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Reposted realities....come on, man

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And they don't even change the title.

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That's what annoys me.
I couldn't care less about reposts, just gives more people a chance to see content. But when the user copy/pastes the exact same title and all, that's just pathetic karma whoring spam.

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And apparently the whoring pays off. That's what annoys me, even more

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Its really one of those “live long enough to see yourself become the villan” things. I do enjoy the fresh reactions from time to time.

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That is very plausible.

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Happy cake day

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It's because it's just a fake account being warmed up to be used in some sort of viral marketing. Tag the account, and then when you see a post that looks like a potential viral marketing, see if he is posting something positive about it.

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Yeah, after I made that post, I was thinking about how pathetic it is that people do that for "imaginary internet points". But then I remembered that a lot of those people are actually just building up the account to be sold/used as a shill, either corporate or political.

Which is just a whole different kind of pathetic.

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Lazy redditor with no imagination.

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Link to original? I’d rather go upvote that.

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Doesn't matter, he still got (stole) 4100 upvotes

The OP is on a rampage

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it's at 10.3k now :(

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turn that frown upside down...

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That’s scary I get out of there sadly a repost ;(

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Thanks for the heads-up; I am learning Reddit, respect originality and don't support lazy reposters.

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and the original title was better.

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1000 simulations complete

998 rebellions.

99.8% accurate

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Loved that episode.

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Black mirror?

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Yeah it’s black mirror

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I should start watching this show

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Beware the first episode is a little weird and NSFW, so be careful where you watch it and with who.

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It was done masturfully.

They literally told us what the ending was halfway through and it wasnt even expected.

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...can you remind me which scene that was halfway through?

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When they talk about their secret theories of the dating app and why they don’t remember their past lives, the guy says he thinks it’s a Matrix style simulation

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Yea, IIRC they are out by the lake, it was done really well I think.

The funny part though is during the "aahhhh" drink guy, me and the roomate were laughing and I was like I bet hes the kinda guy who does that after eating a girl out... lo and behold, he does do it.

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It was clear it was a simulation, but the twist was much more than that...

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I really didn't... I didn't hate it but it felt far less provocative and profound than some of the others. I'm not sure if I fully understood it but I thought that we're basically watching the AI in the "real world app" sorting out the comparability through these digital "clones" of the users?

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Its a dating app. You swipe, she swipes but before you it tells you that you matched it makes a cookie (personality/memories/etc copy) of you and puts it in a world filled with other cookies and let's them run a simulation to see if the two matched people would always end up together, or if you didn't have that spark and would settle for someone else. If 99.8% of the time you have a spark so strong you'd say fuck the world and everybody else I just want you, then it tells you that you match and you go to meet this person on a date knowing that you're proven "soulmates". We were watching computer code run that whole episode until the scene at the end, and everything that happened basically was what happened between swiping right and being told you matched and to go out on the last first date you'll ever need with 99.8% confidence

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Yeah, okay, that was basically my understanding as well. Neat idea, cool to see the struggle of the "cookies" having real human emotions. Just didn't tickle me as much as most of the other BM episodes.

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I get that. Probably because it was one of the more upbeat ones. They seem to sit different with different people. I liked it a lot, but it's definitely one of the episodes I've thought about the least after watching it

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Not all of them are suppose to be "super intense"

BM is literally just "alternate realities" and were basically just watching that shit happen.

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See: San Junipero

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It reminds me of a day on my bus (I’m a transit driver in a major Canadian city). There is one day each week where several ladies meet on the bus to go downtown for coffee. On a particularly cold autumn day the ladies were all wearing red coats. Every one I picked up was in red. Until we got to the last of the friends; she was in black. I pointed this out to her and she exclaimed, “I didn’t get the memo!” And all the ladies laughed, but I am still creeped out by it.

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Fucking NPCs. I bet they have really basic dialogue and no facial expressions. Did the restaurant manager mention an update any time soon to fix the costume issues?

Credit /u/ Putnum

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I can be funny sometimes

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Hello! I saw a mudcrab the other day, filthy creatures with their sharp claws and thick shells - I avoid them.

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The trippiest part of this is I could've swore I've seen this exact post four times already

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Nah, each one is from an alternate reality.

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Yeah, it's slightly different every time

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Each repost is an alternate reality

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Haven’t seen this in a few months

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Cool ive used reddit almost every day for 3+ years and have never seen it.

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Same. If you miss a few days on Reddit here and there you miss a lot

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Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

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Lunchtime at Panera bread.

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meanwhile, in this reality:

title points age /r/ comnts
Meanwhile, in The Matrix B 2936 3mos funny 61
Each booth is an alternate reality. B 12 1dy funny 4
"Any similarities are merely by chance and not because we ran out of npc models" B 194 7mos gaming 9
Each booth is an alternate reality. B 118374 9mos funny 1870
Each booth is an alternate reality 334 2mos GlitchInTheMatrix 5
Each booth is an alternate reality 19773 2mos blackmagicfuckery 196

Source: karmadecay (B = bigger)

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Panera Bread probably It pretty much is the same old family replicated via booth

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It is panera. The cups confirm it.

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"Ah Geez Rick, W-Why are we old women now?"

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Because, Mooorrty, this is the dimension where everyone is an old lady, and one the old ladies in here has the recipe for the best cookies in the motherfucking multiverse! Now finish your tea and help me kidnap her.

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Is that a Panera?

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Came to say this

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Looks like Panera Bread!

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I bet these old ladies are all dead by now with the amount this has been reposted.

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That 4th booth...could be black mirror

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Meanwhile at lubys.

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Booth #1: Our Reality. Booth #2: JFK not assassinated. Booth #3: Hitler won.

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There’s more reposts of the fact that this is a repost in this thread than there are reposts of this post.

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figures it would be at panera...

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Time rift in Panera?

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This most be at a Shoney's

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Definitely Panera.

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I was making a Rick and Morty joke :/

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Wooosh over my head

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It's ok, no one been getting it. They go there in one episode though.

It could even be a bad Rick and Morty joke, who knows.

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all above 60

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below 60 not allowed

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Or it's God playing Diner Dash.

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A glitch in the Matrix, perhaps?

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Anyone see the new black mirror???

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PsBattle or legit?

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Exceptionally niche speed dating.

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Is this cafe having a stop light party?

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Augmented Reality

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You found a very dangerous coven. Be careful.

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I wonder if they subconsciously arranged themselves in this fashion. If at all, I wonder what effect the pattern of the first booth of women sitting as they are would encourage the subsequent other booths to sit as such.

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Looks kinda like an alternate decade each

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The guy standing in line in the back comes from a univesrse of complete opposites. He's a male, wearing a blue jacket standing in line for food. The others are two women, wearing green or red jackets, sitting down eating food.

He probably knows bizarro Jerry.

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Green jacket red jacket who gives a shit

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Matrix is pretty glitchy today.

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Someone turn up the heat in this restaurant!

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The Grandmothers are here to bake cookies for you...

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You know why this world is great? Somebody noticed that! Never in a million years would that have caught my eye in real life.

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It's that time of month again, eh?

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BUT in the same reality

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squirrels morty!!

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You didn’t know? Dress code for senior citizens at Panera.

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Gotta reap the 2x colour bonus for Diner Dash

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Edit: OP even stole the title

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Can we just shut down these accounts that repost the same shit over and over?

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Panera knows their target audience.

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One creep shot.

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then there's just some geezer in the back fucking with the space time continuum

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Which one is c137?

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Berenstain, Berenstein, and Berenstine

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This is what it looks like when snowbirds come to town...

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That is incredible.

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And your repost is still a repost.

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10% funny 30% cool 100% repost Karma whore too

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You can see on the veeeeery far right there is another instance, but they just switched sides of the table xD

This image is amazing

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In unision: garcon, coffee!

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I hope the waitress gets her colour bonus.

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What’s even weirder is they all have (almost) the same haircuts!

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As someone who used to work at a Panera Bread, it's comforting to see someone else understand that all of the elderly white customers that come in are exactly the same.

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If dejavu is a glitch in the matrix, would this be an update?

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Black cat black hat.

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But it's Reality

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looks like a discount for aged women

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Having the same conversation too. Husband hurt his back shoveling snow. Book club postponed because half of them snow-birded to Arizona.

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Rick and Margie

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Apart from the 4th booth...

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Same two people, different choices

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Looks like my mum, aunt and grandma

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Pizza 1: I’d like to order one large person. With extra people please.

Pizza 2: White people. No no no, Black people. With Hispanic on half.

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Who'd wants to see a mad scientist use hand made sci fi tools to take out highly trained alien guards, when we can be a family at Shoney's?

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Black Mirror

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Hope life won't same as