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卐Literally Hitler卐

omae wa mou shindeiru

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DankModerator of r/dankmemes, speaking officiallyScore hidden·1 month ago·Stickied comment


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This is the long con. If women want children, they better start wearing cat ears and develop a tentacle fetish.

P sure said fetish originated with women.

actually the whole tentacle thing came about due to japanese media being obliged to censor penises but tentacles didn't need to be

Pretty sure there's literally tentacle porn from hundreds of years ago

Those are historical records.

How do I rotate text in MS Paint?24 points·1 month ago

Legends once said of a giant mass of tentacles plaguing many Japanese villages.

And the horde of horny women who fought it off. Or maybe it was got it off? The translations fuzzy.


Just realized someone already beat me to that joke. And I felt so clever too :(

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The sacred texts!

I'm going to need to see a scholarly article on this.

The Fisherman's Wife was part of the first doujinshi.

Yes. Penises were outlawed by Europe a long time ago.

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fuck you13 points·1 month ago

Won't work. Many Japanese men are only attracted to Anime characters, and not actual people. They 're basically asexual in real life.

A lot of them also obsessed with young idols, think AKB48 and so on. Those meet and greets with girls as young as 12 years old are super creepy, filled with old men. They rate them and so on reading Japanese sites and forums on them makes you cringe super hard.

Or go to a sperm bank

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It’s called hentai and it’s art

I’m sad so many people don’t know about this secret Office quote haha

148 points·1 month ago

I believe it's a recycled meme that has probably been posted so much that the meme inflation reminds of something like Germany anno 1923.

If you bring me a wheelbarrow of those references I'll give you a loaf of bread

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I couldn't agree more!

Wait was that an actual blooper. I thought someone edited the video.

It was part of the extended episode, or a deleted scene whatever you want to call it.

3 points·1 month ago


Anyone know what they said? I got this same thing a while back and didn't think i was breaking any rules

I called some dude a fück1ng nørm1e rętård for thinking that "its hentai and its art" is an unknown qoute that only he and anonymous knows about.

Who the fuck reported you for that?

I mean, I called guy fieri a dyque so I mean I kinda get it, but this is fucking dankmemes, they literally have the automod set to agree when I say "Mods are fags"

Edit: VVV SEE!

Moderator of r/dankmemes, speaking officially2 points·1 month ago

It is known.

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

DO U KNO DA WEY XDXD13 points·1 month ago

Nothing beats beating off to anime tiddies


it's called hentai and it's a sin.

I'm gay and like long big cocks24 points·1 month ago

It seems so sinful not to like hentai

No, it's not! A sin is when you offend MY invisible friend

CERTIFIED DANK1.7k points·1 month ago

Wonder what that dip in 1945 is 🤔

Insert Flair Here761 points·1 month ago

You've got a great eyesight

CERTIFIED DANK389 points·1 month ago

Hindsight is 20/20

But looking back it's still a bit fuzzy

CERTIFIED DANK130 points·1 month ago

What’re you talking about, 1945 was the bomb

Speak of mutually assured destruction?

23 points·1 month ago

Nice story, tell it to reader's digest.

Did not expect megadeth here

Thank you all for this

Sweating bulleeeets!!

Careful! Jokes like that may holocaust u all ur karma

Speak of mutually assured destruction

Or they're drunk

I know this is a joke, but the dip at 1966 is actually quite interesting. It’s actually based off astrology, from the Chinese zodiac, because 1966 was the year of the fire horse, believed to cause undesirable traits in women, leading to an increase in abortion and a decrease in birth rates.

CERTIFIED DANK33 points·1 month ago

Huh.. that is interesting.

year of the fire horse

I read that as the year of the fire house, twice, and was thoroughly confused, to say the least.

I read it as fire hose.

fire hoes

For context- people were scared of birthing Fire Horse women in the same year Doritos and Vans were released. Fun stuff.

And this is why all those silly harmless beliefs we all tolerate are not so harmless.

I mean, I'm all for a decreased birth rate

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It’s when Japan invented immortality guy. No need to reproduce anymore.

39 points·1 month ago

Lmao that's 1966

CERTIFIED DANK22 points·1 month ago

Was a joke

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It's actually around 1966



It was a year that people thought was unlucky, so noone wanted to have kids! Really cool actually.

More like really retarded.

Hurr durr

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i like fried rice642 points·1 month ago




I have crippling depression7 points·1 month ago


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Heard they got some dope ass hentai merch in Tokyo. Can't find those anywhere else.

You can find Hentai everywhere. I studied abroad there and we went to a multi-story bookstore. Slowly crept through til the 3rd floor. My host brother said “okay let’s go” and I noticed a sign for a 4th floor.

I asked him “What’s up there?” He said it was nothing. I’m like okay sure let’s go. And then that’s when I booked it up the stairs.

It was an entire floor with Hentai. Book, anime, manga, dolls, merchandise, etc. It was fuckin surreal. It was just there. It wasn’t even barren either. Not packed. But no one seemed embarrassed by browsing it.

Recently went to Japan. Walked into a store in Akiba. The first floors are pretty wholesome, but when you get to the top floor, there are massive anime tiddies plastered on the ceiling, walls, and floor. All the men inside were respectable looking on business suits, and all browsing hentai manga. It was an interesting experience.

d͐ͦͮͨ͝͏҉͓͍̘̝̯ͅa͍̓̊͗͊ͭ̄͆̾̕ṅ̻͇̻͔̰̬̺̐ͤ̓ͨk̛̳̹͇̣̺͐ͧ̾61 points·1 month ago

True men of culture

I bought a nice pump there

Lol, wot?

He said he bought a nice pump there





Kachow bich12 points·1 month ago

Went to a convention in Australia the other day, they had a hentai stall. RIGHT THERE. It was trying to be ironic? I don't know.


Akahabuya or whatever it's called

149 points·1 month ago

We should introduce anime in Africa to stop overpopulation.

99 points·1 month ago

That may work, starvation doesn't seem to be giving results

Animated Flair Pulse [Insert Your Own Text25 points·1 month ago
10 points·1 month ago·edited 29 days ago

I've been saying this for years. let anime spread worldwide and solve the population growth problem. It's already starting to work in America.

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Half of Japanese people are virgins.Across both sexes

I identify as tentacle helicopter and am not a virgin. Smh.

be my lover

I’M GAY32 points·1 month ago

but first, you gotta get with my friends

Hello, I’m their friend, get with me

Now tell me what you want

How does that compare to the rest of the world, though? I assume it's much higher than most of the developed world. Or at least notably higher.

134 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

It’s an *epidemic.*People work so much leading to them not having time to socialize.People hire others to pose in pictures with them as fake friends.Some die because of being overworked.

25 points·1 month ago

Hire* that confused me for a sec lol

Dang. I’m in the wrong profession then. want to be someone's fake friend?

41 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

If someone paid me 100 bucks to pretend to like them for a couple of pictures? Heck yeah bro. For an extra hundo I’ll even hang out with them in public for an hour. Easy money.

To quote Creed Braton,

I’ve done a lot more for a lot less.

Do you think anyone would hire me to make plans and then cancel them at the last minute?

3 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Just make sure to get paid ahead of time in bitcoin my friend.

If I'm getting paid good money, I'd go for it

Yeah. Weebs have insane delusions. Japan seems like a mostly joyless country. Just look at how bad the porn is. Once your rose tinted glasses about them being asian wears off you realize that its all fat businessmen who look like they might still be virgins at age 45 trying to paw at a younger girl's breasts like they don't know what they are followed by pumping them once a minute in a process that looks like neither of them enjoy it. There's a reason they fetishize women acting like they don't like the sex. Its because its all they ever see.

48 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Lol Japan isn't as obsessed with anime as you seem to think, anime just happens to be the part of Japan we see most of because it's in high demand in the west, but the vast majority of Japanese are just like everyone else and only watch anime in moderation if at all.

The commenter you replied to was specifically saying that the reason Japan's birth rate is so low is because of their work culture, which seriously inhibits their social lives. Some anime might be a result of this, but it's not the cause.

Their work culture is fascinating and scary, definitely worth looking into if you're interested in the subject.

Edit: Stop upvoting this lol, I misunderstood his comment he was basically just saying Japan isn't as nice a place as anime obsessed people think. It's not exactly relevant but not exactly wrong either.

Did you respond to the right post? I didn't say anything about japan being obsessed with anime. I said that weebs have incorrect ideas about what japan is like because weebs are.

Ah I see what you meant, my bad, I interpreted it as if you were saying weebs are the reason Japan has a low birthrate.

That made me chuckle

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You could probably call me a weeb. He ll, I kind of want to learn Japanese specifically for the purpose of watching anime without subtitles, but I'm under absolutely no delusion that Japan is a place I'd actually want to live for more than a year max.

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*40% of single people aged between 18-34. It is not as bad as you make it seem.

Ages 18-34.

9 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

And single.

Edit: seriously, the virgin stat being discussed was about unmarried people between 18 to 34.

Muslim heaven on Earth smh

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If it was for uncles the birthrate would be non existent

And tentacle monsters

Insert Flair Here104 points·1 month ago

2D > 3D faxxts.

Mods are somewhat reasonable13 points·1 month ago

Big fax

PRAISE KEK6 points·1 month ago


I prefer 1D women

| girls are better than / girls.
fight me

Why do you have sex with a 3-dimensional body pillow then? Checkmate atheists

541 points·1 month ago(More than 51 children)

Anime is the 3rd bomb

I thought this was a jojo reference at first but then i saw the comment you were replying to

It can still be a Jojo reference if we try hard enough, everything’s a jojo reference in the end anyways, I mean I breathe and characters in jojo breathe so I’m a walking reference

Actually in jojo for the first two parts they use magical breathing as their weapon so yes that's a reference

60 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

How did I forget Hamon, shit... but wait Hamon sounds like Harmon, dan harmon works on Rick and Morty...


Yes haha


"Are you going to do the 'ORA ORA' thing to me?"


Insert Flair Here8 points·1 month ago


Is WWE's Daniel Bryan's Yes Movement a reference to Jojo's then?

Daniel Bryan is actually the next JoJo.

It also means ham in Spanish. Which is why I always thought it was silly as shit. Which it is. JoJo is very silly. So fine, I guess.

Idk how i always end up commenting jojo references when i didnt even watch jojo. This isnt the first time it happened to me.

25 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

You should watch jojo. It's a good and meme-able show. The first part (phantom blood) doesn't hold up to the other parts but it's alright.

Will do!




Anime was invented by Walt Disney under instruction from the CIA. It was then weaponized and covertly dropped into Japan via stealth bomber which was a highly classified technology at the time.

Comment deleted1 month ago(0 children)

I mean. 70 years kinda helps.

Comment deleted1 month ago(0 children)

There's still people who aren't in their 30's who lost someone that day. Humor is fair but acting as if 17 years and 70 years is the same is laughable.

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But the bombs were what caused anime.

this is because of chin chin, hes stealing the japanese chromosomes

Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo

gimme de pusi please bau5


This is so sad, CAN WE HIT ME DADDY UwU

0w0, what's this?

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They do have sex but because of being so focused on career they don't want to have a baby because it is a lot of responsibility

🙅 creampie

👉😎👉 big tiddy goth gf

Actually more than 40% of both sexes in Japan are virgins.

Unmarried people in the ages of 18-34. Vastly different things

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Plus it is difficult for both men and women to get time off when the child is born.

I will galdly help to restore those birthrates

As long as you're willing to take care of the baby.



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Japan's birth rate is actually normal for developed countries

This is why the underdeveloped world will take over.

73 points·1 month ago

Except then they develop and the birth rate goes down :|

I have crippling depression6 points·1 month ago

Don't expect that, our countries keep going worse, I'm from Colombia (Pablo Escobar coca, as someone said some time ago)

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53 points·1 month ago(4 children)

Go back to your country

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This made me read an article about it, and damn they are fucked

Fucking Delinquent30 points·1 month ago

No the problem is they aren't fucked


The Japanese started becoming mods

47 points·1 month ago(1 child)

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They committed honourable sudoku to prevent the spread of the aneems

I think that year, it was said that any woman born will never find a spouse or will be unlucky for her life so no one decided to have kids. In Japan ofc.

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I can help with that

Isn't this phenomenon present is most developed countries? I know I've heard that America and Japan were being effected by lower fertility. Theres actually a perfectly normal reason for our birthrate to be lower as time goes on. Throughout human history child mortality has been high so humans typically had more than one child (because its pretty likely that one/some are going to die). Now we have much better care for our children and child mortality has gone down significantly. The result is that people stop needing to have multiple children.

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This is a new low.

Fun fact: this is actually a common trend in countries as they develop, as countries get past the point of increased birth and death rates (think sub-saharan africa), birth rates drop off incredibly sharply, and some countries like Russia are coming close to reaching the projected "Stage 5" of development, in which birth rates begin to drop below death rates.

Dankiest, most cutest, disease ever made to eradicate humanity and it's not even borne to air, water, or land.

Time to get my anime waifu pillow

i’m kinda tired of the

something happens

something niggas:

autistic picture


Same for Korea. THink it has to do with empowerment in a country that was pretty much socially conservative for decades. I think there is a relationship somewhere with a rise in right wing extremism with these social changes. All the old fucks are getting antsy over this and they're becoming more conservative. Except in Korea, people have a strong sense of civil society so we ousted our last president. In Japan, cronyism is still too strongly embedded that a lot of these old right wing families won't go away for a while.

In Korea, they're trying to promote more sex. In japan, it's too late

no its not sex its kids, people in japan simply dont want kids

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If I'm understanding this correctly, anime has drastically decreased the number of black boi's being born. Not seeing the problem with this. /s

did you mean to type r/dataisbeautiful ?, I'm a bot beep boop and this action was performed automatically

Good bot


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