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She’s dumb but everything she does goes viral on twitter. Very popular among younger women. Very annoying to what used to be the core Barstool demographic. The joke about Barstool SPORTS seems to get a little more valdility all the time.

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just checked out her twitter, what the fuck?! im legitimately impressed. not really at the quality of her tweets, but to be able to go viral basically every single day with 200k followers is crazy

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It’s called tweetdecking, it’s the reason every other tweet you see has 50k retweets and likes

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It's like some of you are ignoring Stoollala.

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Can someone explain who the hell this is?

Because google just says she is a FatJew style tweeter.

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That’s exactly what she is

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I don’t know who fat jew is, but is it the equivalent of the people who repost stuff that got big karma on Reddit?

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Essentially yes. She basically tweets ab how terrible boys are while being an attractive blonde 22 year old and rakes in the retweets. My girlfriend (humblebrag) and I shit on her daily cuz of this. I’m not mad at Barstool for this hire, I’m disappointed.

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Hiring unoriginal tweet stealers is certainly going to turn Barstool into what they said they would never become (buzzfeed/fat Jew/fuck Jerry)

*Edit to include better examples that I STOLE

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It will never happen, but it's getting to a point where Barstool needs to develop a subsection for their Buzzfeed people (KFCR, CITO, this girl) a la Stoolala and Heartland.

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Call it BuzzStool, not a bad idea

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Buzzspin or Deadfeed? Stupid and spiteful enough that Portnoy would like it.

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Don't forget trent

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This hire has KFC written all over it. He pushed KFCR into its current direction, is largely responsible for CITO and in general is pushing barstool away from its core product/audience and closer to a buzzfeed-esque click farm of recycled content and unoriginal 'commentary'.

Can't say i agree with that direction personally but i understand it from a business standpoint

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Exactly, makes the female audience very happy since main sports driven shows and stoolies aren't what KFC shoots for anymore. They'll stay in their lane.

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No idea who this chick but if she helps push ria of Cam UR RAH I’ll fuck with her.

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This comment is harrible

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Are you Jenna Maroney

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What is she funny or something?

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You should see her make a mayonegg

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Anyone that conscious of their exes has to be a lunatic, right?

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Terrible hire. I see her all the time on my Twitter feed from basic girls retweeting or favoriting her. One of those people who will not fit into Barstool at all.

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They actually hired a girl who copies and pastes viral tweets? This is the edge Dave talked about during the Ria controversy?

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as opposed to majority of their bloggers who copy and paste of reddit/buzzfeed 😂😂

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I mean they still have some big names and quality bloggers. Hiring someone who is famous off just copying and pasting tweets doesn’t build the quality brand.

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but i agree, the edge of pushing new original content and then hiring a copy and paste expert, interesting to see how this works out

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Major announcement indeed KFC. This is why I Barstool.

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Damn dude for sure thought it was the KFC sex tape

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Grandex media (TFM, TSM and PostGradProblems) recently shut down TSM because it wasn’t nearly as profitable as the other content. I think Barstool is going to discover that with their female oriented content as well.

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She had one tweet go viral a while back and now every girl is obsessed with her. Smart business move but her content will be terrible.

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Major announcement my ass

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What is she going to do?

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She has a huge following amongst college aged girls. Seems like a no brainer for both sides. Hope she turns off twitter replies

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To the surprise of no one

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I think if you told kfc he could hire every smokeshow he would do it

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Why did you link the front page of twitter lmao

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The impression I get is that this is low key grudge hire on Daves part. The Ria thing got under Daves skin. She was comfortable enough and thought she was on that level to bust in like that. If you look back on that vid Big Cat was kinda stirring the pot getting her worked up lol. There's room for Ellie and Ria...but it feels like if Ellie makes legit content then Ria is out. We will start seeing Ria more active than usual.

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At least this new girl is good at social media

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I wouldn't know. She came outta no where to me. When I first checked her Insta I felt uncomfortable, she looks 13.

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She has like 200k followers and does nothing but tweet

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In your opinion is she better than Fran?

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I’m neutral on CITO because they aren’t for me. But she has more followers

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I'm like you. I don't click on CITO because it's not for me. Don't go out of my way to hate it tho. She might be a good hire

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Davey pageviews can’t lose!

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Clearly trying to attract new eyes as her 200k twitter followers are probably mostly the college - mid 20's sorority girl type who likely do not know much of barstool. Does it make sense from a growing the business perspective? Yes. Will this hire effect any of the current content in a negative way? Probably not. Will commenters and this sub hate this and everything about her? Most definitely.

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Yup this is how I'm taking it. It's going to be a net positive business-wise, but those of us on this sub and especially the commenters probably aren't gonna love her content (maybe she'll surprise us). At least she's proven herself to be able to gain a following without Barstool backing her like Ria and Fran. Also I love the people commenting "oh just another hire making Barstool like Buzzfeed" like Large wasn't hired last month.

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I completely agree that she will not go over well with the longtime stoolies and core audience lol, but this move was not meant for us. In the same way CITO and KFCR are supposedly doing better than ever despite the that core demo hating it Ellie will probably do exactly what Nardini wants to get out of this, attract new viewers.

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So I don't know how major this really is but we all know Barstool's been trying to expand their female audience and this will definitely help. For what it's worth she's huge in College Sophomore Girl Twitter and has a cult-like following. I haven't seen any actual content from her aside from her tweets but some of them are actually pretty funny. Also, kind of a smoke. Type of hire that won't hurt but could definitely help, IMO. Sup, Ellie?