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That is an incredible amount of tiling for one day. Well done.

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looks great!

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That's a lot of work for one day. Well done.

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Nicely done! That is a hard day's work.

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Even though you are new at this, the project turned out superb.

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Looks awesome! I love that beam. Where did you get it from? Architectural salvage?

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There is a place near me that salvages barns and sells the wood. It is in Mason, MI if that is in any way close to you.

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The tile is nice, no obvious patterns or odd bits. Lots of work

Are you gonna mount any art or gasp a TV above the fireplace? :P

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I am sure the wife will find something nice. No TV though.

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Nice work. Sorry your wife didn't make you dinner. I've been there. It's really hard to abruptly switch tasks, especially after you put all your energy into a big project.

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IM sure it will look amazing when all will be done.