the second amendment...

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No, we absolutely did not.

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No of course not. That is the wrong answer. Besides most illegal immigrants come here on a plane anyways on "vacation" and then just never leave so a wall wont do anything. But you can't just have masses of people entering a country all at once. It needs to be more gradual and there should be checks in place. You shouldn't expect any country or society of people to accept something like that.

BTW. I don't support Trump. There are more than two positions to take on such complicated matters haha. But some people wont accept that people who have different opinions to them AREN'T Satan incarnate.

The problem with immigration is that there is more to consider than just economic and social impacts which seems to be a common talking point amongst politicians. One of the biggest factors that, for some weird reason, is often overlooked is the public health concern. The vast majority of asylum seekers are from countries that often have a wide variety of illnesses that can be quite contagious (typhoid, dengue fever, and yellow fever are some that come to mind). Legal immigration routes ensure that people who may be vectors, can have their exposure limited and often times treated.

Look at the scare that Zika caused, or the entire flight that was exposed to a carrier of Tuberculosis.

Our increased population only places us in a worse position for a possible pandemic, and even with our advanced medicine, such a widespread uncontrolled infection could prove disastrous.

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Oh, wow, she looks so happy. I love seeing happiness captured on a photo. She'd obviously waited for this moment for a long time. I hope her life in the US has been all she hoped it would be. And I'm glad this moment is captured forever on the Internet. We all need to get some inspiration for happiness on some days. I hope all the migrants of the world find the happiness they're seeking. Don't you agree?

Original Poster16 points · 24 days ago

For sure I do! 10/10

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Best thing Ive read all day. Well said!

11 points · 24 days ago

Your mom looks like she's seen a movie premiere and is caught by reporters on the way out asking how it was.

You ushering your mom, "Right this way."

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THIS is America.

"1985 i arrive..."

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Freedom smile!

"Bridges burning, gladly merging with the shadow, flickering between the lines............ Stolen moments floating softly on the air, borne on wings of fire, and climbing higher.."

Sorry, your moms expression compelled me to write lyrics that matched the enthusiasm, happiness, and relief in her eyes....

My teeth hurt.

Sensodyne, Percocet, and aspirin. Oh, & lay off coffee & cigarettes!

That woman looks happy.

The look of pure joy - she’s lived through hell and made it to the land of opportunity.

And she is less likely to be separated from her children due to deportation...

Your mom is beautiful. You’re pretty cute too!

I am so happy that you were able to come here.

2 points · 24 days ago

1985 you arrived!

She looks stoked

This looks just like my experience! Awesome!!

Thank God it was then, not now.

...and the other difference is that one is by plane, possibly legally, and the other one ( you're referring to) is by foot, at night, avoiding border customs.

I think technically you’re leading the way, OP. Welcome to the US! (I didn’t get to welcome OP in 1985)

So, how long were you kept in a cage?

I mean camp. They're camps. Which are fun!

She came here legally. Granted asylum before showing up.


What a concept.

Why do it legally when that is hard /s

The people in camps on the boarder are not being given the hearing to determine if they're refugees.

Good. Because they're not.

It depends. Some are and some aren't. That's why there are interviews.

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Irrelevant. Legal or not, we don't put kids in camps like that. We don't chop hands off for illegal theft. We don't whip people for illegal speeding. We don't cage children for illegal entry. We used to be better than that... I think.

So what would you have the country do when a kid's parents are both arrested? The only reason these "camps" exist is because these kids don't have parents, or there is no way to prove who the kids belong to, because you know child trafficking isn't a thing right? How do you find the parents of an "undocumented" child? throw them back to Mexico and hope for the best? Take the word and trust the first person to claim them? What happens when it turns out a kid has been handed over to a child sex ring? What kind of parent knowingly drags their kid into an illegal activity? You seem to have the answers so let's hear it. I'm sure you can see all the outcomes and answers from your moral high ground. Jackass.

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-46 points · 24 days ago(More than 23 children)

You know what? I don’t care who started it. The people who are in power right now are the ones who can end it.

And kept right at it in 2018

Kindly provide proof of your accusation.

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Nothing is ever Cult 45's fault right?

1 point · 24 days ago · edited 24 days ago

Anyone know what the law says? Just curious. President can’t make laws. Blame your local Congress critter if you don’t like the LAW. The change needs to come from your senator or rep.

-5 points · 24 days ago(0 children)

I agree with what you're saying, but I can't respect anyone who uses childish expressions like 'sjw'.

I don't want nor care for your respect random redditor. You agreeing to the truth in my comment is more than enough.

Please don't be childish. I want to believe that you're better than that.

this just in redditor btfo, waits til next day to come up with underwhelming comeback

I guess you're not better than that after all. Which isn't surprising, but it sure is disappointing.

lolol like i said I don't give a shit how you perceive me. thats utterly worthless. why you keep arguing at me is your own dilemma.

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5 points · 24 days ago

What a poignant photo given the recent climate.

Yay!!! I'm glad the you two made it to the melting pot!

Babies to the left, adults to the right! - Stephen Miller

Good on her for coming here legally

-2 points · 23 days ago

Lol someone down voted you. Here’s an upvote.

And she wasn’t sneaking in. Welcome.

You don't deserve to live here any more than any other random human. You're a bad person on the inside.

In order for you to truly insult me, I would have to first value your opinion. I don’t. You are less than nothing to me.

If you don't value the opinions of others, isn't social media kind of an odd place to spend your time?

Epic response bro, I too have seen the Don Draper elevator clip.

You are the problem with America. You most likely earned nothing in this life on your own.

You are judgemental and don’t know jack shit. Go back to your mother’s basement.

Oooh BURN. Tell me to put my fedora on next!

Fun fact: I'm an engineer and make over $100k. I'm almost certainly more accomplished than you, and that's why I don't have to project my failures in life onto ILLEGALS!!!

You should actually kill yourself. If you promise to do it, I'll Venmo you the money for a gun.

I'll take u up on that offer bro. Hmu

One day in the future, there will be no borders .... Until then, there are rules about crossing borders. It's a sad state of the (whole) world and all the countries are in it. Strange stuff.

That's not for you to decide, you're not above anyone, here in America people are your equal. All you've managed to do is judge someone you don't know, and oust yourself as a self absorbed person who preaches about being bad on the inside whilst holding yourself above others.

That must be you behind her.

She has an amazing smile!

Looks like she's inside.


Good for her. America is awesome

Does she make a mean Pho?

Not trying to be mean at all. Genuinely want to know.

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-12 points · 24 days ago(12 children)

If she came here legally i dont think trumptards would care

-10 points · 24 days ago(0 children)

That's simply not accurate. It has been widely reported and verified that the separation of children from parents has been (at least up until today) applied to legal asylum claimants who voluntarily presented themselves (like OP's mom).

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Build that wall!!

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So how big were the cages ?

At least she took proper & legal steps to enter the US. Unlike everyone else who keeps crossing the border.....

Build that wall!!

0 points · 24 days ago

That’s a great pic. Glad momma came across legally!

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