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Title says it all really. We got hammered with snow yesterday and the heated buckets just couldn't keep up with how cold it was. I was down making sure the horses could still get a drink, and found this little girl. Someone dumped her at the end of our drive and she made her way up to the barn. Their loss, she's adorable and a little cuddle bug.

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Thank you for taking her in. Beautiful little love.

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Good for you animal lover! Will never understand how some people can live with themselves "dumping" a living thing. It certainly is your gain. She's sweet!!!

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That's how we got our oldest kitty. Someone dumped her at my in-laws farm right before a big storm. We put up notices on all the online groups and humane society, but no one claimed her so we knew she was dumped. She's a bit of a pain sometimes but it's a sin someone jus left her and we love her.

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"We got hammered" Yeah!

"with snow" Oh.

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Woah woah woah....you can do both.

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Your title brought back horrible, horrible winter memories. That was the absolute worst part of winter, we used those big green garbage buckets for the horses out in the fields in insulated boxes that had light bulbs in for heat. It worked great... unless the bulbs burnt out or broke. Then you had to haul a solid garbage can sized hunk of ice out, dislodge it, replace the bulb, and drag the hose all the way out to refill it. All that before the school bus arrived.

At least you got a very sweet cat out of the deal.

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She has beautiful patterns! Glad she's got a home and humans.

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She is beautiful.

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She's safe now. Getting fat on chicken scraps and sleeping on the finest old coats I can provide.

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You are a prince.much love and best wish’s for your kindness.

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She's safe now. Getting fat on chicken scraps and sleeping on the finest old coats I can provide.

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Uh, horses can survive in extreme cold?

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They're fine. They're in the barn and out of the wind. They have their jackets, on top of their natural fur coat. They've been fine in the wild for hundreds of thousands of years. A bit of cold doesn't bother 'em

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I have 3 PHD's in Skunkology, and that sir, is certainly no skunk. I'd guess it's a platypus, but that's outside of my doctrine.

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I have 6 PHD’s in Platypusology, and that sir is no platypus, possibly some kind of otter, not my field tho.

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I see the otter posts on reddit and can confirm that is no otter, might be some subspecies of badger

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I have a badgerologist locked in my utility closet. He says it's definitely a badger and something about missing his family.

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You know a badger missing his family? Well I hope he finds them soon.

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I have 2 PhD's in findology, and I can confirm that the heated bucket didn't heat.

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I have a PhD.

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Username checks out. Tell me how Whiskeyology is going.

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Rest In Peace heated bucket

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5 PhDs in Bucketology, 5/7 confirmed dead

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and yet, Pepe LePew won't stop trying to rape her.

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Awww. So sweet! Love her markings!

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lil skunko looks like he fell asleep first at a party

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I didn't want to be the one to say it.

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Those eyes though. Like a pale green Venusian sunset.

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They really do have 9 lives, and Skunk probably traded one in trying to stay warm or hidden from predators around the ranch. They come out of nowhere and acquire human owners too. What a great-looking cat and name. Have a great life together

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Skunk is absolutely perfect

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She is beautiful!

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Wow soooooooooo cute. Love it

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We found our sweet Skunk as a practically newborn kitten left in the barn on a hay bale. We genuinely thought it might be a skunk. Six months later, he looked very much like your fellow. He was so affectionate! He loved to go for walks with us, turning around and heading for home at the same place every time, just about a mile up the road. Black and white cats are really playful, so enjoy!

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Black and white cats are really playful, so enjoy!

Tell that to my black and white cat who's only two modes are being grumpy and peeing/puking on your stuff.

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Have you taken to the vet? That’s not normal behavior

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Yes many times and it's perfectly normal behaviour, not everyone ends up with a top-tier cat.

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I wasn’t asking if it was normal, I’m stating as a fact it is not normal. The instinct to bury waste is too strong in cats, even kittens know how to use it. It’s usually indicative of a behavioral or health problem, if not an environmental one. Puking also in addition to dietary issues.

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If you'd googled for just a minute you'd see that it's perfectly common for cats to fail to learn to correctly bury their waste or for other instincts to override it. You'd also see it's perfectly normal for them to puke without a health issue.

You're not a vet so why do you around giving people bogus "advice". Lies and misinformation aren't a good look. You think you can get away with this in the age of Wikipedia? You got some growing up to do.

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you can google anything and find someone who agrees with you, it is not perfectly common, the hundreds of cats i've helped socialize will prove that. unless you get a kitten very young and don't teach it to use the litter box, sorry it's not common. i'm not giving you medical advice so idk why you're getting so bent out of shape, i'm not saying you're abusing your cat. i mean, i'm sure you'd be cool to shit outside of a toilet or puke whenever but your cat might not be. good luck not taking care of beings in your care, you might want to do some introspection on that maturity bit as well. cheers.

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Skunk has a penis on his face

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I came looking for this.

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Came to add say penis face. Glad you guys have it covered

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First one to pass out always gets sharpied.

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I came here to rename the cat Miss Dickface.

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Absolutely magnificent

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So cute!

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I definitely want to own a farm. Random adorable animals to rescue all the time! People suck.

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I found Schnuffel in the cave I used to work in. Bottle fed him since before his eyes were open. We've been attached at the hip ever since. https://imgur.com/HPdRQXn

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Kicking the ice out of the horse buckets sounds like some weird yet awesome kind of metaphor... even though it isn't.

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That's exactly how I met my furbaby, except it was summer. I heard meows and called out, and now Baron von Twinkleheim III had lived with us for 7 years.

Thank you for rescuing Skunk. I know she'll be a great friend!

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Beautiful!! Love the wrapped around tail :)) Thanks for giving her/him a home!

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She's perfect and you are an amazing human!

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I hope you searched to make sure there weren't any more or any kittens. People are stupid. I hope whoever dumped her is dead in a ditch somewhere.

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I walked all the way down the lane. Only one set of kitty tracks. I even took a spin around the block to make double sure.

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Awww. Glad you double checked. And that this beautiful baby found you.

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Somewhere, Pepe Le Pew's ears just perked up.

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What a cutie.

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Skunk is a lucky cat

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Skunk has seen some things, man. And some stuff.

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That's a nice fuckin kitty right there!

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Hey I have a cat named Skunk too shes really smol and I love her a lot.

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“Kick the ice out of the horse buckets”

This could mean something, I know it.

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Horses drink a lot of water. If you have water buckets for them and the water freezes, you need to break the ice or refresh the water for them.

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I got it, just sounds like it could have a second meaning.

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So pretty

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Human owned.

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Chosen. Cats pick their staff. (Dogs have masters; cats have staff.)

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It’s inverted

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Yay for skunk! Skunk makes it out of the snow into a loving home!

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Everyone meet my cat, Mr. Dickface.

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Cat was looking kinda dumb with a tail and no thumbs And the shape of an "L" on his forehead Well the mews start coming and they don't stop coming

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we got hammered... by 12 gauge birdshot

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Anyone gonna point out the black patch on her nose looks like a wang? Adorable still though haha

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Do you live in the 1800s or a shithole country?