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My god it just never ends... #1 up and coming project in crypto.

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This is just amazing. This day was good on sub. OST, VeChain, bounty0x all good suggestions today. Thnx r/cryptocurrency ,I wholeheartedly thank you for shilling me REQ, ARK, VeChain, COSS, iota when time was just right.

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Check out Enigma. I just got in today.

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VET and Sunny keeps delivering as always!

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Is there also VEN? Same name.

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VEN is rebranding to VET. It already says VET on CMC

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WOW!!! This Below my mind!

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He said January tho!

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Vechain = next ETH style bull run

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VeChain: the gift that keeps on giving.

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Monumental! Eyes on VEN this upcoming month. Re-brand’s coming soon!

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sooner as you expect :D

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This partner, holy ass...... Big (like all other partnerships!)

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Holy cow. There's so many good coins coming up, but I think VeChain is one of the most promising ones.

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Wow ! They announced big news come in 72h and they drop a bomb right after !

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How is it possible nobody has commented on this yet:

"As Chinese regulations become more transparent, BitOcean will also support VeChain’s development of the world’s first blockchain powered exchange as advisor. VeChain’s solution is currently designed to handle physical goods’ trading via CNY both digitally and through VeChain token in person."

The scope of the VeChain project is broader than anyone even imagined. They aren't just tagging goods for supply chain verification purposes. They are building a goods exchange for China, presumably where the things on the exchange will be supply chain verified. The importance of this in China cannot be understated given the enormity of their counterfeit goods problem. They are trying to solve the entire issue by not only verifying goods, but creating an exchange to then purchase the verified goods.

Other than the actual smart contract platforms, this is the best project in crypto.

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I know right? I can just see people randomly scanning bags of friends for giggles. I love what they will bring to the world!

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Read the sticky on /r/vechain/. What they've done so far and the partnerships they've set up, and the little attention it got until now is unbelievable.

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Huge moves, get in while you can!

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This is BIG news!

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This is insane. Vechain keeps delivering with big news. Vet is going to be the next big thing!

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Over 500 btc sell walls breached, none left. Ready for lift off.

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So good. Fiat to Vet is insane to have. Only the top of the coins have this and now Vet, where will it end?

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This is insane....

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Anybody know wheter my VEN will automatically be changed into VET when sitting on my Binance account?

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Its done automatically

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Awesome thanks. So glad I hold quite a bit of this

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Holy cow vechain is exploding right now. Go go go!

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Dang. Middle of the night in Asia, good time to buy some more, and don't have any money to comfortably blow on crypto gambling right now. D: Here's hoping this will at least turn the few dollars I have in it into something that's worth growing long-term.

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yeah can't wait to see what happens ~ 6 hrs from now

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It's insane how fast those 100+ BTC walls are being eaten even now.

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I believe people autobuy once it starts chipping at the wall, since once its gone it usually takes off.

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Real world partnerships make VeChain feel so much safer to invest in

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I reckon top 10, heck even top 5 coin after mainnet launches.

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Any estimate on when that will be?

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Q1-Q2 2018. This is just one of many big announcements coming up not to mention the nodes rewards structure being announced very soon.

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Wonderful news, and thanks. I think once we get on another major exchange it's game over

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should i double down on this now before it blows up? I already have a position

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I got in at $1.50. This should easily be $5+.

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Will be. Have faith.

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I’d say 100-500 usd next year honestly, look at ETH and NEO.

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138 billion dollar market cap? You're out of your mind lol. This doesn't include the true circulating supply either. True circulating supply is 495 million, but cmc doesn't report that. You're talking 247 billion cap. I don't think so.

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I’m a believer the crypto mc will grow overall - that may allow for this number. But who knows for sure? I don’t claim to have the truth.

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Look at the how VeChain is positioned in China. They have a national partnership with China as an integral part of their technology strategy, it is absolutely possible.

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Yeah that is really overstated. Walton has multiple recent awards and accolades from the national govt and multiple govt contracts from provincial govts, coupled with many partnerships with multi billion dollar companies using their product.

Neither of these projects will be 250 billion in market cap next year. 250x market cap is not going to happen. Both projects will be multi billion next year, but 250 billion is absurd. Market powers won't let that happen. They absolutely will be 250 billion at some point. Perhaps in 2 or 3 years. But there's no way profit takers and general market forces will allow that kind of insane parabolic, vertical growth to happen. That kind of thing only happens from scam pump and dump coins that are rank 400+. Vechain is already in the top 50.

Not to mention this bull run in crypto won't last forever. It will come to a temporary end. We might end up cooling off for a year before getting into this kind of growth again.

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Who said anything about 250 billion next year? We’re talking about long term potential of these projects.

Our attention span in crypto is far too short.

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Uh. The guy I originally replied to. Dexxert said it.

I’d say 100-500 usd next year honestly, look at ETH and NEO.

500 dollar VET is a 250 billion dollar market cap with current true circulating supply of 495 million. It's not 277 million. One of the Vechain reps clearly explained this. It's just CMC doesn't include tokens sold in private sales. But those tokens are circulating.

He said next year. I said that's not going to happen.

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This is insane good news! Wow, vechain grow in so many directions. i thought the luxury goods part would be already huge

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Just doesn't stop!

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Choo chooo

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awesome !!! better than any exchange, this will help with the adoption of vet

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Vechain or Icon where should I invest!#@@!# I REALLY DON'T KNOW IT ANYMORE

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What's the difference between VEN and VET?

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One letter. /s

There's none. VET is the new name after rebrand.

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Will the name just change on exchanges or will a transfer of sorts be required? Binance is still at VEN I think.

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Just HODL, you don't need to do anything (at least on Binance). :)

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As usual the fucking Asians sold off 75% of the gain as soon as they woke up.

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I'm starting to wonder if there's any point in holding Chinese coins if you can't day trade.

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VeChain is from Singapore not China

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There is, but the upside is cut in half. I've been holding this for a long time, so it's been a great return, but if this wasn't getting face fucked by the Chinese and the whales we'd be over $3.

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lol no. It's caused by the BTC drop. Just go to CMC and scroll down the list of red.

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source ?

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Honest question- what is the point of this partnership? Vechain is a supply chain token, not a currency. I don't get it.

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That's a huge news ! What bigger news comes in 72 hours that's the big question ?