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Hey at least these guys were trying and were well behaved.

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We are the most optimistic crowd aren’t we

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I think it’s sad and true

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Omg the second one haha

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Oh my god. The first one was too real I'm dying.

Edit: the second one too. I just started my partner with how loud I started laughing. Nay- chortling. These are amazing I love you for them <3

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Hahaha omg I have definitely had that first video happen multiple times this year! It had me laughing so hard I'm in tears

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That first one has me fucking crying

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For years, I've wanted to show this video to my class.

(I can't, of course, but I want to)

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Holy shit thank you for this

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Does anyone have a clean version of this?

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All I want is for them to pretend to give a shit! Just pretend for like an hour, please!

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I'm fucking losing my shit here!

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The students are paying entirely too much attention.

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The episode with Seinfeld trying to teach WWII is the best example of teaching I have ever seen. If I wasn’t on mobile, I’d see if I could scour the web for the clip.

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Ugh when videos play the ad perfectly but then won’t play the actual video.

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Thanks! Years ago it was impossible to find online. SNL was very protective of their videos. I had it downloaded on my computer at work to show some other history teachers and haven’t looked for it since. I guess SNL is more lax with their streaming now. 🙂

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You might be able to screen cap it with SM recorder.

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I have it saved; I was commenting more on how difficult it used to be to find online.

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I can see the same reactions in my classroom. And if watching a 1992 video reminds you of your classroom in 2017, then maybe kids have not change as much as people claim.

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Funny, I was remarking on how they’re all raising their hands, being polite to the teacher, and have no smart phones out.

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Reminded me that I'm out of antacids...

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I couldn't handle the audio being so out of sync.

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Here's a better version, though SNL edited out the F-bomb.

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This Vine is me on more days than I care to admit.

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You kinda want to pound your head against the wall when they start trying to sound out "the"

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That was me when teaching 6th graders who couldn't read at all.

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No one gives teachers any credit for all the many days they'd like to drop the F-bomb in class, but didn't. That should be our yearly bonus.

The worst I've ever said is "Shoot!" but to the kids like it was that other Sh word.

This skit was OK until he grabbed them and punched that kid. That wasn't funny to me.

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That’s what it is like to teach math to inner city schools.

Recently moved to a county district and haven’t seen a single fight though.

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Mr Wizard!

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How did the f-Bomb go over?

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He got a verbal warning from his principal, but no paperwork and no parent emails, fortunately.

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As a science teacher who does density, this was bordering on triggering.

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Too real. Gotta go drink now.

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I had just finished teaching the concept of "Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Congruent" (CPCTC) and had explained that you could only use it AFTER you had proven two triangles congruent. So, of course, when running through a proof, I get to a triangle congruence statement (triangle ABC is congruent to triangle DEF) and ask what is the justification for the statement. My students shout out CPCTC (and other properties and definitions), but none of the five that we had learned. I even had a student shout out Angle-Side-Side, even though I have repeatedly told them that that's not a valid theorem and had explained that the initials are a giveaway to why not.

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Oh my gosh this is hysterical

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This seems like a great example of a bad teacher.

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    Saturday Night LIVE