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Waltonchain partners with Ishijah, the No. 1 Coffee brand of the CAAC, to pioneer intelligent food and beverage management systems and promote mainstream adoption of IoT RFID & blockchain technologies.

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Original Poster51 points · 4 months ago

"This partnership with ISHIJAH deals with the practical application of RFID and blockchain technologies in the catering industry. By adopting RFID tags bound to food ordered by clients, and utilizing the RFID smart billing platform, the brand-new chip-based smart billing model is established. Data is loaded to the chain automatically and the accurate integrated management of food and beverage services is achieved."

I can't find anymore news about this except for reposts of the link. Would you be able to link me to another news source?

Also it mentions the subsidiary IOT Technology, is that the same as this Chinese company's subsidiary - ?

Xiamen IoT Technology Co. Ltd. is the subsidiary.

Not sure if there's any other news sources reporting on it yet.

Why don't they mention Walton on their website?

Well they just announced this. They might mention Xiamen IoT Technology later if they ever update their website, but I wouldn't be too concerned. For instance, NIDS, Card Cube, and others signed partnership contracts on stage in front of numerous media outlets and they still don't list walton on their website.

17 points · 4 months ago

The same reason Apple don’t mention Foxconn or Samsung on theirs. I’m guessing you’re not an actual biz_owner.

Finally some positive news after lot of FUD

Original Poster34 points · 4 months ago

Fomo after fud. With free publicity. What do we want more?

-14 points · 4 months ago(4 children)

It was a small screw up that turned into a panic. There was no reason shout scam.

Which caused a lot of FUD...

Yeah it was a massive fuck up by some idiot excited about 2 Waltons.

But totally a storm in a teacup. Still as solid as always. If in had spare fiat I would have loved to pump more into WTC during that dip, but my portfolio is already very heavy on WTC

Sorry man. You are in a circle jerk. You will be down voted accordingly.

CAAC is the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It's a good partnership to add to the ever growing list of partners.

Ah so they will use Chain to track food and catering for the airline industry?

Sleep easy friendos

But but... Wtf..... vechain told me wtc was a scammmmmm :(

Gratz WTC, one of the best crypto <3

Come on, the Vechain fudders are a small part of the community and the rest of us, especially me, dislike them.

That being said, this looks like a cool partnership and I am bummed the price didn't drop a few more dollars as I was going to finally pull the trigger and invest.

It's been down under 20 multiple times, even to 15 after going over 40 and people are still saying "I wish it just went a little lower and I would have bought"

Are you waiting for it to be presented on a silver platter with a diamond crust? Just do it ;)

I was waiting for 15 lol. Thanks for the push though I might put some fiat in over the weekend 😉

Do it! There's a huge ceiling for wtc still. $100 is still a tiny market cap compared to way less established projects.

Thoughts on the other supply chain projects with even lower caps? TRAC, EVE, AMB?

I'm not super familiar tbh, I'm pretty heavy in WTC because I think long term they will be a top 5 coin if they can get their shit together, Idk enough about the other projects to be able to say the same.

Agreed, WTC has a lot of room to grow, especially if this market turns around.

And I think it will. And when it does, wtc will be a big one to watch. I've been in since .80 and buying in all the way to 23 it hasn't done me wrong yet

As a trader, Amb and vechain should catch an impulse wave soon. As an investor they're both good projects. Just avoid the vechain community because it's Kool aid and rainbows.

The essential difference between Walton and these other supply chain projects is the layer at which the blockchain is implemented. Walton has patents on the txID-reading RFID chips with memory, which allows the blockchain to be implemented in the foundational level through the RFIDs. They are world leaders in chip technology, and make their own chips. The others does not make their own chips. They outsource the hardware, and have the hardware made compatible with their blockchain via API. So their blockchain is implemented several layers up in the application layer, through business-centralized control. So, they are inherently less decentralized and less secure.

TRAC is worth investing in, they are very development focused and there are rumors of master nodes. For every day investors the price and market cap is still low enough where we can be master node holders! I hold WTC but will never be a master node, don't have the cash.

Or are people hoping it hits $.01 so they can buy 1000 and then have it back to $20 30 seconds later? I think that’s the crypto buyer’s wet dream.

Can you explain how wtc is one of the best without having a working main net?

Team ,patents, partnership roadmap ?

The team as in the developers and leaders? Cause from the recent display their marketing team ain't great.

I see the word patent getting thrown about a lot but when I look into these patents they aren't exactly substantial. Skeptical of their value anyway...

Partnership road map, fair enough but something like EEA is more up there with the 'best'.

26 points · 4 months ago

Never a dull day in the land of Waltonchain! This team is absolutely on it.

Never a dull day? Im a holder but sorry we usually barely get about 100 comments in daily

16 points · 4 months ago

inb4 omg-cant-believe-i-won meme


buy the dip


$2.14 cup of coffee please

Finally some positive news, hope the FUD is over now.

Most of the FUDers were just FOMO guys trying to lower the price so they themselves could get in... Hopefully, they didn't wait too long for the price to drop, because it will only stay under $20 for so long.

Actually kind of sad for all the people who got caught in the fud and sold their coins.

Anyone who sold their Walton position because they felt entitled to a twitter giveaway deserves to miss out on what's ahead. Not once did that stupid drama have any effect on the technology or team behind Walton, so the only people who sold are emotional.

You’re right the twitter thing was nonsense, but the planned and executed FUD campaign was something else, can’t believe how vindictive some folks can be, really petty shit. I’m not gonna lie though, I have had one or two brief panic attacks since November, particularly the big drop in early jan that tested my will, still 50% down from that high, but 50% up from investment point so will trudge on through the highs and lows with the Walton bus parked up in the garage! Sure look it’s great craic altogether isn’t it!

Yeah the organized FUD can certainly be a bit much. It seems like it gets mostly targeted at strong projects though so after developing a careful eye for these FUD shills/bots it can be pretty telling for which projects are making waves. I think most of the individual investors are a lot more level-headed, for example, diversifying with a 'competing' coin, and don't really take up the "my coin is better than your coin" dogma.

That's not really an actual reflection on what people felt. WTC messed up, there's no getting around that.

I'm not reflecting on what others felt - I said that if they feel this mistake was worthy of selling off one of the more promising crypto projects then so long, no loss for the rest of us.

"Anyone who sold their Walton position because they felt entitled to a twitter giveaway deserves to miss out on what's ahead" is exactly what you said...

4 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

Which has literally no reflection on WHY or HOW they feel that way, and only states that if they do then I think they are wrong and it explains why. Not sure what point you are trying to make.

Yep fair enough, they messed up, but I absolutely can get around that. Young companies fail a lot, there’s not many industries where it’s as public as this. The learning curve is steep in a startup.


I sold a small percentage because I was trying to increase my stack. Didn’t go as low as I expected it to. I thought we’d hit $15 again.

This is Gentlemen

The new cologne, from Reddit.

For all the FUD's out there, if you cant see by now that Walton one of the most legit coins on the market then i feel bad for you. once mainnet is launched they can focus on marketing, which is where the community feels they are most lacking, but till then, they will continue to focus on making a viable product and gaining partnerships with massive companys. this is only the beginning, and any minior dip should be seen as a great buying opportunity! Buy before its too late.

2 days ago everybody told me this was a scam coin. Today they announce this huge partnership. Crypto-space is a weird place.

-5 points · 4 months ago(1 child)

Every partnership is a huge partnership, if you judge it by Reddit,

I read the article and have a couple questions:

  1. What exactly do they mean by "strategic partnership"? In other words, what exactly will WTC be doing?

  2. Is this a decentralized blockchain implementation?

Can only attempt question one, so I think when two organization are into a strategic partnership, it means that both are coming together to share they knowledge(and tech) to achieve a set aim which doesn't affect their different individual business. That's is that they are not merging together as one but will work as a separate organization. Hope I tried in answering your question? 😊

I'm not looking for a definition of partnership, more so wanting to know specifics of what they are doing in this partnership

0 points · 4 months ago

Well, good luck finding out that kind of info in the crypto space. With crypto partnerships, just be happy there is enough to have the basics of an official partnership between any given blockchain/businesses to build on. Details are quite rare.

My issue here is that this medium article was not posted by an actual news source. It was posted by a Walton twitter account

4 points · 4 months ago

I think "strategic" means more a cooperation in one hand the CAAC which will use the Walton tech and in another hand, Walton develops the technology for this type of business with a discount.

This is only a supposition but it seems the more logical for me. Don't forget (this is not an excuse but you have to take it into consideration) they are Chinese and they don't perfectly master English and the shade of the language... Like me :D

Not the CAAC...their favorite coffee shop. Lol.

I think it's also a purchase agreement for the hardware

2 points · 4 months ago

v nice

OMG! Can't believe Ishijah won!

what is the definition of the #1 coffee brand of the CAAC? Do we know if they are serving this on flights with china air or something? I'm pretty sure I have seen one or two of the coffee shops in my travels over in China, but I don't recall there being a lot of them (could be regional though?)

I'm just trying to wrap my head around being the #1 coffee of the civil aviation admin of china and what that means. Is it a few kiosks in Airports, or is this a big thing for WTC?

Wow! The Starbucks of China.

Another one

That wasn't my question. Has anyone come across a 3rd party verifiable source supporting what Waltonchain claims on partnerships and product? It's just an honest question.

-22 points · 4 months ago(0 children)
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