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How long did you marinate them for? That’s some next level pigmentation right there

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Only overnight. Recipe below.

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Did you feel that it was too strong? I've taken to limiting it to 3 hours.

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No, it was very nice. I didn't think it was too strong.

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I marinate mine up to 3 days...I make like 6 and have an easy snack 2x a day.

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When you say overnight, can you be more specific? Like 12 hours? Or 24 hours? The eggs will get too dark if marinated too long right?

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It was probably somewhere in the region of 12-18 hours. I'm not sure if they'll get too dark. Is too dark a bad thing?

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What’s your marinade recipe? I’ve never seen a marinated egg that dark before.

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  • 3 Tbsp - Light soy sauce.
  • 1 Tbsp - Dark soy sauce (I think this is the main reason they're so dark).
  • 3 Tbsp - White rice vinegar (Because I don't have any mirin).
  • 1 Tbsp - Shaoxing rice wine (I figured that some of this would balance the acidity of the rice vinegar. If you don't have any I highly recommend it. It's not dissimilar to cooking sherry).
  • 6 Tbsp - cold water.

I put all of this in a cafetiere (my fiancé's idea) to keep all the eggs submerged. My brother made some a few months ago and said that he had to turn the eggs over to make sure they were coloured on all sides.

I'm also one of those people who barely cooks eggs, so they're good and rare.

Pan of boiling water, four room temperature eggs, four minutes, out and into iced water.

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OMG, so a couple of weeks ago, I too used White Rice vinegar instead of mirin (by mistake, grabbed the wrong bottle) and I swear I'm never going back to mirin. I also added some sugar. The contrast between the vinegar and sugar was AMAZING.

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I use both, rice vinegar and mirin, I think mirin sweetens better than sugar, but just because it's easier to mix.

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I also use rice vinegar, I dig the hint of tang

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That's exactly what I do, too! First I mix a tablespoon of sugar and a small of warm water to get the sugar to dissolve, then a ton of soy sauce and healthy splash of rice wine vinegar.

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An extra protip that I've read (never tried though) - is putting a paper towel over the top so the marinade can cover all sides.

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I've always just done it in a ziplock. Submerge the bag except the zipping part underwater and it'll push all the air out. Then you just seal it and throw it in the fridge.

And when you're done you just drain out the marinade and they're all bagged up and ready to go.

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If you do this, don't let the paper towel over hand outside of the bowl... made this mistake and my fridge was covered

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That’s what I do and it works well.

I also marinate my eggs in the juices I cooked my pork in.

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Ohhhh so you get all the delicious rendered pork fat in there? That's such a pro move! Love it.

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I’ve never had pork fat all over my eggs. Also the juices are cooled first to easily remove the fat.

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I put all of this in a cafetiere (my fiancé's idea) to keep all the eggs submerged.

I've always just done it in a ziplock. Submerge the bag except the zipping part underwater and it'll push all the air out. Then you just seal it and throw it in the fridge.

And when you're done you just drain out the marinade and they're all bagged up and ready to go.

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Wow, that's impressive. They look good

At the risk of sounding like a total bastard, the 'ramen eggs orthopraxy' is 'six and a half minutes' cooking, and 'six hours' marinade

But who cares, given how they look so good

And yeah, it's probably the dark soy that makes the colouration so dark

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How can the whites be fully cooked in 4 min?

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If you look at the photo that I posted you can see how cooked the whites are.

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Oh totally, it's just that when i boil eggs it takes like 8min for whites to be solid?

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Do you keep your eggs in the fridge?

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No, but do you mean they weren't fully solid, but will solidify in the fridge?

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They won't solidify in the fridge. Egg is protein and needs heat to denature. You need to cook an egg to solidify it.

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Right, so boiling an egg will solidify whites? Gotta try it...

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Do you cook it before you marinate or soak in the sauce in the shell then cook ? If the former, how do you reheat them without them losing the jelly yolk?

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I'm pretty sure that if you tried to marinate an egg with it's shell on nothing would happen. I cooked the eggs first, peeled them and then put them into the marinade overnight.

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I dont know. Egg shells are slightly porous so I thought maybe it'd slowly sink in haha

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jeez, those look REALLY good!

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Thanks. I need to try these. They look perfect!

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when you say dark soy sauce do you mean like the sappy thick sauce?

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He means just regular soy sauce. There’s also white soy sauce and light color soy sauce amongst others.

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Huh. I immediately assumed 'tamari', rather than 'shoyu' when it said 'dark'

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You should have just incubated them to hatch more ramen.

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...wait what

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That colour, Jesus...

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Amazing. I see that I too struggle with cracking these bad boys. Does anyone have any tips for the best way to shell them?

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I’ve found that dunking them in ice cold water and cracking them right away helps, also fresh eggs

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No. Not fresh eggs. Old eggs are better for peeling because the membrane breaks down over time.

I have a lot of fresh eggs because I have chickens, and the membrane on really fresh eggs is so strong it often stays intact when cracking an uncooked egg. If you use fresh eggs for boiling, you either need to make your peace with pock marks or make enough extra to get lucky.

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Exactly, old eggs. The membrane doesn't 'break down' but it peels itself from the shell, which is why rotten eggs float, as the membrane made room for a lot of air inside the shell. Fresh eggs sink.

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Ehh I’ve had the exact opposite experience. When I cook with older eggs, I always have a problem with the shell cracking when I first put them in the water, or have problems peeling it. As soon as I started using fresher eggs, it was a lot easier for me. I think the ice cold water immediately after boiling was probably a bigger influence though, because it shrinks the inner egg down and separates it from the shell.

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To avoid the shell cracking in the water add some vinegar to the water.

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I’ll definitely try that! Thanks for the tip

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Hm, i tried that... Also pushed a needle into the bottom before cooking. Maybe I just suck

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Puncture them before cooking with a needle punch (you can get them online for next to nothing). Once you've shocked them down, tap gently on the counter to break up the egg shell at both poles, then start at one and peel in a spiral fashion. A little practice helps, but I've been peeling 50-200 eggs a day for the last 8 months, and this tends to yield the best results.

Note: 6 min 10 second eggs are fragile, and need to be agitated in the water to cook evenly. You will lose some of them in the peeling process no matter how good you are, but using your dominant hand to hold the egg and your non-dominant hand to peel will help you not crush them. 6 min 30 second eggs are pretty hardy, and you shouldn't lose many if any during the peeling process.

EDIT: Old eggs. New eggs are a PITA. The higher the quality of the bird's diet, the higher the protein content, the easier it will be and the white will coagulate more firmly at the same cook time. Duck eggs cooked for 6:10 feel like hard boiled eggs with liquid yolks, it's really cool.

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Friggen pro answer right here. Thanks

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I also did not have very good luck at first. Now, the best eggs I make are the freshest. I cook them 6 minutes, cool them in ICED (and I mean iced) water rapidly, wait 15 minutes, roll them gently on the counter or lightly smack the entire eggshell with the back of a spoon so the whole egg doesn't have a piece of shell bigger than 4mm by 4mm. Then I use a spoon to gently lift the shell away. I still lose a third of them. Wish I could get away with a 4 minute egg.

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It doesn’t always work for me, but I’ve noticed it helps. I always roll it around on the counter after the initial crack to try and break the shell into small pieces before pealing but hot damn it can be tricky.

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The first time I made ramen eggs I broke all of them during the shelling process and had to start over!

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i drop the egg from about 3 inches off the counter, and then proceed to do that over every square inch of the egg shell so it's cracked all over. then it usually peels off cleanly in 2 or 3 pieces

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you can steam them instead of boiling. Makes peeling a breeze.

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Peel the eggs under running water directing the flow between the egg and shell as you peel.

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Adding vinegar breaks down then shells, just google it.

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I use rice wine vinegar in my recipe and I don't believe it has much of an impact. I'm concerned adding too much would over power the eggs

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He/She is asking about the shelling, not marinate. Vinegar doesn't affect the taste of eggs in a boil, it is used to soften the shell. Also rice wine vinegar has low acid amount vs regular vinegar.

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Needs a NSFW tag.

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This. Yolks shouldn't be sexual but... We're all prescribed to r/ramen so

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Probably need a weaker mix and to marinate them longer. Will help the flavour/colour go evenly through the whole egg

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These look fantastic! I always chuck some julienned bamboo shoots in with the eggs, get some depth of flavour into those at the same time.

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Absolutely glorious.

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Woah!! Nailed it!!! Nice one!! :)

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This should be filed as food porn. :D

A good ramen egg always takes a bowl from good to sooooo good. Which recipe did you use?

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I thought these were melty kinder eggs at a glance! Amazing!

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OP those look eggcellent.

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So pleased you posted a recipe too! I’ve never added these to my ramen before.

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Once you start, you can't stop. I always have these in my fridge! Plain hardboiled eggs just don't cut it anymore.

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This picture gave me an erection. You did a really good job. At the eggs I mean