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The "I'm an unapologetically bad parent" meme

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Cut to her in 30 years yelling, "HOW COME MY KIDS NEVER VISIT???"

My dad was a yeller. Haven't talked to him in 6 years.

Hahaha I also psychologically abuse my children.

Drove one of them to suicide, haha, whoops! lolz

Don't you hate it when that happens? 🙄

I hate it when he does that.

I have a bad feeling about this

Can I get an AMEN?

Lol, that's just my style!!

Username checks out


Original Poster3 points·1 month ago


Usually these kinds of people don't believe in psychological abuse or draw the line somewhere beyond their actions.

My dad always used to point at the psychotic South African prepper who lived up the street and had frighteningly submissive children as evidence of "real" abuse; therefore I had no right to complain about my dad's aggressive bullying.

Can you give an example of your dad bullying you aggressively?

I'd prefer not to

147 points·1 month ago

My mom used to yell/ scream at me literally every day.

I no longer speak to her.

When you grow up you look back and realize it was just abuse, not for your own good, not necessary.

My parents yelled a lot too and now I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder!!! Yay!!

Gonna get a diagnosis on that soon, for the exact same reason! I feel you brother

"Can I get an amen?"

No. Fuck you. Don't justify your own deviant behavior by demoralizing the norm.

I also take a ‘me time’ every hour as an excuse to drink one glass of wine and somehow get drunk off of that.

Start using that glass of wine to wash down a valium and a Vicodin and you'll be at my parenting level.

A Valium and a Vicodin? Unless your kid was born last week, you're slacking.

I actually am a recovering opiate addict. I used to get the best drugs from the docs at the VA. Now I'm just a criminal who uses marijuana. And right now 10mg of each would have me fucked up. But when I was actively using I was taking enough to kill someone.

Oh dude, I was just dicking around. I assumed you were joking, so I joked back. I forgot the "/s "

I hope your recovery is going well, I know how that can be. Not much of an issue now, but a decade ago it took 80mg of OxyContin in the morning to stop my withdrawal symptoms. Pretty sure taking that now would have a decent chance of killing me. And when I couldn't find Oxy, I ate hydros or percs like candy. As in, chewed them up, literally ate them. It's weird to look back and go "hmm, if I did that now I'd definitely OD."

No worries. I'm at a place where I can joke about it and I was joking. I'm glad you got better too. It sounds like we were in a similar situation. Stay strong and keep going.

OK phew. I joke about it a lot (confusing new friends sometimes) because that's how I cope with the indignity and regret and basically the horrible person I was there for a while. But I try not to joke with people in recovery who aren't pretty dang stable. You stay strong as well! Not being a massive addict is a lot less stressful.


she looks like the "can I speak to the manager" type.

She a soccer mom then.

"I was told by AppleCare" lookin ass

Screaming at your kids is only going to make them fear you. This lady might think it's relatable and her "parenting style" now, but she's going to wonder why none of her children tell her anything in a couple of years.

Or when they grow up and are no longer afraid of her she'll wonder why her kids always yell at her when she tries to spend time with them.

What’s your parenting shtoyle?

She's like "I'm verbally abusive, it's my parenting style"

I cringed at the memories

Self acceptance has limits....

Being loud, "yelling" to: -come on and get in the car before you're late to school after straightening your hair for an hour knowing you have PE 1st hour and it won't matter -empty the dishwasher (4th request) -hurry up and get the garbage to the curb because I can hear the garbage truck up the street (like I asked last night while I was folding your clothes) -grab the dog before she gets outside! She jumped out of the tub all wet and soapy! -not forget your water bottle for soccer practice because my hands are full of chairs and your equipment bag and we're late because you said you looked for your sock for an hour in the same drawer I found it in

Being verbally abusive, degrading or dismissive is something entirely different. Some people just have louder volumes. Doesn't make them abusive.

Cherrypicking contexts where yelling is acceptable doesn't make it acceptable all the time. If someone told you they punched a guy in self defense, or during a martial arts class, or during a boxing match, that's fine. If they said, "I punch people a lot. I am tired of being told I need to stop punching people. That's just my style, deal with it," the implications are much more hostile.

Agree. My only reason for making my point is that some of these comments seem to equate loud with abusive. That's just not always the case. That was all I was trying to convey.

oh good

"That's Inappropriate"


I'm starting to feel like Facebook is just a place for people to bond over/ justify being shitty parents.

When did using a loud voice become abuse?

Are people not actually able to seperate the two?

Hey, Rockm_Sockm, just a quick heads-up:
seperate is actually spelled separate. You can remember it by -par- in the middle.
Have a nice day!

The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.

what an ignorant parenting style

-6 points·1 month ago(4 children)

Maybe if we knew her on a personal level this wouldn't seem so bad.

She just does a lot of videos. If you go to the page “that’s inappropriate” or whatever it was called, you’ll see them.

I just meant she could have a strange sense of humor and this could be a joke that people might get if they knew her personal style of comedy.

You are right , in her videos she always jokes about inappropriate things like not being able to go to the bathroom alone (kids) or being to tired for sex after dealing with a toddler all day ext. I haven’t seen or liked every video I did see, but lots were very relatable to me, having 2 young boys.


Yellinf at ur kids when they are bad isnt bad

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