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TIL: reddit tracks your outbound clicks from this DOMreddit and sells your activities here to third parties. (you can opt-out in the link)

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Opted out!

Thank you.

They killed it

LOL I’ll keep mine on since I mod a circlejerk sub where the users loathe that I post here.

The data showing they associate with me is hilarious.

Circlejerk - the band? Or the activity?

I like that band but it’s the Reddit activity.

Thank you

USA15 points·3 days ago

You da MVP.

Boy, do I have some bad news for you. Do you use Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Google? Basically... do you use the internet? Most social media and email services do this. It’s a sadly common practice.

America First19 points·3 days ago

"Scientists tracking mirror neurons noticed that a monkey will get excited not just when holding a banana, but also when seeing someone else holding a banana."

Sara Genn

Iirc they are called "mirror neurons"

They are actually quite interesting. If you get mad at someone, the mirror neurons will cause u to get mad at them

Original Poster54 points·3 days ago

No, I do not. Because I am not a cuck.

Lucky you. I made the mistake a few years back of making a career out of social media. Seemed like a good idea at the time.... Eh.

uMatrix is a good solution, isn't it?

Did that ages ago. Good bringing it up again because not everyone knew about it.

FIRST 5009 points·2 days ago

Glad to see I unchecked these options a long time ago.

I had unchecked these months ago when this same thing was posted. Go to check today and they were all checked again. Spez fuckery.

This is about the 3rd time I have had to opt out in just over a month. Keep an eye on this page.

This is my 2nd time having to set this...

Big League8 points·3 days ago

The is Pede!

Click no boxes and save changes

It really doesnt matter what we check or uncheck. They still steal our data, whether its ethical or not.


MAGA8 points·2 days ago

I always exit this sub or any sub on reddit and open a new tab to open another site. I do this with every site I'm suspicious of, so no tracking for you.

And I use duck duck go for my searches.

Holy shit. I was all signed up. I thought I opted out a long time ago.

Mods sticky this!

17764 points·2 days ago

Thanks! Little slight of hand in the redesign...

Thank you. Fuck Reddit. Maybe if they throw us a fucking bone id like them

Thank you for the heads up

Mobile users: make sure you sign in again when clicking this link

17763 points·2 days ago

Thanks for the link and reminder.

OR you can just use private browsing plus Adblock & Ublock to make sure that literally nothing gets tracked.

Original Poster2 points·2 days ago

Yes, and these flags act as consent, so under GDPR, if you uncheck them, Reddit can be fined for even trying.

DTOM3 points·2 days ago


Why is useful

Aaaaannnnd, "Error loading Reddit data. Try again later". Imagine that. What's that link again?

Comment deleted2 days ago(1 child)

That helps a bit, but between fingerprinting (which works even with containers) and IP address tracking, it only stops a fraction of the tracking.

If everyone opts out and they have nothing to sell, there will either be more ads on the site or the site dies. Any company has to make money somehow.


Reddit is already on its death bed. This site is propped up by bots and scripts.

This sub is literally keeping Reddit's over all traffic up the same as Trump's account is doing for Twitter.

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