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Those are my favorite. My grandmother used to make them. Can’t find them anywhere.

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look out for an italian supermarket, they sometimes sell these

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Yes I know it’s hard to find, I’m actually in Italy and I always see it in stores. In Paris I don’t find them ! I think that the great chefs’ supply directly to the halls of Rungis because markets and elsewhere they are not ! Sorry for you and I wish you to see your grandmother as soon as possible !! Bon week-end !! ;)

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We have them in Los Angeles at farmers markets during their season

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Farmer’s markets and Asian grocery stores are a goldmine for them!

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My grandmother used to make them, too. Hard to find unless you go to a higher-end supermarket, farmer's market, or grow them yourself. A few years ago, my mom discovered that Fresh Direct carries them when in season.

For me, fried zucchini flowers are one of those quintessential "flavors of summer".

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Very beautiful sentence in the end , full of poetry ! It’s beautiful that flowers of zucchini make such an effect ! ;)

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Thanks! Not many people outside of Italy or Italian communities seem to know about zucchini flowers, at least from my experience. They were hard to find even on restaurant menus up until a few years ago. Now, they're something of a delicacy. Isn't it that the way with all the "peasant foods"? Cultures eat it for centuries without any attention, then someone "discovers" it and now it's all the rage!

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I first tasted squash flowers at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain in NYC, but they were garnish – lightly breaded and fried. Delicious!!! I do not know whether they were zucchini or some other squash, but it was wonderfully tasty. Are there other flowers? The table seating sucked, as we were a 2top forced into an odd geometry that made serving us nearly impossible, but whatever. That's whatcha get when you eat at an "in" place, I guess. You can give me St. Augustine datil pepper-laced shrimp pilau any day...with fried squash flowers on top!!! :D

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Check a farmers market.

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My Nonna grows zuchinni and makes them a few times a year.

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you could try growing Zucchini :)

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Best enjoyed near the Mediterranean...

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Happy Cake Day!

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You eat the flower?? How does it taste? I have 2 plants in my back yard flowering right now...

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Delicious, my husband made them last year. Make sure you only pick the male flowers (you can identify them because the female ones will have a little fruit at the bottom of them) so you don't reduce your crop

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So what do they taste like? Zucchini?

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I'd say the flavor of the flowers is fairly subtle. Think slightly herbaceous. I think its uniqueness is more in the texture. A good fritter will have that contrast between the crispy exterior and the creamy custard-like interior of the dough and flower.

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Once the female flower is fertilized you can harvest it and the fruit will still mature

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My favorite dish my mother makes in the summer, stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto. Topped with a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon. Amazing

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First clean the zucchini flowers , prepare a traditional batter I prepared it with egg, flour, milk and some sparkling water , salt and pepper after I stuffed them with some cheese according to the tastes this evening I put some grated emmental and then gently dip them in the batter and fry a few at a time . Good tasting !! ;)

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My Italian auntie (zia) always stuffs them with mozzarella and a small piece of anchovy :)

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Of course it’s the classic recipe but we can stuff them according to everyone’s tastes, they are always so delicious !

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I've had them stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, bell pepper, and a few other things. Honestly, I prefer them plain, just battered and fried with a little salt. That being said, I'm not going to turn them away in any form.

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Of course! Wasn’t trying to imply that your recipe is wrong at all!! Just thought I‘d share my family recipe too :) so delicious indeed.

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My mom used to make these when I was kid. Haven't had them in 15+ years and can still taste them :/

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First garden I had zucchini growing, picked the flowers to eat never got a squash. Gardening is a fun learning experience!

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You have to only pick the male flowers.

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Although sometimes difficult to find, some greengrocers get them in when they are in season.

I have had them restaurants, but there is something about making them fresh for yourself - and your loved ones.

I made a Vietnamese version by a chef named Luke Nguyen which has a prawn and garlic paste inside.

Quite different from the more typical cheese filling, but quite good, too!

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I haven't had these in years, but my Nonna always used to make them when we'd visit in the summer. I've been looking everywhere in London for some, but haven't found any yet 😩

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Try farmers markets :)

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I had never eaten these until I married into an Italian family. They. Are. AMAZING. Especially if you have too many male blossoms (which always happens when I grow zucchini).

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These are amazing. Highly recommend!

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Reminds me of being a little boy in Italy. Haven't had these in many years. They look amazing.

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We call em pitichelle since Calabrian dialect in my family, they look amazing!

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My grandmother makes stuffed zucchini flowers, similar to the Greek stuffed vegetables but just the flowers, and no meat. It’s my favourite dish in the world - best part is that you can get kgs of flowers and zucchini’s at the fresh markets in Greece for about 6 euros. In Australia, they sell 6 flowers and little zucchini’s for $6. You can’t do much with that :(

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I used to eat these all the time when I lived in Italy.

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Love eating those..its always yummy

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Aahaha! My mother bought them today! I'm just waiting for tomorrow to eat them!

It's not summer without zucchini flowers fritters. =D

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It’s better to cook them as quickly as possible , the zucchini flower is extremely delicate !

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Looks delicious!!

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Zucchini blossoms 😍

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You can also find these in some Hispanic grocery stores, in the produce section.

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When picking your own, check for bees. I often find the big black bees stuck in the flower.

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My grandma (from calabria, i'm italian) still makes them once per week and brings them to me, knowing how much i like them!

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It’s nice of your grandmother , you have to see her more often ! Bon week-end !

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Honest question, what's the benefit of the flower here over just deep frying the cheese? What taste/texture does the blossom impart?

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Kitchens you will realise all alone, it’s a unique flavor we can not explain it :)

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Please tell me those are stuffed with mozzarella or pecorino Romano.

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In them I put emmental cheese grated but you can also put mozzarella, scarmorza ... also according to the tastes of everyone they are always delicious !

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Yes, they are. I had fiori di zucca when I was staying in Rome, and it was lovely. I tried both stuffed with pecorino Romano and mozzarella, and I'm still not sure which one I loved the most.

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Both of my parents are from Sicily and they make this all the time. It's called "Cardone".

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Just looked it up seems cardone is something different

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thumbnail looks like some dank.