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Quality shit post. Also, VEN is up today..must be the hoodie rumours.

Easier for people to wrap their heads around than another stupid government partnership

I want a fookin hoodie already

17 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

Finally this sub graduated to shitpostable!

Thanks man, chuckles were had.

Original Poster7 points·3 months ago

Lol. I thought it was pretty good. Apparently most do not :P

That's the people refreshing New in hopes of a BMW announcement, who felt cheated when it was satire instead. Never let them kill your shitposting meme dreams.

Toasty if true

VEN just exploded due to this post right here guys

I'll pay two thor for a medium vechain hoodie.

5650 Arcturus Ave, Oxnard CA 93033

The image isn't opening for me to have seen what has been seen.


1 point·3 months ago

That's what they thought about all prophets in history. Some things are bigger than us :)

In the real though....I want that hoodie O_O

Do I buy the hoodie or get 15 more Vechain?

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