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That wasn't flying! It was falling, in style.

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That was awesome but .. I'm going to puke now

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Starts blasting highway to the danger zone in chat

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That's one way to take off.

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Top 10 anime pilots

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Luckily, I'm a pilot, too. I inverted the bird and landed 'er safely in an open field.

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They say i cant drink on a plane? They say i cant bang on a plan? They say i cant be a pilot? I cant be a doctor?

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That made me dizzy

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I know exactly what face he was making while trying to pull the plane's nose back up

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The same sort of face you make when you've run a really, really hot bath and you're trying to get in but you're having trouble getting the water past your balls...

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All men know this face.

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If you're not scared to get in then your bath isn't hot enough.

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Ah. I see you too are a man of culture and also like third degree burns! :p

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It burns in a good way. Though I wonder how many times I have actually burned myself, or if that burn is actually a bad thing. Taking a scolding hot bath is very relaxing.

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Now...now do it in first person

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Here's what you might be looking for. It's not the exact same stunt but here's two reverse takeoffs from a mountain in first person. From the same video just watch at the time stamps for what you're looking for.



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that same stunt is on the video. It starts at 4:11

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I was wondering, has anyone EVER landed a plane in gta?

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landed a few on top the maze tower.

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It's not that hard. Try landing a plane in war thunder on realistic without ripping your wings off, Now that's a challenge

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It's not that it's hard or something, it's just that it's way less convenient than jumping off using a parachute or say jumping into an ocean.

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Pulls 8gs and passes out

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*try 47