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The roux looks right! Andouille?

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That’s a stew if you eat it with a fork.

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Makes me miss Nah'lins

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People don't pronounce it like this... I'm from there and people actually hate when you pronounce it this way.

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No offense meant. New Orleans.

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No offense takeb. It just makes locals cringe! It like nails on a chalkboard

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How do you pronounce Bon Temps ?

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Bawn taw. It's french.

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As others have pointed out, gumbo is traditionally served in a bowl, with less rice, and eaten like a soup with a spoon. Yours may be gumbo, but it's not served in the traditional manner.

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That ain’t no damn gumbo

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You can't eat gumbo with a fork... This isn't gumbo, but does look delicious.