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They're beautiful! I love the flower formation -- they're a perfect, golden, buttery dough-blossom. I can imagine how good they must smell!!

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Thank you! And yes they are absolutely delicious. Try them out for yourself, i found the recipe here: https://lovefoodies.com/aloha-bread/. Not too difficult to make either imo :)

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Awesome! Thank you kindly for the link!

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Give me this and a bowl of hot, savory stew. I'm set.

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Yes. V bun like.

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Recipe? They look like clouds O.o

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Tfw the link you posted has a worse picture than yours,because yours look 10 times better.

But holy damn, these look amazing. Have you tried making simillar to cinamon rolls or even maple pecan rolls like the site which got the recipe suggests?

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Thank you haha! And i havent but those do sound good

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OMG. I have the day off tomorrow and will be making these!

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Yum! Nice work!