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AGI now available on

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Now we have more flexible options to get our AGI tokens.

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Awesome! Got my AGI on KuCoin just a while ago but with more exchanges I will have more options to get me more AGI!

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Lets hope that the volume goes up with this new exchange. Great news for us to have more options.

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Yes and it did increase today hope it goes up more

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New exchange, new opportunity for many to get their hands on AGI token!

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Magnificent work! new options to get some AGI is good.

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Maybe the current massive pump came from this exchange? Oh well nevermind. Good thing we have another options to get our AGI tokens. I'll gladly use this and be happy.

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Having more exchanges to get our AGI tokens is very reassuring.

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DEXY and are the new exchanges for AGI. Would love to see more than this. I guess it will happen when the marketplace is up. Good to see many are already taking notice on this project.

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