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What breed is he?

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A luck dragon of course

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dude, eat my boogers.

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Don't play with your food.

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They had it written on the glass, but I don't remember what it is. Sorry bro.

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You know those were his scales, right?

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Yeah but they looked like messed up bubbles Lol. Haven’t seen the movie in a while tbh though, it was such a good film

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Yeah, they should have made the scales a little less bubble like. Still love the movie. The sphinxes and the Artax scene scared me more than the nothing.

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I could never watch past the horse bit. Made me too sad which for some reason scared me....lmao

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I was a typical horse obsessed little girl,so ... yeah I get you on that. It was also my first “adult” movie where bad stuff happens. Of course this started me off on the 80s fantasy movies, Conan, Krull, etc.

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As your everyday, random little boy....I just found the horse dying insanely sad 😂

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love this. also, if you love NES, you might get a good laugh from this nutty remake of the theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szsoE7dWX-k

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Omg he DOES!!!!!

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OMG, this can't be good when I know what your talking about !