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Holy shit this feels like an Abridged line

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While we're at it, how about my favourite line of all time?

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I've never seem something so deserving of a rimshot.

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Oh look, he even has dad jokes! All the more proof of what Piccolo is.

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A Yoshi?

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Hahahaha I have yet to watch Super but that is too good.

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Hmmm.... made me think that I want a "I am the hype!" title in some way...

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Title card for when Base Vegeta is released hopefully

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I've seen the series a bunch of times. How do I not remember this?

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You blocked it out to protect yourself from it's majesty

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tfw all you see is a tiny thumbnail on the main page and you already know what scene it is

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I honestly can’t tell what they’re saying. Mondo cool?

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Thats right, Mondo cool. heh

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Another should be how dare you

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Which dub is this from?

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Original funimation dub

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