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What's the source of this article?

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how come nobody is asking this question lol

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So uh, I got this in my email too since I'm a consultant. There isn't anything entirely secret in the whole document, at least nothing that can't be found publicly online, but whoever uploaded this screenshot is in a large amount of trouble lmao.

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The picture is clearly a screen shot, though.

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Internal use only

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I hope orally because I don't like it going in the other way.

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This is AMERICA.

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In the PDF I have found online I couldn't find the OJ's slide. The PDF I have found is 71 pages long and looks like. Seems to me that OJ's slide is a summary of the actual report (if either one are real).

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Do you really think I can reveal the source? I would try to get some more bits of it hopefully..

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Wow, JP Morgan? The head of which is Jamie Dimon who branded all cryptocurrencies fraud? That's interesting.

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He probably just wanted to cause a dip and scoop it up

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Not probably. That’s what happened

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      Ice cold.

      Happy cake day

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      Cryptocurrencies, not digital assets :)

      Same thing to me, just being cheeky.

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      So what do you think, canshred? Should we buy the hell out of XRP or is only RIPPLE they want?

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      If you (or anyone else) read this content, it specifically says "does not require the use of XRP," but of course everyone here will go double down on XRP for it.

      I'd be concerned to keep using Ripple interchangeably with XRP.

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      It doesn't require XRP but if they start using xCurrent its extremely easy to move onto xRapid which would save them even more money. Its a no-brainer, "Ripple" the technology and XRP will go hand in hand.

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      Yeah, I know. But what OP posted specifically says the quote that it doesn't need XRP. Which makes this post on the sub-reddit almost useless.

      Sure, it's a good sign for Ripple. But most companies have multiple products.

      Facebook advertising showing good signs for marketers doesn't mean their new video platform is going to be amazing even if there's a link (video ads) between the two.

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      From what I understand xCurrent and xRapid are the same system, its as easy as flipping a switch once you're using xCurrent. Someone more knowledgable can be free to correct me.

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      As someone who has worked with financial services systems for 20 years, I can almost guarantee "flipping a switch" will still require 6 months work, plus testing. There's nothing about these systems which is as easy as flipping a switch.

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      6 months is not a very long time.

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      Don't consider it a formal estimate. I'm saying "flipping a switch" doesn't happen anywhere near as quickly as actually flipping a light switch.. which could be misleading if you're not familiar with how long these things take in the real world.

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      "Flipping a switch" will require money and a reason to switch.

      This post literally proves they see no reason to switch at the current moment. We all have a lot of choices that are available to us that are relatively easy (using different products in every situation in life), but there are reasons we pick what we pick. Ease isn't enough. You need a reason and benefit. Not only that, you need to see the reason and benefit, and feel it.

      Using a product from a company doesn't mean you'll just use other products even if they are integrated. I work in a similar setting where we have multiple integrated products and struggle to build synergies in selling to clients even if they work together.

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      The reason is it saves them even more money. Bottom line is what matters in business, if they didn't do it and it was found later they could've saved another 40% or whatever, people would be getting fired IMO.

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      Do you really - and I mean really - think anyone would specifically say the words "without using XRP" if there was no negative, and simply a 40% financial benefit?

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      Of course there are current negatives, but its not with the technology itself; it's with the current market and stigma over crypto assets. Crypto is still very unregulated and volatile, and until this changes, a lot of banks/FI's, which are very conservative in nature, will be hesitant to use an asset like XRP. The technology is sound, and the cost savings have been proven. What needs to change is the market conditions and sentiment.

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      The "negative" is general fear of crypto from FI (for now).

      xCurrent is the bait, or toes in the water. Once they see the numbers they're getting, the next step to using XRP is as easy as "hey we can save even more".

      Edit: Also, again I could be corrected, but I think xRapid is still earlier in development, and is designed to benefit from a regulatory framework (which is on the way).

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      xRapid is still in BETA so there is the inherent risk of using it (and your first point above). Once it is out of BETA with a number of successful pilots under its belt the flood gates will open.

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      I completely understand what you’re saying. I think we need to look at the bigger picture here. xRapid adoption is unlikely to come from the large money center banks. They have access to large pools of liquidity and are able to charge the smaller banks to piggyback off their liquidity when the smaller banks want to send money. xRapid’s best case for adoption is likely going to come from these smaller banks, the nostro vostro account standards as they exist now is more expensive and less flexible than using XRP as a liquidity source. Of course we have no idea how successful Ripple is going to be in convincing banks to adopt xRapid, but that’s why we’re here right.

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      With more liquidity all banks will be interested. Only a matter of time.

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      And the reason is savings. If they already implement xcurrent and it works, switching to xRapid is a no brainier from a business aspect. Saving money == profit to a companu

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      Which makes this post on the sub-reddit almost useless.

      This sub is about Ripple, the company, and XRP, the crypto. Have a nice day.

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      I understand Ripple is relevant, but you and I both know 99% of the users here are invested in XRP and only care about that.


      Don't lie and pretend anyone here truly cares about anything outside of what affects the value of XRP.

      And no, Ripple success does not affect the value of XRP unless XRP is involved.

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      Your passive-aggressive FUD is annoying.

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      FUD is pointing out a bullshit post?

      You realize how fucked our investment is if the value only rises due to false advertising like this post?

      Guess what: it explodes in our face. I want the value of XRP to rise because of XRP success, not because of bullshit misinformation.

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      Then you should be very happy at the recent events. And the fact that JPMC is even talking about Ripple is something to be interested in. That's what this post is about.

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      The success of a company doesn't mean every product they own benefits... what's painful is that a lot of people here can't comprehend that and post "why is the price not going up? why is the price so low?"

      The answer is because most of the news really isn't about XRP.

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      I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted. Yes there are incentives for financial institutions to use XRP but if the currency is considered volatile (which is the general view of crypto currency) then they probably won’t adopt it. I think everyone here assumes that if the technology eta adopted the currency will too and I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.

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      People here are biased with personal financial investments, so they will have a harder time seeing something that could be perceived as negative.

      Also, I could have worded it less aggressively.

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      Yeah I mean generally I think this subreddit is much better than others but people still get super defensive over shit.

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      You're getting downvoted because you're parroting the same shit we hear on a daily basis. We completely understand that they're not using XRP and we're not claiming otherwise. But you don't care about that.

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      OP stated "crypto presentation" and then left out the fact that XRP was specifically mentioned as something they are avoiding. The title of this post is fucking bullshit, and would have been removed on any other sub for misleading information. And yes, I am an XRP owner that wants the price to go up, but not because of bullshit lies.

      I'm not even getting downvoted, and I don't give two shits about the 1 or two negative karma I would get from posting the obvious truth here.

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      Why is it BS? the xCurrent ledger is cryptographically secured?

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      Um... You mean blockchain? Don't throw out buzzwords

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      yes... the xCurrent blockchain ledger, is cryptographically secured...

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      Where does it say they are avoiding XRP? Nowhere.

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      If you are going to play mental twister just to see something the way you want to see it, go ahead.

      You know damn well what I'm talking about if you spent even 60 seconds reading the post. You're just being cheeky. Do as you please, and interpret as you please.

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      Pot Kettle Black....

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      Nah. It isn't twisting anything when you actually read the post and comment on what it truly said.

      No one here even reads beyond the sensational headlines, and it is more of a religion of faith than actually intelligent investing.

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      Not how it works. (Worries of volatility). Just a matter of liquidity which is stil too small. But it is growing and will reach a tipping point.

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      3 second settlement makes volatility moot. Xrapid uses pathfinding to connect transactions to the cheapest and fastest route via marketmakers. Banks are exposed to far more volatility by holding actual currency while settlement takes days.

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      Volatility will have almost zero impact on the use of XRP by banks and FI's once the ILP is in full swing and the network has sufficient liquidity... which won't take long.

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      Read the paragraph above

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      The way I see it bud, XRP will have a place in our society. The banks are too greedy and if they break the chains of the old system and adopt Xcurrent. It's like spiking a junkies drink they will see room to make more (save more) money. I wouldn't tell anybody to invest anything more than what they would never like to see again. I know what I'm doing when we hit dips bud.

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      Look, this is quite easy to answer if you think it out. Today and tomorrow, it will all be about Ripple, but in the coming years, this will change and XRP is going to become the most valuable crypto of them all. As soon as banks feel comfortable using XRP, they will, why, because it saves them 30% in fee's (beyond the 30% they save by using RippleNet) but more importantly, banks will no longer need to keep billions of dollars locked up in Nostro/Vostro accounts in every Country that they wish to conduct business. This latter point is massive - more so than the 30% savings.

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      Ah... “Relatively faster and cheaper...” ? There’s hardly any comparison.

      Try “Substantially faster and cheaper.” 😉

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      Amazing! It's funny how Mr Jamie was calling us idiots last year. Now he's back pedaling on his own words. There's a lesson to be learned here. Never listen to the words of a man named Jamie

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      I tried to post this as a new thread but I don't have enough karma yet.


      Anyway, the recent JP Morgan crypto report heaps praise upon Ripple in multiple sections throughout the document.

      These are a few direct quotes taken from the report. When Wall Street and the general public eventually read and digest this report (it's not widely available yet but the PDF can be found online if you look), then the price of XRP is likely to surge. I can see XRP taking the number one spot within the next month as everyone FOMOs in.

      Selected JP Morgan Quotes Below:

      "We look at a growing list of new Blockchain based systems including Ripple, which aims to facilitate cross border payments between Global banks in seconds compared to days for traditional systems, at lower cost.

      In this section, we discuss areas within Banking that could see significant change as a result of initiatives around Blockchain applications and look at the case of Ripple, which has the potential to disrupt cross border payments processing across the industry globally.

      Blockchain technology can allow for an almost real-time transfer of funds through a decentralized network, thereby removing the need to go through any intermediary at all. Ripple is one example of such an enabler. The settlement times for Blockchain based systems can be as quick as 4 seconds compared to traditional banking systems of 3 to 5 days.

      Below, we discuss a prominent fin-tech company, Ripple, that is at the forefront of the cross border payments industry using its own digital currency asset.

      Case Study: Ripple – efficient, cross border payments

      Ripple aims to use Blockchain to conduct cross-border transactions between Global banks by stitching together bank ledgers through its proprietary tool.

      At present, we note that the speed, cost and liquidity characteristics of Ripple have made it the most appealing digital asset for financial institutions for application at scale. Ripple has already received acceptance within the financial community and has also partnered with the Bank of England in the FinTech Accelerator program to demonstrate real-time settlements using the Ripple Interledger Protocol.

      We believe Ripple’s creation has the potential to create competitive disruption for an existing service (Cross border payments between banks via SWIFT)

      Various money transfer firms, such as Western Union and Moneygram, also announced partnerships with Ripple this year, which we believe could have implications in the money transfer industry. Our early thoughts indicate the firms are going to use the underlying technology (or Blockchain) as a settlement engine (with or without converting funds into cryptocurrencies), which could result in cheaper, faster payments to remote corridors that could be too costly right now."

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      Here have some karma but dont spend it all on coke.

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      send the source page pls . not just photo ! its looks like rumor to me more than legit source

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      Looks real. Any proof that it is indeed JP's report?

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      Yes. It’s real.

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      Does anyone know how much of a threat that Global Payments Innovation is?

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      I have this exact same question. Thanks for asking it. Any knowledgeable types able to answer?

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      Wow.. ringing endorsement

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      "disruptive force" hmm you mean like a ripple? lol

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      Would you bet the farm on XRP, bud?

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      This is not XRP, investors should distinguish.

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      Lamens term! XRP... Yes or No?! Go or No Go!?

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      The important real stuff is in the paragraph above, XRP is not related to that system, it will never be, it's the slowest private crypto and it scales badly.

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      I mean, you're just wrong.

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      Sooo, did they buy a huge pile of ripple or just their software?...

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      Downvoted for asking serious questions. Awesome.