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Did they finally finish renovations? Last time I went through they were still in the temporary location.

This post is why when people ask what I want for my birthday I always tell them to just donate to the USO.

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Did they finally finish renovations? Last time I went through they were still in the temporary location.

It must be, I was at the DFW USO (I think there's 2 of them there, atleast when I went through) about 2 years ago, and this one looks nothing like where I was at. It was really awesome, they had Star Wars marathons going on since it was May 4th. The staff was super friendly.

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Yes, it's a new finish. The temp one in terminal d sucks, and what was in terminal b was a little less sucky. This new set up is great. It's also down a long somewhat sketchy set of stairs.

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They sure like to put the USO in a sketchy part of the airport, huh?

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4-6 months ago from what I understand

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Seattle's USO is pretty awesome!

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Except the guy who works the front desk there is a total asshole.

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He just barks orders in a condescending manner regardless of whether you are a brand new airmen, grizzled vet, or a civilian. I think he gets off on the little bit of power he has.

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I had to stay in Seattle for a night because of snow back in 2008 and the hotel they had a partnership with at the time was pretty nice. Nothing too fancy or anything, but it was nice.

The hotel that San Diego's USO recommends, though, is shit. Don't ask them for recommendations.

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St Louis is pretty nice ever since a local radio host sponsored a project to fix it up.

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Dave Glover. Hell of a nice guy and a big supporter of military folks. Really puts his money where his mouth is and very humble about it.

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Yeah, I moved away after getting out and miss his show. #Igetit

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The STL USO is the only good thing about that airport, and that's even considering the fact that the USO is located outside security.

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The USO at Las Vegas McCarron International is a great one too. Been there a few times.

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Is it really? I'm only asking before I was there a month ago, and the USO was really small/cramp in term of space. Only snacks and bagels or similar pastry. I was hoping for some hot food but there wasn't any.

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You know what else is great at Mccarron? The Centurion lounge!

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Why are all the good USOs in airports with Centurion lounges. Lol

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Is that one located in the middle of buttfuck nowhere? I think it was Dallas that had the USO in the middle of a bunch of unused gates that took like 20 minutes of wandering around to find.

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Probably. It's compensation for being in a crappy terminal, while the USO in Terminal D is pretty lame but the rest of the terminal (being mostly for international flights) is damn nice.

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Moved about 6 months ago they said

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in #11 the dude with the hat is retired as fuck

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Dude is straight out of Bloodborne.

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USO in Philly was pretty awesome but it's currently being renovated. Plus it was past security which made it even better.

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Yeah! That was the first one I had ever been to. It may have ruined me for the rest of them.

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How do you know where USOs are at airports you've never been to? Is there an app or something I should be using?

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USO website tells you. And at least at DFW they announce it non stop on the airport speaker.

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People might not like Texas but you gotta love how much they love military.

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You can ask pretty much any airport customer service rep and they'll tell you. It's disappointing when they also tell you it's outside security.

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Yea, I don't think it'd be worth it to have to go through TSA again

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If it's a long layover and you only have a carry-on with you then it's totally worth it, as long as it's a decent USO lounge.

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Actually, there is. Many times there's also announcements too, or you can hit up a directory in terminal

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There is an app! I just recently used it in Chicago. It will allow you to check in, that way you don't have to check in using the iPads. It will also use your location so when you land it will tell you if the airport has one and where it is. Here is the Android app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.uso.theuso

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That's awesome thanks

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Last time I just asked some active duty guys in uniform, haha. Worked like a charm.

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The one at SAN is pretty great

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They've really built it up since the last time I was there.

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I see renovations are done, this one looks pretty sweet.

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I love that USO.

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Whoa! I used to fly through there regularly, now I am missing out!

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San Diego. Awesome USO but outside gates. Detroit- not affiliated with USO but Freedom Center equally awesome. Chicago OHare. Great USO. Haven’t been in Minneapolis airport USO but I’ve heard it is quite nice. Great volunteers at all. Refreshments, WiFi, lots of outlets to recharge devices. Stuck overnight? Good chance you can get a cot or sleep on a couch. Can’t recommend these hidden gems enough.

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Minneapolis doesn't technically have a USO but they have the Minnesota Armed Forces Service Center which is equally awesome. Denver's USO is really nice too and on the secure side which is realllllllyyyy great.

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My understanding is that it’s called the Armed Forces Service center because they have much more control over their facility. They wouldn’t tell me directly (trying to be nice), but it seems that lots of donations to the MSP facility were being siphoned off by Big USO.
I think the one in Detroit is the same way, if memory serves.

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Yup. That is the case in Detroit.

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Philly and (surprisingly) Charlotte are good ones, too. I think that they're both past security, too.

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A USO inside the secure area of the terminal? wow never thought i'd see the day.

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Denver’s is last security and a nice one at that!

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The two that I've been to have both been that way. Really nice.

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Man, every time I got to DFW it's through the C terminal. . .

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It looked like a refugee camp after a natural disaster on the first day of holiday exodus.

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Is that the temporary one

Bc the dallas one used to have movie theater seating and all kinds of cool stuff.