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Steve Winwood - Valerie [Synthpop]

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Obviously Eric Prydz's song "Call On Me" sounds like it samples this, but the truth is slightly more in depth; Prydz's original version did just sample "Valerie", Prydz then sent a tape of it to Steve Winwood to basically seek his blessing for the song. Winwood then offered to rerecord just those vocals for Prydz, and that's what's in "Call On Me".

This guy produced genius while in Traffic. I’m not sure what happened but holy shit this is super lame.

Another example of this is Lionel Ritchie when he was with the Commodores. That shit is brilliant. Everything afterwards, what happened.

Then McCartney. Was already producing nursery rhymes while with the Beatles. Once he went solo, except for his first album, which is brilliant, was just nursery rhymes. No wonder Lennon wanted to get the fuck out.

Apologies if you like this kind of music. More power to you.

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Steve Winwood
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Stephen Lawrence ("Steve") Winwood (born May 12, 1948 in Great Barr, Birmingham, England) is a British singer, songwriter, and musician who, in addition to his solo career, was a member of the bands the The Spencer Davis Group, recording the hit "Gimme Some Lovin'", Traffic, and Blind Faith. Winwood's commercial success waned during the mid and late 70's. He had a major hit with While You See A Chance in 1980. He had a career renaissance beginning in 1986 with the hit album Back in the High Life which produced hits such as Higher Love and The Finer Things.

Winwood released a new album "Nine Lives" on April 29, 2008, and started a tour with Tom Petty and others in May 2008. Read more on 479,615 listeners, 3,359,477 plays
tags: classic rock, 80s, singer-songwriter, pop

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I think it was 1987. I was a student at Penn State working as a student auxiliary security guard. Steve Winwood played a concert there opened by Level 42. I was assigned to guard the band dressing room directly behind the stage in a hallway made up of the stage backdrop and a concrete wall. The sound level was deafening. I stood there about 8 hours and the entire time I saw the band for about 45 seconds coming in and leaving. I saw no one else in the hall except for a young woman and a guy who appeared to be roadies hanging out with some equipment. No fans tried to get back there (which was the security concern). Steve Winwood said 'thank you' to me looking over his shoulder as he was walking out down the hall. When I got back to my dorm at about 1am I was totally exhausted from standing so long. I closed my door and right away I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door to find the female RA from down the hall (co-ed dorm wings). She invited me to her room and I knew full well that she was horny and was just looking for anyone awake. This was her truthful reputation. I was just too exhausted to go with her. Unfortunately, it turned out it would have been my only chance with her. Quite a day.

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