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Waltonchain's Xiamen IoT Technology to work with Zhangzhou Municpal Government!

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I've been to Zhangzhou, This city is one of the biggest industrial hubs in China. Walton is doing a great effort in securing /tie up with its future clients such as Zhangzhou Municipal government. Good Job!

19 points · 8 months ago

Well that sounds like the news we needed! Well done Walton. Keep it up :)

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10 points · 8 months ago

Don't think about it has money short-term. This is just adding more to the portfolio of Walton to succeed as they gain more adoption and recognition

Good call. Yeah, I'm convinced Walton will stay around $5 until it gets onto a different exchange.

once the code on gitthub, its gonna be good

Yup. That'll be amazing. Definitely going to pick up more... But not buying into FOMO crap.

8 points · 8 months ago

Yes I believe that as well. Every good news story brings more recognition to Walton so when they enter more major exchanges we will see a big pump followed by a correction then a healthy rise from there onward

A blockchain industrial park and incubator in Zhangzhou? Wow, this is big news. Not only for Walton but sounds very interesting for the region.

22 points · 8 months ago

Fucking huge green dildo just appeared. Get this shit to the other crypto subs now.

buy my bags

Just bought. I’ll happily take your bags if you’re stupid enough to sell

Loveeee it, keep it up WTC. Ownage.

I love this company :)

Somebody please post this tweet to r/cryptocurrency because this is as big of news as anything else I’ve seen posted there recently.

Fuck yeah

Happy to listen a good new

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Fucking bullish

9 points · 8 months ago

How big a deal is this honestly?

15 points · 8 months ago


Billions in construction cost.

This is very big news. A shame its gotten less attention than it needs!

To the uneducated humans that act like hamsters over at /r/CryptoCurrency? Who cares. This is most likely the most transparent project out there. Be part of the family and benefit long term.

3 points · 8 months ago

I imagine this is bigger than any of us realise. Seems like a blockchain silicon valley in Zhangzhou, with waltonchain at it's core

Great news! Thanks team

Yay looks like more news for people to sell so the price continues to drop! /s

Though that's literally what will happen (traders gonna trade), it's the kind of news to create more bagholders (aka strong hands). WTC changing hands from traders to bagholders is exactly what we need to establish a new floor of support. It's all gravy baby. This news is fucking epic. Official government partnerships are everything to a Chinese based company, as we all know.

Since when did this community get so pessimistic

Think it's a joke on how the price coincidentally dropped after Part 1 of the Boxmining video.

Yeah that was for me a 1500$ news ;) Thx walton ... xD

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