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Forgive the question, but what exactly is "military grade" plywood? I have made several boxes for 45s and albums out of Baltic Birch plywood, the 1/2" thick has at least 11 layers, it is very dense and durable, but I've never heard of military grade. Thanks.

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Apparently it's just super dense hard plywood that is used for things in the military. I don't really know more than that.

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Okay, so basically, Baltic Birch, and that is what the military uses. Got it, thanks.

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Oh, and great job on the construction of the box. If you ever want to look for "road case" hardware, check out a company in Southern California, Reliable Hardware, all their stuff is made in the USA.

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If you say so.

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i like the sliding mechanism design. Brilliant!

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I had a DJ business for years and making storage/display equipment (we still used CD's and tapes!) was part of the fun. Extra nice kudo for the kickstand. Great work.

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That is badass!

What synths are you using?

I am just learning about modern synths after finally admitting that things other than the Juno and Moog exist heheh.

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Appears to be the Elecktron OctaTrack and Analog Four (both older versions)


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Thank you very much.

I couldn't make out the text on my crappy mobile.

Much appreciated :3

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This box is mainly for the Elektron AnalogFour and Octatrack.

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Thank you very much. Crappy low resolution phone I have hehehe.

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Built by u/twobeautifulmen and myself.