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Ok maybe it's just a few permissions that it doesn't need but i still don't get why it needs access to things like all of the activity on my phone and my contacts

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Contacts, sync and vibration ... not sure about those

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Why would it need my contacts?

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Find contacts on the device

Read files
Write and delete files

See network connections
Access internet fully
Read sync settings
De/activate sync
Prevent sleep mode

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You forgot a couple of them, like "Device and app history: read sensitive log data", Also why would Reddit ever need my contacts, read my sync settings or access my accounts? (don't tell me "it's because of the Reddit account" because there are a lot of other apps with accounts that don't ask for this permission).
Also there is an alternative Reddit app that literally only asks for internet and has 99% of the official app's functions while being more lightweight, furthermore, said app was last updated years ago and still works 100% well

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That didn't show up on my list